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Reality states, we cannot continue to use resources as has been done:  YOU, are cannibalizing the future of every child and young adult/ if not the entire world of life. Which is the constant of university leadership:  NOT ONE DAMN THING, FOR LIFE!  Every single decision is for power, pride, or money; and that includes the few decisions that are made which appear to be for life/ but are not. such as: identifying the last hiding places in the ocean or nature. Not to protect life/ but destroy it completely, as reality proves:  we will “eat them all”/ as cannibalism erupts in humanity. This earth will not produce the food supplies that are necessary for so many people. Your geneticists are mutilating life/ turning food into poison, and literally making survival impossible;  but then so is every other scientist on the planet.

The reality is truly very simple:  “you’re elders, in university” are certain;  THE YOUNG have absolutely NO chance to survive. So they are taking everything they can find, to prove:  they don’t have to care! Even though it is fundamentally a majority “their fault”/ because they did have a chance to change it; but would not. they want it all, only get one life you know:  which means, not even their own children are worth saving for the future. A reality of decision initiated by “university knows”/ by destroying as best they could;  all religious conception of punishment. Unfortunately for them:  what they believe is absolutely irrelevant;  because truth decides what eternity will be.  GOD EXISTS, every miracle of life proves it/ therefore so does eternal punishment for destroying HIS creation.  Causing the statement: HOW can you be so stupid, as to believe in evolution, or any other university dribble and sewage? Chaos builds nothing!

Nonetheless, I will retain a tiny bit of hope for you;  as   GOD  HIMSELF   can intervene, if you give HIM cause.  That is not religious, it is a fact of life:  that we are true miracles/ granting nothing of ourselves or any other life, or planet gift;  is an accident.  Fools, failures, liars, thieves, whores, traitors, terrorists, etc say differently:  but take a look at that list, and ask yourself/  WHY, do you belong to their cult?  Yes it is a cult/ because YOU CAN’T be this stupid.  Letting people try to ignite atoms/ mutilate life/ destroy the water, food, resources;  AND ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING we need to survive.  You have to be a religious zealot, not to react or act in defiance of these things;  and you do nothing/ absolutely nothing, but hide or run away or claim “what is obviously true, can’t be so”;  to your shame!  Life is not built, “one piece at a time”/ what part in you isn’t important or absolutely necessary? Etcetera, etcetera, etcetera.

So then, lets consider reality as a definable future.  It will take a decade, and every choice FOR LIFE COMES FIRST, on this entire planet:  of dedicated work, to even have a chance of rebuilding life, and trying to degrade all the threats;  EVERYBODY is needed. But after that period of time; few are needed, because resources must be conserved as best we can/ or the children are dead. Not a game, life or death is literally in your hands. It is simply:  “TO MURDER (you left them nothing)/ or not to murder (carefully we go)”; is entirely up to you.

The critical question in any form of a future:  is to determine what is best, when men cannot attack nature, to gather everything they can grasp; without the slightest intent to respect tomorrow. As is today, and throughout all of history.

We can divide society into small little “fiefdoms”; as is consistent with the past. But that will lead to those who failed themselves attacking those who did not;  as history proves throughout time.  If we do not divide society however, when disease comes, there will be little or nothing you can do:  the universities did create “massive trouble ahead”, in terms of health crisis.  Whether we can survive any of the horrifying decisions they made is entirely uncertain! So some degree of separation is necessary, with limited travel in-between. But you really cannot simply wall each other off.

Three things count in the future:  a willingness to share the work. Those who do, shall live where true peace and harmony exist:  as caring is proven, and sharing is an outreach as family or friend.

Those who will not share the work properly, or do whatever they honestly can do for life;  will be removed to “the outskirts”/ where they will fight for survival among themselves. Howsoever that must be done, will be done.

Friends, family, and lovers matter:  because these things give life value. Consequently a true decision to participate as male and female honored and respected with love, must occur.  The foundation of that is a requirement to understand the differences between male and female; so that proper and fair decisions will be made; by those who care. If you prove yourself unable to respect that reality of choice/ then you will be moved “to the outskirts”; to be with those who don’t care.

Given these three simple things:  what then occurs is entirely based upon your own choices. But they do require the removal of weapons;  once the world is governed by law.  Because, with weapons those who don’t care, don’t work, etc;  will as they have always done: attack the others. And those who have will not share, with those who do have a right to expect assistance, when they did do everything realistically possible.

So the question is:  HOW do we be fair? THE ANSWER is as it has always been:  with law. But unlike the human history of a few men decide everything/ and then judge everything/ and enforce with violence.  Change requires that we all decide what the law is going to be:  SIMPLE, AND PLAIN/ so everybody knows.  Simple and plain, so those called lawyers no longer need to exist. The criminal organizations that occupy every facet of “man law (give us the power, and we decide)” today and always.  Have proven to be inadequate for the job/ they fail, every single time.  Because greed, and every other malady of “intellectual (I can create a trap) men,  creeps in. The less intellectual male uses a more direct approach:  since that is violence in some form, it is very easy to recognize. The intellectual however does his best to HIDE whatever it is he is doing;  like a trap!

The result is:  society MUST judge its judge, and make its own law.  DID THIS JUDGE OBEY our constitutional directive, and do his or her best FOR WE THE PEOPLE?  Yes or no! No more voting for someone to vote for me!  We must do so, for ourselves/ and when properly done, that work is over; if not a lifetime, for decades. Given that, the majority of society will blossom for peace. Fail, and it will be war.

The discipline of who gets “the food”;  CANNOT be left up to money/ as it has always been. Rather work provides a right to demand equal pay. Because that is so, the reality of equal, when food is short:  comes down to separating the money into two categories.  One type of money for food, and everybody gets the same amount as decided by all. While the other type goes for whatever else you earned. This method, does make us all equal, in the singular demand:  if we don’t eat/ then we don’t live. As well as:  LIFE ITSELF, makes us equal/ therefore entitled to demand an equal portion with you.  Beyond life, is work;  and what you earn within limits; beyond the others/ because of what you do or don’t do for society;  IS FAIR.  We are not the same in work/ nor should we be paid the same. In life however, and its demand to eat or die:  we are all the same! With very few exceptions if any.

Democracy is the definition of government by constitutional law and edict.  That means the government IS:  THE CONSTITUTION, and nothing else.  NEVER is an employee “the government”. NEVER is “a category of government”;  the government at all. They are merely employees hired to get a job done;  as we the people need or demand. That means, at any time someone suggests our employees are the government:  they seek to brand our lives, with their treason. Treason is a very serious charge;  because it is an insurgency against constitutional law.  There is only one government in democracy, and it is the constitution:  as we describe it to be/ and identify that purpose/ and describe the boundaries of law, within which every employee shall be sworn to obey. That of course in this day in America; has been throw into the sewer by “university knows”/ as their cult, and followers of fantasy;  continue to overthrow and destroy democracy itself.  Counterfeiting by hiding inflation/ stealing by creating debts which cannot be paid/ cheating by corrupting the courts/ treason, by giving all our securities away/ terrorism, by supporting horror and hell:  trying to ignite atoms on fire/ mutilation of life/ and every other threat, as has built upon their own decisions one after the other.  To destroy life and nation/ and even the planet itself. Shame is not a big enough word.

Religion comes next, in the rampant failure of life on this planet.  A thousand threats/ extinction/ extermination of life/ preparations for every type of horror that can be conceived of:  AND NOT ONE WHISPER, from a single religion.  Because they all fall down and worship “university knows”. Zealots one and all:  for the destroyers of life and planet called this earth.  They do not worship   GOD THE CREATOR.   They worship their want, and built god around their fear of what university could do to them;  as is evidenced by an atomic bomb. Fear is an enemy/ not a friend.  Truth is a participation in life/ lies and fantasies are not.  HONEST acceptance of the evidence, is a path forward into life itself;  as is different than time.  Religion says;  “look in the book:  THAT MEN WROTE, IN THEIR LANGUAGE, AND FOR THEIR PURPOSES”.  Even if some few parts are worthy of a greater ascent, than men are able to conceive of properly.  Religion failed, and life is falling into its abyss!

The reality of religion is then:  TO REBULD what is true, and identify WHAT has value, and create WHAT IS WORTH respecting!  None of those things are identified by any specific religion:  they are consistent with them all/ IF, there is any value left in any of them….. it’s a choice.  Combine together based upon truth, value, and respect. THOSE FACTS, have nothing to do with “individuals, nations, symbols, or whatever it is that does divide you: life is life/ NOT a game”.  Then let what is different, religion to religion; stand apart. Alas, religion wants none of that; because each one wishes to control the believer; and their money. After all, every believer wants to condemn the others; because “he or she” is like god/ NOT them (I don’t want you)! The constant of religion is:  “my book, is better than your book”. The reality, “both are books, written by men, in a man’s language (NOT perfect)”.  WHAT IS TRUE, decides “everything we know about  GOD  “! Simple as that.  What is true, has no definition by which men get to say “they are gods too”. No definition that separates this truth, from another: true is true. That is the assumed difference between major religions (some truth exists)/  and the university knows religion(fear us, we can destroy you), its evolution (we built ourselves) as their proclaimed god; or any other “witchdoctor concoction” that is consistent with the truly uneducated and unwise.

There is ONLY ONE     CREATOR  !   The integration of every life into nature by design is apparent.  The realities of balance, discipline, and order as has consistently guaranteed life on earth until this day:  where the universities are trying to destroy all of that.  The construction of an earth, created to use every part, to be everything we need to survive and be free to choose for ourselves a life to live; as best we can. Are all indicators of a single  GOD (more than we can explain).  To blend it all, to understand it all. To describe and define every life, with as much freedom as possible;  constructs love.  To see miracles, and know that is a truth; survives by thought:  an element of eternity.  To refine the reality of JESUS, by understanding  HIS LOVE;  pointed directly to   GOD  .  As evidence, we are not simply created and forgotten/ but may even ascend to eternal life.  Cannot be misconstrued by truth, in any other way than:    “one GOD”.  Even if we cannot truly explain what that means.  All of religion should so express. How is that not true?

JESUS is separate from the rest, in that HIS LIFE is an evidence of greater things than man.  Prove it is not so/ or consider the possibilities he provides!

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