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Searching for survival/ the quest, to retain life AFTER humanity proclaimed it could be “god”. And failed!


Primary to all realities are the elements of life and living:  WHAT must exist, in order for something else to survive? WHEN access is denied, what happens then? WHERE life has no choices left, does the environment die/ OR, do the people? WHO, has the ultimate right, to live; when the others must die to keep this planet alive? WHY, must a decision be made; when no human has the right, to even conceive of a time, when life or death is a choice? HOW can we retain value, if reality demands we judge who lives or who dies?

Secondary to the consequences of playing god/ is the reality of why you wanted to play god. Humanity said:  “I HATE _____” because I Lost someone or something important TO ME!  You, get to fill in the blank.

The constant of disease, the realities of life which brought death, which did exist:  have been largely erased/ and replaced, with what is going to be far worse, in the near future. Without death as a random structure, by which all were susceptible:  the resultant over population which threatens all life on the planet, must now be measured and judged.  Because someone has to die, or others must not be born/ or all life, and even planet, will die instead. Congratulations, you won the right, and the obligation:  to “play god”. With all the consequences on you!  And every human being says “LET THEM DIE/ NOT ME”.  But alas, that does mean war/ and if you war with all the weapons of mass destruction the universities made you:  this planet will be exterminated of life.  And we all know:  men cannot resist, particularly when it takes roughly just twenty atomic bombs in the same time frame to explode/ and our world will be changed forever. Not to mention all the rest, including the weapons which devastated Syria, and more. Which cannot be tolerated either:  because we have no planet left to waste/ no place to immigrate, while hate dredges the sewer of violence.

So let’s talk, about truth. The primary reality being population birth control:  it is a woman’s reality/ therefore it is a woman’s choice;  NEVER a man’s! You cannot stop any population growth, by simply making men sterile. It won’t happen/ therefore useless! Somebody has to pay; therefore women are, will be owed by men:  by their own design and decision;  NEVER a man’s.

Lets talk food.  The primary reality is:  WE EAT OTHER LIFE/ nothing more or less. Therefore the other life we eat/ and the other life, processes, etcetera they need to eat:  ARE FUNDAMENTAL to our own survival. It is not a game, and humanity has already over-balanced the scale; which means nature, even in this day;  is dying, and cannot therefore sustain us all. To establish the possibility of survival:   we MUST take on the responsibilities required to insure the life we eat, and everything they need to survive:  IS STABLE for them. So we can survive too! At this juncture of life on this planet:  NOTHING is more important to our future, than life in the oceans.  NOTHING is more threatened with extinction; than life in the oceans. Consequently extreme and immediate methods of change, are without doubt going to be implemented;  or the last possibility to avoid war, cannibalism, etc will fade away.  YOU DO know how. Which means the reality of choices that men make:   CANNOT BE ALLOWED anymore. Because men NEVER consider the future, they want MORE NOW;   and do sacrifice anything they can find, even if an entire species will die; for just one meal. Male stalks every form of life/ now life, stalks male;  and will take humanity itself along to the graveyard. Not a game, and this does require as one of the fundamental pillars for saving life in the ocean is:   dead human bodies SHALL “feed the fishes”. Because we must, to keep ourselves alive.

Trees must be respected, and sustained:  which means “the hundred dollar board” has arrived. Because you, destroyed so much.  Etcetera/ etcetera/ etcetera. And all mankind will say:  NEVER, NEVER, NEVER;   I WANT WHAT I WANT, AND THERE AIN’T NO DAMN WAY IN HELL; that I am giving up anything I want or need. Yet you chose to  play god;  and this is the consequence.  Or, perhaps best described by every form of ocean fishing trawlers:  WE WANT EVERY DAMN ONE;  let them go extinct/ WE DON’T CARE! As is the history of men:  “nothing matters, but TODAY”!  SO,  Go ahead continue extinction (the list is long);  over sixty and believe you will die before the worst comes?  Eternity is waiting for you.  As to any one under sixty, it is a guarantee if you expect “80”;  you will know the cost is extinction for all.  But then, since you exist without a brain:  thanks to “university knows/ and media propaganda” you don’t need to think. Isn’t that so:  HELL, THE DAMN TV WILL TELL US WHAT WE THINK. So there.  There ain’t no damn brain (it died) here;  so why should we care. Alas your children will; because they have no choice.

Then of course there is the drinking water;  my oh my, the endless decades of pumping, and dumping, and releasing poison EVERYWHERE:  is a true plot, only HORROR stories can imagine. Trillions EVERYWHERE.  The water attacked, EVERYWHERE.  The need exploding, EVERYWHERE. And no possibility of survival ANYWHERE;  because water is that essential. And this world has very little drinking water left. DO INVESTIGATE, DO consider the consequences, and don’t be naive!   Which gives us all, the opportunity:  “to be thrust, into the cradle of war”. As place after place runs out of water/ and every form of life “comes here”.  So now “we the lucky” cannot survive either!  The only solution:  STOP DESTROYING THIS EARTH.  Start making every possible decision to alleviate this problem as best we can:  IMMEDIATELY.  I tell you true, in America & Canada;  “the great lakes won’t save you”. Believe it or not!

The foundation of agriculture today is:  POISON!  Without poison, it cannot function as it is;  simple as that.  The foundation of plant production is fertilizer;  when it runs out, so does the excess food.  The foundation of livestock production is:  antibiotics, because a factory farm will not survive any serious disease or other factor than can suddenly erupt.  The antibiotic IS THE BASE ELEMENT, which in one form or another;  gives humanity nearly,  it’s entire healthcare system. Without them, the diseases university created, with the assistance of men;  will overrun you.  Leaving the only advisable reality:   keep separate, to survive.

The foundation of work for humanity itself is best described by American agriculture:  chemicals came/ and all the farmers were run out, “with bigger equipment”; and government policies. Because NOBODY need’s you now.   It is the weeds, which kept farming small/ therefore it is the weeds which kept all rural communities in business. With bigger & better equipment, came ease.  With ease and money, the competition always “goes wild/ I WANT MORE”, FOR ME;  damn you, GET OUT of my way. With the factory assembly line, resource usage skyrocketed, and the garbage dump was born. “got a hint”? Government policy changed: from Carter who chose to pay the debt/ even though he should have devalued the money.  Every business man said:  WE MUST BUY, inflation is eating us alive; and WE CAN GET RICH besides.  Then came Reagan:  who chose to discard the debt, and refuse to pay anything:  causing inflation to drop, when he gave control over the currency “to anything the university wants”.  Even so, his presidency was loved by many:   because the media refused to inform the public, that he emptied the national gold supply to pay for “his success”.  He was so special:  three for one, “inflate the currency, by failing to notify the public (hiding it);  giving “university”, everything they wanted, without restraint/  let national and personal debts surge without restraint or the ability; not even the possibility to pay/ and sell everything the nation had in reserve, to play games or create even more fantasies, with university toys .”

REGARDLESS, to damn late now; as all men say:    we don’t need nothing/ WE ARE DOING DAMN GOOD.  He is just a damn bastard “yelling fire”; and should be killed.  WHAT more proof do you need:  did you starve today?  So, go ahead, keep doing what you are doing:  why should anyone care about the future?  It is like spending money you don’t have on credit.  That would NEVER run out/ isn’t that so?  Unfortunately, a parade of fools can never be truly stopped:  they form a mob. LET THE EVIDENCE BE DAMNED/ kill him, hide the rest; threaten the others. Is the historical reality/ even though it never ends well!


Well, you get the picture; and as far as everything else goes:  humanity always has claimed, “I, or we can be god;  BETTER”!  Now ain’t that so?

As to me:  I have never asked anyone to believe a single thing I have caused to be written or said. Instead, I have literally demanded:  GO INVESTIGATE/ EXAMINE THE EVIDENCE/ QUESTION, WHAT HAPPENS WHEN THIS GOES WRONG/ AND MAKE YOUR OWN DECISIONS, “with a brain”.

Alas, “no takers yet”/ or more correctly so very few, our world IS going to die.  But then “you, don’t care”;   so it’s all good/ right?

OH WAIT;  I know:   YOU WANT/ YOU WANT/ YOU WANT/ YOU WANT/ YOU WANT/ YOU WANT/…………………………………………………. YOU WANT more.  End of the damn story;  GET OUT OF MY WAY!  Now, ain’t that right;  hell yes.



Sorry, extreme arrogance, failure, betrayal, disgrace, and every other disease of man, combined with the plague of university intellect (let’s manipulate them all); does cause me, a little distraction.

BACK to survival! Survival means:  WE NEED THIS, it is not an option or a choice/ OR, we die.

Even though the possibilities of survival are extremely small;  there must remain hope. That means, we must choose:  because you got your wish, “humanity gets to be god”/ because that is what your universities chose, and you worshiped from them.  The very simple list is:  no water across the planet to drink/ no food to eat/ pandemic after pandemic caused by human decisions/ extinction throughout all of nature/ people trying to ignite atoms, so they can burn the entire planet/ war is inevitable, and the only solution to survive it is removal of weapons of mass destruction/ ocean life extinct/ global warming/ and that is just the beginning.

Surviving any portion of that requires IMMEDIATE RESPONSES, that are appropriate to our situation. Not a game, no second chances!

  1. Stop the universities; review every single experiment or intent; refuse their funding; and take away their right to do anything without massive supervision of every tool, and every purpose, and every single penny. They lose their right to do ANYTHING of a voluntary nature. WE (humanity itself) TAKE CONTROL; and we demand full and complete disclosure, with absolute information that leans to and fully discloses what exactly happens WHEN THIS GOES WRONG.
  2. Every possibility, to investigate and examine the water supplies: defining future needs/ creating a clear and very accurate identity with regard to poisonous waste in every sense (which includes all the garbage dumps, poison runoff, military dumping:  EVERYTHING) INCLUDING population increases. So that every human being gets to know why and when and where;  the potential no water for you will begin.  NOT A GAME, this is deadly serious/ and there will be more than enough situations;  “which are an unexpected surprise”. To that end:  a moratorium must exist, on penalties for those who did not intentionally cause pollution events (find them). So that the maximum cleanup can prevail.  This demands necessary changes to agriculture farming practice; to remove poison.
  3. Every possibility to protect the food supply MUST be examined for reality first. Thereby creating the necessary changes, to insure we can eat: WITHOUT CANNIBALISM.  No small detail.  That requires the factory farm to be disassembled:  no more reliance on antibiotics, as quickly as possible.
  4. The ocean factory trawler must be “extinct”. The size of netting/ the size of the ship:  must be reduced, so that no more than half of any potential catch shall in fact remain in the sea. To rebuild another tomorrow, for them and us. No more destroying the sea bottom. No more gill nets strung across the sea. No more garbage:  clean it up. No more poisoning the sea, or its incubators. No more aqua-culture farming on the sea shore. You will do it at sea:  the fish will follow the food/ and the trawler will catch them from time to time. The fish food is:  “dead human bodies, prepared as needed”.
  5. Human population SHALL BE CURBED; or reduced. Because you have no choice, but all-out war, cannibalism, and death. Human immigration SHALL NOT occur, UNLESS your nation proves that population control has been established. Don’t bring your trouble here: FIX IT, AS IS YOUR DUTY TO DO.
  6. Human destruction of nature in its entirety must be stopped: you have gone as far as you will go/ or the world stops breathing;  and you stop eating; and failure will overtake you entirely. No more expansion of housing. No more encroachment on anything: YOUR boundaries are set, or to be reduced. No more destruction of pollinators:  ETC/ ETC/ ETC.
  7. It is time to decide who gets to die, and why: both by medicine refused, and every other consequence that approaches living or dying as a planet.  This ain’t no game, and there are no second chances:  you must choose for life as a planet, first. But make no mistake:  what you apply to the others, IS going to be applied to you, and yours!
  8. It is time to error on the side of LIFE MUST BE PROTECTED FIRST/ no more damn money decides. No more want decides. No more pride decides. The maximum amount of power must be “dethroned”. Or more simply: everything including hate, that makes peace impossible for the future;  must be removed. That begins with world law, and its enforcement ON LEADERS.
  9. No more air-conditioning (and more) across this planet: because we CANNOT have the climate further destroyed. The consequences will be grim.  We will do, what we can do:  to REBUILD A FUTURE, for every child that is possible to save/ without destroying a planet.


These are the things that must exist, in order for life to return;  and the potential for a future to exist.  If we do not rebuild nature/ then when the future arrives, nothing but war and cannibalism are possible.

WE LIVE, because this planet lets us live, and every part and every process of nature itself acts in a way that supports our lives, and gives us time to be “human”.  Human is:  the ability to conceive of a future/ and make decisions that allow that future to be changed or altered as we see fit.  Animals are only allowed to conceive of  “today”.  Which then are you?

NATURE is correct, and survival of the fittest and most capable is a foundation principle applied to every living species on this planet. BECAUSE for a species to survive all things;  the ability to produce MORE of itself than is necessary or appropriate in the majority of times must occur. To alleviate the burden of over-population, and therefrom the extermination of everything that species needs to survive by too much competition:  predators were born/ and a balance was set:  so that the “best of the bunch” became the seed for the next generation. It is that simple in nature/ and like it or not, because humanity overran every border and boundary of sanity:  to become 8 billion people and growing by ANOTHER BILLION every ten years or less.  Reality states you will go back to it/ because we have no choice.

The value of every life is quite simple:  MIRACLES MUST BE RESPECTED.  Nature overrides the fact, “you can’t just choose simply”;  because disease exists too. As the means to remove more individuals, when the population is too high. Disease does not care how “able or strong you are”; it is random, and can attack without choices made.  Unfortunately the university created diseases, that are far more deadly than nature allowed.  Consequently, life itself may or may not survive the coming pandemics. Nobody knows.

And all the world screams:  TO HELL WITH YOU/ WE AIN’T DOING NONE OF THAT;  cause everything is just fine. WE DON’T WANT NONE OF IT;  the university is our savior!   Go ahead, worship them. Go ahead, believe anything you want/ truly go ahead believe ANYTHING YOU WANT!  Do it. Just remember truth determines the future/ and there will be “NO GOING BACK”.  Tears won’t matter/ religion won’t save you/ reality won’t change just because you are going to die/ and war won’t stop, just because cannibalism and drinking blood, are the only possibilities left.  Every calamity and horror predicted by the bible IS IN FACT coming true;  you can believe that, or not; as you wish.  Because belief has absolutely nothing to do, with reality:   it simply expresses, “what you want”/ and you ain’t   GOD!


Syrian refugees go back to Syria;  where “the rulers” who believe they escaped/ WILL USE THEIR RESOURCES, to insure these people are resettled properly, and without slavery. By dividing all the resources fairly; so the nation can be rebuilt.  OR THE WORLD has a responsibility to remove those leaders; with simple assassination/ and reset “the playing field” of human endeavors.  Back, because you let this happen/ even if, there was little you could do. Back, because this is your area of the world. Rebuilt with world assistance, in base resource and tools needed:  because the world itself, contributed to the problems. Particularly by NOT RULING OVER ALL   LEADERS, WITH LAW.   World law and its enforcement on leaders, IS ABSOLUTELY ESSENTIAL:  take another damn look, at what hate/ power/ pride/ and want has done.  IT WILL INVADE you too/ or you will stop it now, with law!

Syrian war exists:  because “there ain’t enough food/ there ain’t enough water/ there ain’t enough jobs or resources/ and there ain’t enough space, for us all to get what we want.  Which equals war comes!  A reality that faces every single part of this planet, in one form or another;  because even if you have room now/ soon, that will be NO MORE.  Go ahead, “kill a billion people”/ still 7 billion to go, and multiplying at one million more mouths to feed:  EVERY THREE TO FOUR DAYS.  There is no escape/ without true, and real life decisions to be made; and enforced. Like it or not, that is true.       And just so its clear:  I SPENT FORTY YEARS FIGHTING WITH YOU, in a variety of ways;  to stop this from happening/ all of it, and more. YOU, could not have been more deaf/ destructive/ and absolutely certain:   WE DON’T CARE!  Congratulations, you won.

Let all who say, “we will get MORE, with a gun” take another damn look at reality in Syria; etc.  let all who say, “we will keep MORE for ourselves with a gun” take another damn look at the cost. Let the world itself, examine the consequences AGAIN;  to understand, “NOTHING FOR NOBODY”; UNLESS there is world law, enforced on world leaders:  to stop all wars/ and control all leaders:  INCLUDING the opposition. That does not give over-population more of anything/ BUT IT DOES save what we cannot afford to lose, from making reality even worse. Until nothing can save you:  because the choices are simply gone.  INSANITY then rules (its called HELL).

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