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So, let’s talk WHY?

The critical question is:  WHY, did humanity give up on life?  The fundamental involved is,  “why, is want conceived of as better, than life itself”?

The composite answer for both:  “I am not happy with who I am, or what I have/ I want more”!

That of course, like everything else, is not true for everyone. Some have more, and they flaunt it; making the others jealous. But the question remains:  given the state of miracles and truth, that literally give us each a life/ a reality that could never be bought, or obtained through any human effort. Why is that not considered as if:  “I too, am an extremely rich individual”?

The answer of course is:  those who can have invaded the others, with their games. Making them slaves, or using them as toys, or competing with them to own trophies (I did, take this from you).

That is of course the common existence and functional consequence; throughout the ages, of what it means to live in “human time”.

TODAY it is slightly different; as hidden beneath the surface, are the true fears “tomorrow, even for this world;  may never come”.  That along with the evidence people bury inside themselves so as not to “understand more than they want”:  becomes the cause and consequence for belonging to a cult. Does not practically everyone belong to the same cult:  “university will save us”? after all, they did initiate a rise in food supplies/ they did initiate a rise in personal, individual survival/ they did initiate a rise in communication;  and each of those, did help enforce humanity can survive; at the time.

But alas, the universities did also create weapons of mass destruction/ over-population/ resource holocaust/ and support for all the means, which now threaten our lives; including science terrorism. Which will become the very worst catastrophe, a planet and its life;  could endure or die from. Because in the end:  what seemed like a solution was only temporary; and the end result was horrifying. Because no discipline could be found/ all balance was cast aside/ and even the order of life and planet, was given to be “merely a toy” for those who hate life.  Not to mention, “the university elite” stole everything they could;  behind the disguise of government.

To pry open the hearts and minds of “common humanity”;  means we must view the reality of evidence they wish to hide. There is no better place in the history of man than religion; to bury truth, and then assert “we know everything”.  “everything is in this book”!  Never true. Do people not write books/ are they gods? NO.

Nonetheless, reality states when fears come:  if you cannot deal with this truth, confronting life/ THEN something must be done. If you fail to do something/ then the trap: of I cannot escape, becomes overwhelming; and insanity occurs. Not an option for most, because they are forced to work, to survive! Work removes the option, “to be frantic”/ because it demands, “simply do this”. Here the element called religion arises:  by simply “doing this”;  being frantic or believing the worst will happen; can fade away. Thereby religion is a discipline, which assigns an order; so that balance will realign itself along different lines of behavior. What religion does not fix;  must then remain buried, so as not to disturb.

As we dig deeper into the “human experience”; today, the primary cause of cult worship is:  “we the people” fear complete annihilation. We have lost our ability to fight, because the weapons, including biological Armageddon;  are SO SEVERE.  One person, having been aided by several:  can now destroy not only millions, but the earth itself.  Humanity cannot stop itself from sex; and that aids an over-population which we know, fails us all.  Without resource destruction we have no job, and today the competition is so severe: there is no future.  So you’re elders, and with any age “yourselves”;  whether you know it or not:  have chosen to believe there is no future/ consequently destroying a future for your children that does not exist:  has become palatable.  They should enjoy now/ tomorrow will not come!

That means, when we dig to the bottom of a human being:  what we find is, surrender of a world. With one last hope given to the university religion, “be our gods”/ when in fact, they are the primary cause of chaos forming today.  Not going to happen: they cannot save you.  Nor can I.  Which has become, “I WANT/ I WANT/ I WANT (I EVEN WANT FOR MY CHILD);  RIGHT NOW”!


The reality of course merely intensifies and solidifies the fact:  we shall not survive!


So, the question is:  facing certain death as of this moment in time/ with the excuses all gone, and NO POSSIBLE WAY OUT:   unless there is true and even unforgiving change in what people do.  Are you going to fix your world, or simply die; taking your children/ their children/ and every living thing,  with you. Because this occurred with human decisions/ and that means, only human decisions that face the “opposite direction” can undo them.

The direction of man is quite simple:  WE WANT MONEY to decide/ because any other way has been WAR! And the vast majority of men do not want war;  it is a tragedy to the majority, including women and children and life/ even environment. So men chose money/ which history proves, simply slows the progression of war. Money does not remove war/ instead, money just intensifies it later. Even so, men get a few years of peace; and that is all they expect. Because when playing the game of life, which is “I can win more than you”:  war is inevitable. Winners always take too much, thereby enslaving the rest. The rest having no other solution, turn to weapons and war.


As is so clearly true in this day:  MONEY CANNOT RULE anymore.  LIFE CANNOT be a game, anymore.  THIS EARTH CANNOT be a toy, anymore. The trophies of men must be abandoned. The realities of sex MUST BE altered to reflect love and responsibilities to our planet and each other:  because population control is no game anymore. And ten thousand other conflicts with peace and harmony must be bridged, so that life can go on.


All of that simply means:  today, YOU ARE EXPOSED!  The decisions you will make today, DO NOT allow for burying the consequences. The hidden reality of your purpose is now going to be known as:   FOR LIFE/  OR, a choice to exterminate life.  No more excuses!

So, the question is:   being truly on display, for your answer/ and allowing no one an excuse;  the time for your true decision has arrived.  LIFE  OR  DEATH?   Make your decision, because there is no going back!  We cannot survive anything we face, as the truth of decisions which bring us to this day.  You can bitch and moan/ play and pretend/ war or not war;  but you CANNOT evade the reality of what these truths will produce, in the very near future.  Death throughout this earth, and      even the planet itself being destroyed;  if   GOD   so allows.  You built the machines/ you chose the path/ you guided the result by “university knows”;     they all lead to extermination.  Not a game, an absolute truth!


The opposite direction is:   LIFE COMES FIRST, FOR THIS PLANET; rather than simply for the individual.  Whether you like it or not, that will remain true forevermore.

The opposite direction is:  let women decide the direction and methods of change in society. Because they are different/ and different chooses differently. Hopefully better, for this time.

The opposite direction is:  CARE ABOUT THIS PLANET AND ALL ITS LIFE, and do nothing that endangers the future. No more “can’t do anything/ until chaos erupts, that can never be changed”.  As is your disgrace in global warming excuses:  “the devil among you”.  Etcetera, and so forth.

The opposite direction is:  RESPECT LIFE AND PLANET;   no more poisoning the world/ no more mutilating life/ no more extreme healthcare/ no more toys, where they fail humanity itself/ no more resource devastation, for nothing (but garbage);  let the children live.

The opposite direction is:  RESPECT LOVE, and identify, create, support, and entitle love to express the values of humanity on earth.  Hate then must be removed, because they are opposites! We don’t live together/ that is what hate wants.  Love says no!

The opposite direction is:

RESPECT     GOD             CREATOR OF THIS PLANET AND ALL ITS LIFE, including you!       Resurrect your own brain.

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