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Let’s talk business, or industry if you prefer!


The critical question is:  how best does society survive, and still keep this planet and its life;  “alive”?

That is no small thing, as the essence of all male dominated society is:  to strip the environment, and use all its nature, for whatever purpose can be devised to make money. It is that simple, according to men.  What women would do, or would have done;  is without evidence to support any claim: we don’t know!  We do know, that they are different, and different means different.

Nonetheless, reality states:  UNLESS we use nature and the environment in support of our own lives, we die.  Therefore the question is not “stop everything”/ the question is:  HOW can balance, discipline, and order support every life, and even the planet itself?

We must then define, what does human business need:  to support society, life, and environment? The answer is:  an opportunity to take what it needs, so humanity can survive/ and be realistically happy. Because they won’t settle for less.  We ask at the same time, what does industry need: to support humanity, and not destroy nature or environment; more than absolutely necessary? The answer is:  an opportunity to take what it needs, so that humanity can survive/ and be realistically happy.  So they are the very same, in foundation terms. Consequently, what works for what/ works for both.

The relationship we share with nature is:  every form of life has been given the ability to multiply at a greater rate than environment would allow them to keep alive. Therefore death is a constant of time, so that life itself can be a constant in time. Unfortunately humanity not liking death; has changed that balance to reproduce itself in numbers this planet nor its nature can sustain. Thereby we must change, or we cannot remain alive on earth.  That is the simple fact, that offers a message “change or die”. Those threats that are simply manufactured by the universities; are different/ because they never needed to be true. Yet they are!

All human endeavor is then presented with this single conclusion:  IF WE DO NOT allow nature, to reproduce as it needs to/ thereby surviving to sustain us. NOTHING LIVES.

That means, the new methods of business and industry are critically founded on the single principle:  DON’T kill this world!

So the critical question is:  what does that mean to business and industry/ because we do have to take what we need; or we die. It is that simple.

Fighting for life and environment displays the critical areas as:  insulate, so you don’t kill the planet.  Recycle/ reuse/ rebuild, are fundamentals to keeping enough resources for life to survive. Feed the ocean, the only possibility is/ the only thing we have excess of, is dead human bodies. It’s a fact of life today; like it or not, is absolutely irrelevant. Use transportation when needed/ NOT when wanted; and make everything possible a minimum  source of waste. Clean up the pollution/ protect the water/ combine processes which use heat so as to be as efficient as possible/ find new methods/ be honest and true to life and environment, so the children can live.  Just a start!

Business and industry then says:  even if that is a good idea/ WE CAN’T make it work economically; and WE CAN’T produce good paying jobs with this type of atmosphere controlling us all.  WE WANT MORE/ a whole lot MORE;   DAMN YOU!  But alas, you took a whole lot more, and you threw it all into the garbage dumps:  endangering every living thing on this planet. From just that one fact/ because it is a finite world, and we are 8 billion people; and within ten years maximum, we will be 9 billion people and growing. Not a game anymore.

       Nonetheless we then know:  that money shall not control the future of work, or war will!

       So the question is:  if not money, then what?

The answer is obvious and simple:  either the humanity on this planet will decide to be disciplined with their reproduction/ or nothing will save a single soul on earth. It is not a choice/ that is a mandate which must exist, for our world.

The order applied to working is:  we will share, because if you don’t/ you will war.  We will care, because if you don’t/ hate will arise, and horrors will come.  So the question of business or industry is:  HOW BEST, can we share and care for each other?  That does include separating out, those who hate, and cannot find it within themselves to truly change.  Because hate will always be searching, like any other predator;  for a way to remove peace:  and we the people of this world, cannot survive that anymore.  It will, tear the world apart. Because with limits in place, either harmony or tragedy will come.

To find harmony rests upon the simple truth:  do you, or do you not desire friendship, and order;  to control your life and society. Without friendship we are done as a world; threats are everywhere/ and extinction is certain. The potential for even a tiny few to survive, does not exist at this time.  Therefore we must act together to remove the extreme threats. We must fight together to rebuild what has been so badly damaged. We must live together, by valuing each other as friends;  or you will give up/ and the cost to our world;  of being 8 billion people or more, will destroy you.

Do search for yourselves, identify truths, examine the evidence without expectation, learn the disciplines as best you can:  balance everything on the clear certainty, WRONG MEANS WE DIE. And then make your decision to remove money as the ruler of this earth. Or you fail life!

The elemental balance of that purpose is:  to open the doors of change, and let different decide what can be done;  with the help of every worker, owner, etc; involved. Like a war, when everyone is helping to attain the desired goal/ money is not the deciding factor.

Democracy by law, established by we the people:  gives us control. Particularly through redress of grievances, as is taking our employees to court:  and investigating whether they obeyed their oath of office or not. Whether they acted in our own best interest for the nation itself, or not!

Taking control over the nation as a true democracy, is no small matter. By law it is simple/ and orderly through redress of grievances:  the investigation, examination, and identification of what needs to be done, and why.  HOWEVER the foundation of all human endeavor is:  I WANT MORE/ and that, is basically gone forever. Because you, or more correctly they:  simply took too much, under university rule. You threw every resource away;  to your shame.

Nonetheless, if you cannot discipline yourselves from want/ if you refuse to surrender pride, and quit making life, work, and body;  a game. Then nothing can be done for you. It is that simple, and cannibalism/ war with weapons of mass destruction/ planetary fire (the university ignites atoms on fire; AND EVERYTHING IS FUEL)/ Armageddon (nature in chaos)/ HELL (this world went insane)/ the Apocalypse (trust no one, kill them all). Etcetera, etcetera, etcetera;  are all coming quickly.

That too, is a fact!  Go ahead and choose, just remember you will live or die from your choice/ no second chances.  Of all things, not a single one of you can misunderstand:  WHAT IT MEANS TO IGNITE ATOMS ON FIRE!  That is, the same fire as is on the sun, clearly proven true by “endless facts” based in reality.  NOT A GUESS.  Not a game either. But make no mistake, even if you remove this one; there are a vast array of threats, that can easily make us all extinct.  See, the university is god, just like you wanted:  except for the fact, “its god of destruction and death”. Extermination is no small thing;  so do make the choice you wish to inherit from “your god”.

YOUR CREATOR WHO GAVE YOU LIFE, and everything valued.

OR, your university; who gave you destruction with endless threats, all pointed to extermination, horrors, and hell!   Which one, do you want?  Reality will prove what is true/ therefore why lie? Make up your mind!


I should tell you as well:  that for ten years I searched, for a way out of all this mess; strictly by the means and methods of man. It does not exist/ war will come.

I then chose to knock on the spiritual door of women:  simply to ask the question, WHAT would you do/ because it truly affects us both.

The spiritual world says to you:  men brought us here to the very edge called:  extermination of our world. This is, “the best they did do”!  That undeniable fact, means they will no longer rule humanity.  Consequently let women try, or you will die. They literally cannot do worse!

       The question:   is not, whether I should be believed in this development; that is irrelevant. Rather the question is:  from truth itself, DOES MAN HAVE AN ANSWER, that is not war?  They will say yes, because they want, what they want. But reality and its truth throughout all of history says:  WAR is inevitable, because that is the answer of men. When confronted with a reality they won’t deal with in any other way. Their world is money, let money rule. Money always ends in war/ because a few get it all; and the rest then revolt. They will promise, we can let life rule; when threatened with the loss of power. But they lie, even to themselves! Because the game is now over, and without a game, men are not winners or losers anymore. That means:  they must find their life and living, within the terms of family and friends. A reality that has failed them, as rulers;  throughout time.

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