let us sew

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Let us sew (to stitch together various parts, to make one usable garment or other).


The very first participant in any change, is the warrior. Warrior means:  to assemble the necessary truth, which then allows for a commitment applied by duty, to preparations required. To overcome a fear of death; by supporting a better life for all,  those who attain respect and desire peace, harmony, or happiness.  Martyr means:  to charge headlong, into a deliberate boundary; without any necessary preparation/ thereby losing; for little, or nothing. Thug means:  “I like war and violence”/ life is a game, of winners and losers. Whereas those who worship chaos (such as university evolutionists);  are in fact, pretending to be “saint’s (this is for life itself first)”/ while they are choosing to be devils (this is “a secret insurgency” for death, by turning order into tragedy) instead.

Given these parameters of human expression and experience, the question is:  can our earth be saved? Nobody lives, if we do not!

That fact, more than any other is the fabric of our lives, which we must sew together.

The critical parameter of our existence is:  without a planet, we cannot survive. Nothing is more consistent with our extermination as a world:  than those terrorists, who are in fact trying to ignite atoms on fire (just like the sun, only here on earth).  In the reality of that human truth; are the endless participants WHO HAVE NO CLUE/ that just because the university proclaims “we know”; they absolutely do not.  Fantasies are delusions come to control our existence. The delusion is:  we can control a ten million degree flame, that is one million miles long:   that literally is, “EVERY SINGLE SQUARE FOOT” of sun fire!  It does NOT take a genius to understand what happens when this goes wrong;  by releasing that fire on earth. It does NOT take a genius, to recognize the fire on the sun is “an atomic energy” that can be plainly viewed, and clearly defined:  because it shows all the characteristics of FIRE. Even the fire on earth. It does NOT take a genius, to accept:  that fire, is then caused by atoms being burned.  Without atoms, there is no possibility of the energy released/ NOR ITS LONGEVITY, as a flame to heat our world.  Given that truth;  ALL HUMAN PARTICIPANTS in this world, should easily recognize:   WE CANNOT LET THEM BE WRONG!  Regardless of any claim they make.  Fantasies are not realities, and they literally have no sustainable or proven evidence of any kind; to support their conclusion that “an atomic fire will just extinguish itself/ because there is not enough gravity on earth to hold the fire down”.   Your scientists, are gambling your world:  on that simple expression/ without the slightest concept of what to do, when they are proven wrong.

No going back, because a ten million degree flame which burns atoms; CANNOT be extinguished. It can however, be ignited:  both realities of by physical existence;  are clearly proven on the sun!

And the human world says:  “they CAN’T (the university is so smart) all be wrong”!  Which is the sum total of human decision in society throughout all of history, on this earth!  “WE CAN’T all be wrong”!  That of course is the sign of a herd.

Unlike anything else in human history, the idea of bringing the same fire here as is on the sun:  today, the universities now have the machinery, to do exactly that.  Humanity worships “the smart people” as gods;  “THEY can’t all be wrong/ and they essentially all agree”:  IT WILL be great, to have an atomic fire here to use as we see fit!  They want it, and they have made their theories fit their want;  as that lets the university elite, believe “we can be god”.  Humanity has always wanted to be “god”;  so they too, go along/ believing the university can “find a way”!  Which might actually be possible IF THE FIRE WOULD GO OUT, ON ITS OWN!  Alas, since it will not;  there are no second chances/ and all of science throughout history, has been the result of endless experiments and the consequent destruction of the same. Or, a one-time only  ignition;  is not enough.

Let us sew:   the warrior looks for truth, and finds duty in the value of life;  thereby fighting for what sustains us all.  Whether male or female the value of our world, is absolute to the existence of our lives:  consequently, there should be NO EXCUSE conceivable, for not being on the “front lines” in this war.  To prove WE CANNOT LET THEM BE WRONG!

The martyr;  has little more than a conclusion, “this must stop, or start; as the case may be”.  Surrendering life, for something that represents a value beyond their own existence.  As is a “cause to die”;  not because I wish too, but because the importance of this particular purpose, is worth more than my own existence.  Or, he or she says “FOR OUR”, part of this WORLD”.  It’s called I BELIEVE, therefore the truth of right or wrong is without merit:  they don’t need no damn proof, “they believe”.  Consequently, there should be NO EXCUSE conceivable, for not being on the “front lines” in this war.  To prove WE CANNOT LET THEM BE WRONG!

The thug cares only about winning (I am god over you) or losing (revenge will prove I am god over you, regardless of my loss).  With such limited value, and a complete disregard for the destinies and disciplines of society:  IT IS STILL MANDATORY, that your world should survive/ same as our world must survive.  OR NOBODY SURVIVES.  Consequently, there should be NO EXCUSE conceivable, for not being on the “front lines” in this war.  To prove WE CANNOT LET THEM BE WRONG!

The devils, or its secret insurgency; as is a purpose to destroy life;  still requires a planet to do anything. Consequently, there should be NO EXCUSE conceivable, in this war. To prove WE CANNOT LET THE UNIVERSITIES,  BE WRONG!  Not with our entire planet, and every single life on it.


UNFORTUNATELY;  that same rhetoric applies to the mutilation of all life;  as is being done by geneticists and other through the release of poisons/ even more.

UNFORTUNATELY;  that same rhetoric applies to the loss of resources, the tragedy that is our drinking water supplies, the horror stories that attack every source of food, war coming with weapons of mass destruction, the loss of oxygen for our world, and a thousand more threats;  all of which, point to our extinction.


SO THE QUESTION IS,  given the absolute certainty, that playing with sun fire is:   LIFE OR DEATH FOR OUR PLANET;  in every conceivable way.   Can you dig your brain back out of the sewer, that is worshiping a university cult (these leaders CAN’T be questioned;  they are gods)?  They hold NO EVIDENCE to prove their theories; absolutely none of substance or value.  Consequently “they believe”.  Their theories are: Proven nothing more than a delusion, without cause for doubt;  on the front page of www.justtalking5.info and its other associated sites!  Consider the truth:   I can be wrong and we all live. They cannot be wrong, or we all die!  Simple as that.

That reality means:   either you accept them to be your gods/ by allowing these people to literally play god with life and planet!   OR YOU STOP THEM/ BECAUSE WE LITERALLY CANNOT LET THEM BE WRONG!    Or we all die, the entire planet, all its life, and every future life which would have come.

       HOW, is that a hard decision to make?  All that is required is:  to investigate the consequences of being wrong, completely and fully, so that no delusion exists. All that is required is:  to examine the possibilities of being wrong, and understand the full extent, of what being “even a tiny bit wrong” means/ thereby removing the fantasies.  All that is required is:  to decide, if believing the cult called;  “university knows everything”; IS WORTH SACRIFICING,  AN ENTIRE WORLD!  OUR WORLD.  This is not a game;  even the entire solar system itself will be affected:  by humanity being WRONG. That is not a game, it is an extreme abomination:  even to be faced with the question itself. How much more so, the reality; as is plainly true, by their machines to in their words “create fusion”; a reality the Lawrence Livermore laboratories in San Francisco has already proven to be WRONG.


DIGGING DEEPER, requires us all to understand:  with regard to those who created this situation, and all the other major threats to humanity itself; as is the extinction of everything/ regardless of the method.  There are those who tempt the others to believe in what they want to believe in/ so they do. While you can call believers in such things a “horror story unto themselves”/ it is the tempter that designs the trap, for them all to fall into. Therefore it is the tempters, that represent “SATAN” on earth.

As is true of everything called judgment:  it is extremely unwise to judge an entire group/ and commit them all, to the same decision. All men are not bad/ all women are not bad/ all white people are not bad/ all black people are not bad; not this nation or that nation; and so on!  While I do state repeatedly “this is the fault of university influences”/ and that is true. The foundation of those influences, are those who produce the temptations, which cause “foolish people” to believe in their traps. You can’t be stupid, unless you refuse to be educated. You cannot be a cult member, unless you believe your own ability to think and decide is more greatly flawed than theirs/ or you just don’t want to take the blame for a decision on your own, anymore.  Passion is a decision, but that decision can lead you to love or hate/ consequently it is your own. Passion is not want, unless you choose it to be so. Passion is the decision, that grants its owner the right to desire more than simply self. Passion lost by belief, becomes a fool; because belief leads to want; and want is an abyss; the foundation of every lie. While belief can also be good or bad; the reality which divides that truth;  is a passion for value in life/ or against it. Therefore the guilty, will be found with a passion to destroy.

The reality of FAITH IN   GOD   establishes a desire, that lives within truth. The passion for life in value is then found by searching truth. It is truth which gives value. Truth is not a belief, it requires no “simple acceptance without evidence”.  Truth presents evidence, and it is value which accepts that evidence in support of life. Thereby establishing    GOD   in you, or me. The foundation of faith, is a truth called MIRACLES.  The foundation of miracles beyond human comprehension; is a clear and valid certainty, we did not become alive, or to life:     “alone”.   GOD  EXISTS;   and the evidence that is   JESUS    by written testimony; stands alone as evidence we are not simply “built and forgotten”.  Rather eternity exists as well; so says the evidence called life; it witness to itself.

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