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The foundation of adult human society is:  “I won’t listen to you”. Because I don’t trust you. Which then becomes, “I am listening, for what I can use; to prove I am superior/ or the winner/ or the loser and entitled to betrayal/ or other various methods used to find  “an upper hand (I can attack first)”.

Children listen:  find themselves attacked at some level, on the various stages of life/ and then hide in, what becomes the fact of adulthood. Which is to believe, I must protect myself first and foremost, before ANY level of trust can exist. For most, NO level, or a very limited development of trust will be found; with only the rare exception.

This would not exist, if the reality of childhood did not cause it through schooling and various other places; which prove to children “I cannot trust anymore”. So the elevation of all human society, then begins in kindergarten, or before.

Where children live in peace and harmony with their parents, they learn trust, because these are trustworthy. Where children live without peace or harmony with their parents or others;  they learn fear/ because “we cannot protect ourselves”. Where children learn to compete for toys or affection or other:  they define ways, and actions or reactions;  to take what they want. As they grow older, identifying what the others want (I can lie), becomes an opportunity to take or deny (greed)/ tempt or betray (jealousy)/ force or even hate (violence)/ love and share, by applying care (acceptance as equals, through respect). These are the basic levels of participation in childhood.

Participation becomes more intricate as age makes the opportunities to interact more deceptive. As each young adult, tries to get what they want/ rather than accept who they are. The difference is:  want demands a trophy (pride)/ while life is an understanding of miracles made this happen, and I share the experience; even the expression of being alive!

So the question is:  WHY does humanity, even at a very young age, “want a trophy”? WHY are people willing to lie, to get what they want? WHY, is life itself NOT more important to their true existence? And WHY, is the expression of living so limited as to become “nothing matters, but a position in the herd (animal)”.  Instead of an identity called human, “separate and defined by truth”?

In simple terms, all of those questions can be defined by the decision:  a human animal, is better than a human life!  Or more simply, the easy way to be living in time is to exist/ rather than identify and create truth.  To exist simply applies the reality of movement, to whatever the physical body wants. Therein want becomes the motivator, and its desire is as simple as any other animal on the planet:  “need to eat, drink, want sex, survive”. With pride the human animal jockeys, to establish position in the herd; thereby a trophy, the others must respect. Following in the herd means, “you are always looking at someone else’s ass”/ consequently, each member of a herd is always looking “for a better view”. In humanity that becomes a lie!

We then examine the reality of being in a herd/ rather than being an individual who walks independently of the others. To find these individuals a much easier prey, for all predators:  because they can be identified, as unprotected. Thereby we do understand, the fundamental reality of humans at the meek end of life; surrounded by a herd:  exists because of protection from predators. So who is a predator, and why? The answer is:  each and every one, who creates, uses, or abuses a trap, to ensnare, enslave, and thereby rob or violate the others. Their cause is simple:  make someone else do, what I want them to do, or be!

The final question arises here:  WHY is being alive (identified by truth) not enough? The answer elevates itself with a question:   WHY, are you not alive inside?  The answer resides within the journey, between existence and the expression of joy. Joy identifies “the creator knows me”/ whereas existence is the understanding of time has begun.

Our reality as human beings then erupts through the existence of miracles. Because it is these miracles which surround us; that begin our journey beyond the limits of time, in a search that is for truth. We then ask:  WHAT is truth? The answer is, I have become alive, when truth enters my soul! The answer is:  truth assembles an understanding of the laws which give us life, or take it away. Therefrom we ask:  WHAT is life? The answer is:  participating in the essence of everything which can be true. In examination of that fact, are the elements which make time its own form of truth; as is the realities of measured moments/ then death.

The question becomes:  can measured moments be truth/ or is truth identified only by the essence of life itself, as the laws of our own Creation? The answer assembles under the dimensional characteristics of a mass versus and energy.  Mass as is the distinction of time; degrades itself over time;  eventually falling apart at the seams “so to speak”. Thereby measured, and done.  Energy in contrast either organizes itself into a potential or a reality that can act or react as elements present themselves. Without this organization of the laws which create unity;  energy dissipates into “nothing”. Thereby the difference between measured and done/ or development as a dimension capable of integration into the whole: is the essence of your own truth. Specifically in human terms, what is desire?

We begin with family:  within the same dimensional plane of existence, thereby life and energy as one. We search for friendship:  as in “I have built, space for you to share”, here with me. We then identify desire, as the decisions which form the elemental search for life itself. That truth enters into soul;  because it is the word used to declare:  “life itself”.

SOUL, examines the message of life, as your participation in:  spirit.  Spirit is, the essence of every truth, bound together by the compositions of law; which then identify you, as either life/ or death.  Soul is, created when you enter into that life, which you chose by your own decision, to participate in law, as an essence of value, formed by creation itself. This is destiny, and it begins the search for    GOD  HIMSELF!

It is not for the weak or cowardly/ not for the lazy or meek:  nothing can be yours, but truth.


It must then be mentioned; those who are less than the purity of dimension and value, which can make or at least begin the journey to   GOD   .  But still acceptable for life; Will then remain in dimensions of less energy and truth. Separate but still alive in the passions and relationships called “friend or family”. The decision is yours.

It is also important for you to realize;  the spiritual world, cares almost nothing about your life as a body in time. That cannot survive beyond time/ therefore it matters little. The spiritual world is literally only concerned with your individual truth “purpose/ desire/ decision/ passion.” NOT, what you do as a church, etc. But who YOU choose to be, and then act on it.

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