the criminal mind

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The criminal mind;  a reality I am not greatly familiar with/ but nonetheless, has definable parts.


Criminal means:  to take more than belongs to you/ to assume more than is a right to you/ to judge, destroy, or play games with life/ and to secretly design “traps, failure, temptations, and manipulations” which insure someone else will pay.

Each of these things are governed in varying degrees, by the following behaviors: [arrogance] “I want, I want, I want, and I don’t want nothing I don’t want/ [greed] mine, mine, mine, and I want MORE/ [pride] I win, I win, I win; and if I don’t, then I am going to make you lose”.  Nearly everything else is simple survival (I will die), or an insanity (there is no escape for me, and I don’t want what I have).

Behavior is the cause and consequence formed through the decisions we believe are important “to me or us”.  Heart is the essence of “for us”.  Selfishness is the essence of only, “for me”.  What makes us different, is the essence of value itself. Value means:  I have confronted existence itself, and found my hope, my happiness, my truth, and my future are controlled by these descriptions of life and living, for us all.  Hatred means:  I have confronted existence itself, and found nothing to believe in other than self/ and whatever I want!

Behaviors include romance;  a description of the value I accept in the opposite sex. Lover a description of participation that shares each body equally, because we care. Gentle, the quest to be “the best I can be, for you”.  Kindness, the essence of truth, as it forms a relationship based upon equal parts of caring and sharing. Dignity, the reality shaped when peace guides harmony.

Behaviors are then, “what we make of, or from;  our decisions, through the experiences and expressions which we gather along our journey through time.”

Criminal means:  I choose not, to be reminded, that our lives are a gift. Thereby the relationship I choose is equal only to what I receive in return, for my own existence or purpose.  The consequence of that is:  NOBODY is worth respect/ because in one form or another, each life requires “a work”. So the criminal decides:  you should be my slave, everything is mine.  Instead of my equal contribution to your life:  I will take your life, as an owed contribution to mine. Or I will assert judgment gives me the right, to call you worthless/ and then do with you whatever I please.

In the fundamentals that are crime in society, the foundation of the worst is:  YOU DON’T RESPECT ME/ therefore I won’t care about you, at all! YOU TAKE FROM MY LIFE, giving me nothing/ therefore I will take from you. YOU STOLE my chance to be equal/ therefore I will make you cry too. And YOU HAVE destroyed my future/ therefore I will destroy yours too.  Hate adds in:  VIOLENCE makes me “alive in your mind”/ anything less, proves me dead.


The question is then:  HOW does this happen/ WHY, is this not better than it is/ WHERE, are the answers/ WHAT sustains peace/ WHEN can our relationships with harmony begin/ and WHO can or cannot aid in the transition from an excuse with some merit;  to a reality of choice, that everyone knows has NO merit.

Extreme competition always makes life in society harder, because more power (excess money) gives the few an opportunity to shape the lives of many more into slaves. Over-population gives rise to the endless sea of humanity/ now fighting with technology in its every form:  for a job. That foundation of tragedy, makes everyone but a few:  into slave (take what you get or leave/ because there are PLENTY MORE).  THE ANSWERS ARE:   limited capitalism “we the people” control excess wealth/ all natural resources, and  even more:  by our vote.  Thereby limiting income at both minimum and maximum levels;  so we all have an opportunity to share the rewards of work.  Controlling the currency by tying it directly to the population count:  gives all, the knowledge of where they fit in the human “scheme of things”. Respect can then be defended, by our purposes as a nation.

Peace is the ascension from want, into the grace of love for  all life, living, and planet! It is not for the meek, because courage is required.  Peace is the ascension from pride, into the treasury of values, that are the foundation of life itself:  among the most important is accepting the truth, LIFE, EVEN ALL LIFE, IS A MIRACLE of existence! Nothing else literally, can be as certain as is this! Peace is the ascension from greed into a relationship with life;  no longer “simply self”.  But conceived within the assurance, “there is a, beyond time” for the living:  ends death is a trap we cannot escape. Peace is the ascension beyond arrogance (I am great/ even I am so DAMN great; I should be called god).  Arrogance being a sewer, from which the damned are flushed into their own hell. Even if that remains untrue, until death takes them away.  The value of change is apparent.

Harmony is, the reality described as:  what we can do, to make each other happy;  thereby investing in the future of ourselves and our family, by becoming transparent to the world.  When we fear each other, or expect a trap, from anything we are given; etc.  The world cannot then be kind;  because it does not know you/ it does not care, about you. Transparent means:  I have made my purpose clear, and proven my true desire by the evidence of my ways/ even though I will never be perfect! The foundation called soul, has been achieved. Searching for life itself, gives this reality its expression.  What we do for justice in society, gives this reality its experience.

What we do as a society to insure justice exists equally for all, and is not simply discarded for others to do:  identifies, what the future will be, within our own nation, and its society.  That means we must “judge the judge, lawyer, punishment, and law”/ so as to protect constitutional law, and its freedoms. That means we must reconstruct policing, to a more distinct “village setting”; wherein those who live here, shall decide who polices them; along with every smaller issue, within constitutional limits. In the greater sense, all investigations and more serious realities;  are to be formed by a response with greater and more distinct resources.

That means, we must return the jury to its constitutional purpose:  which is to determine IF JUSTICE, AND A PROPER PUNISHMENT;  was given to the defendant.  A jury exists to unsure and inform the judge, that constitutional law, fundamental equality, simple conceptions (such as, a financial punishment is NOT the same/ if it does not affect the individual the same). Therefore a percentage of income is valid, and must be enforced;  or, the rich man goes free/ while the poor man suffers greatly.  Obviously NOT equal. The examination of rules must also be true, to the experience of life in society. A rule is not a law/ it is merely a rule:  someone drew a line in the sand/ so they could control someone else’s life and money.  Rarely fair, and always subject to the reality of any given situation.

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