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Failure is as easy as listening, to a “know it all (ka)”.


While there are endless examples: Little is more representative of that, than the crisis created by global trading. The “ka” people will tell you, that global trading benefits all/ by lowering prices for the majority. Reality however will prove, to anyone who looks beyond this second in time:  that a horror story is coming. With entire nations bereft of their skilled labor/ those who make their living do to the benefits of skilled labor/ realities of extreme resource sacrificed for a moment in time/ and having traded their skills for pennies;  there now becomes an entire nation who does not know how to survive or do well in their own communities. The fundamental involved is:  THE RICH GET RICHER/ while the poor become completely un-enfranchised; while their ranks swell, homelessness increases, rape and prostitution increase massively, and the whole world begins to look at war. To once again break down the barriers, the corrupt politicians, and power players have put into place, “to protect the rich”.  You won’t survive another world war, or even part of that;  “for a thousand reasons or more, that fact will prove true”.

What you are willing to believe, what you are willing to accept, what you are going to do for  greed, or not;  all share a common reality. Something will be sacrificed!  To sacrifice means:  even though I know, this has bad consequences in one form or another/ I am willing to pay this price, for something I desire more. So the question is:  what is desired more/ by leaders?  By the people who accept, their jobs and their skills should be thrown aside? By the people who demand:  I WANT MORE FOR ME? And by the people who are willing to corrupt their society, for power/ even if only a tiny bit?

Leaders who have no answers, because they have already raped/ ransacked/ betrayed/ stolen/ terrorized/ or corrupted their nation.  Always look to alternate nations in an effort to betray, rape, ransack, or steal. It is easy to create a mob;  a mob needs only one tiny excuse, to make the others an enemy!  Leaders thereby keep their own people from rising up against them, “by making enemies”.  The majority of false men (hate controls) believe they like war/ so long as they are not in front. In a world without laws, rape/ ransacking/ theft/ destruction/ “fear me”/ and more are considered the norm;  consequently no punishments allowed. “So they like it (I am in charge)”;  while real men are forced to sacrifice too much.

Those who are forced to fight for a living; which means NO, we are not payed fairly, and that makes both life and family a struggle/ want something to be easy “for me”. The consequence of that is, IF this makes my life at this moment in time EASIER/ THEN it must be a good thing. I can rest! But alas, what they don’t realize is:  by accepting “let the others do my work”/ soon there is no work for you. Soon there is no work for your community; and you become destitute.  FAIR PLAY is the answer/ NOT easy.

GREED is a very simple thing:  it means, “I WANT, yours too”. Or no  sharing allowed here; everything is selfish to me. The tragedy of that is, the complete failure in understanding:  to connect, your own happiness with the happiness of others/ your own peace and harmony, with their own successes.  And the certainty, both greed and selfishness SHALL in fact make you into their enemy, and they yours:  gives war to personal life. Hatred erupts, violence ensues, aggressions abuse, and people are used; as crime and the failure of society itself escalates down, due to greed.

That brings us to the massive pandemic disease, that is the employees of government, and their associated armies “like educators”;  who give up their communities in a war to attain more for themselves. Trapped by their own decisions to find wealth:  “between the greedy and the leaders”.  Those hidden in this background where power is limited:  connive/ plot/ plan/ tempt/ disguise/ betray/ and propagate any and all attempts “to take care of ourselves”. Thereby condemning the others “to hell”; by allowing nothing for society itself/ same as the greedy who demand “IT’S ALL MINE”/ and the powerful, who demand “WE WON THE GAME”!  Which is the reality of these people;  as in “life is a game (somebody wins/ somebody loses)”.  Let it be the nation or the world; because I don’t care!  And with truth in tow, “nobody cared about me”/ which is of course the consequence, of proving you, or those who represent you;  cared about none, or nothing of life, but self.


So then let us evaluate the truth about global trading:  China is a good place to start. Having killed the intellectuals (for creating endless traps and corruption to destroy the working classes)/ what was left, became the powerful. Those who had everything they wanted, as always; cared nothing about those who had nothing/ and they worked only to insure themselves, of everything they wanted.  The rise of policing & the increase in military to insure: nobody does to us/ what we did to them! Then came poverty, a lack of education, therefrom skilled labor or business; equals jobs are few.  As always: The people being despondent and depressed turned to sex;  the one thing they could afford/ even though they could not. And the labor force swelled until the competition was so heavy, no one earned a true living.

Global trading changed that, particularly from America. In part, due to the technological advances which made skilled labor far less demanding; greatly increasing those who can do “this”. With a job, that pays a living:  personal choices can be made: “the middle class rises”/ education flourishes, as “we can do MORE”. With massive increases in wealth, the ruling class with money;  takes control. Do we not make the military, the politician, and the courts possible?  Corruption on all fronts begin.

Back in America:  where job after job is relinquished to global trading “we cannot compete, with such cheap labor”. Made possible by machines which do most of the technical parts. THE FACTORY by making all the same things all the time on machines:  becomes the innovator of society, “we can HAVE THIS, cheap”.  Just let them do it. But alas, the price is:  no job here/ and soon, no resources for a factory to use. Which means no job there, either! How do you keep a job:  THROW THAT AWAY, and buy new!  Which means:  assassinate the children, because they will have absolutely nothing, in the very near future.

So let’s talk realities in America:  with giant container ships, long trains and transportation infrastructures/ cheap products compete from around the world; as every nation tries to make itself rise, as did China. The consequence of cheap products from around the world is:  America now has few jobs/ limited skilled labor force/ resources that are no longer plentiful/ and endless counterfeiting by government leaders, because their greed has been horrendous in a financial sense.  To cover their tragedy of leadership and failures up;  treaties are formed saying:  “with our machines” we can compete by using even more resources, by spreading the whole world with garbage (didn’t need that). The fundamental result is:  by turning to factories and machines, skilled labor died. That ended many jobs, and the competition became greater, ending the middle class. America turned to college “we will do more”/ but college turned into endless debt; and the reality of now computerized machines is:  only a few workers are needed/ including those who are skilled.  DEMAND MORE RESOURCES;  & throw away everything, your job depends upon it. But alas, that is not reality at work; it is fantasy, deceit, failure, and lies. The end result:  the owner of the factory, and other limited sources of work;  become very rich/ by eliminating the jobs of those who are no longer needed. Don’t even need support from the community:  “fight with a world, instead”. But a world is fickle;  just like every other situation in male driven society:  the rich man will win. Because he can set you up to fail!  Go ahead take out a big loan, believing “I get to be rich too”!  BECAUSE when you do, the reality is you need what I promised/ but I don’t need you, because I made promises to another; and now if you don’t accept these new terms, which are just enough to keep you working.  THEN YOU WILL lose everything.  So the dominos (last community structures of work) begin to fall/ and the tiny few rich men, now own everything.  WAR IS LEFT!  And war in a world of 8 billion people has no ending but extermination.

The solution is:  REMOVE MONEY FROM RULING THIS WORLD.  Search for and find LIFE FIRST, for our planet and then ourselves;  will become a different way of living and life. Granting peace and harmony; because we chose to care.  Limited capitalism:  which means to control the maximum and minimum amounts of income ANYONE can receive within a year;  BY OUR OWN VOTE.  Which means:  we the people can control the resources, and the amount anyone owns under their personal care;  BY VOTE.  Which means:  we the people can identify and create, the means to insure our jobs by taking control over government.  Democracy as in true democracy is:  WE OWN THIS NATION.  Democracy as in true democracy is:  the constitution is our government/ all others involved, are merely employees: who get their job, by swearing the constitution and its demands SHALL be kept first.  Democracy as in true democracy is:  BY LAW, we rule ourselves/ THEREFORE IT IS THE LAW, which proves we own this nation. It is the law, which defines and creates our society. Which means:  WE THE PEOPLE MUST, CREATE OUR OWN LAW/ BY OUR OWN VOTE;  so as to prove we know, what you the employee is intended to do! What our true rights are.


There will of course be numerous people demanding:  lower prices are all good/ it helps me/ this makes my life better!  BUT reality says to these people, particularly in America:  look simply to American agriculture, to see what your future will be.

American agriculture in the early sixties, was subdivided into small plots, with lots of farmers, and all the rural communities, and corporations which serviced that industry. Then came herbicides:  which all farmers considered to be “GREAT”/ I no longer need to pull weeds. Yields increased, and then markets fell/ and then world distribution of excess crops, particularly corn began; so prices went back up, and everything was great. So they thought. But alas, it was the weeds that kept the greedy out; because weeds had to be dealt with by people,  & people did not do good weeding unless they owned the property or expected a good wage. With herbicides, people were no longer needed for weeds/ thereby any farmer could take on more land, and the competition “heated up (I will pay you the landowner more)”. More debt, and more land to farm meant:  WE NEED bigger tools!  So they increased in size, to the current day.  Bigger tools meant less labor, and even more land they could farm/ and were required to farm to pay for these tools.  Get big or get out, was in fact the mantra; and it proved true, for nearly all. Alas for rural communities, as is always true:  don’t need no workers, means there are no jobs, and communities failed, along with their school districts. Corporations which serviced farmers were selling one tenth the volume of equipment; as everything got bigger.

Then came the Carter administration:  which chose to pay the debt of this nation, and inflation rose to 16% or higher on debt. Every farmer, and every small business person knew: THIS IS going to take a long time to pay back/ so we must be looking at years of high inflation. The know it all’s;  then began the four years purpose of explaining “buy anything, get in as high a debt as you can:  BECAUSE INFLATION, will pay you back”. And if you don’t/ then inflation will take everything away, as you lose money everyday. That would have proven true, had it not been for the Reagan administration:  which came to power and declared “we ain’t going to pay NO DAMN DEBTS”/ or debts don’t matter, if its us. That caused farmers across the nation, and a great many business people to lose everything/ or work for nothing; for decades;  because inflation dropped on the price of property/ but not the price of their debt. Then came the “Reagan IS GREAT”;  as he decided to sell all the gold in Fort Knox. To pay for his toys;  in fact selling out the American people/ with all media in tow, showing nothing that was important.

So now, the farming community being in trouble looks to the federal government for solutions:  you caused this/ help us survive. Farming programs which then paid the farmer for surrendering all their information about crop production and more came.  This provided and still does, a nearly complete picture of what the crop will be; and that allows and provides the control over what the commodity prices will be. It is again now, a reality:  having accumulated massive debts to “go big, and stay in this business”/ a great many farmers of which there are now few; are in trouble. Because the government officials want society to be happy, and society is, when it eats well: for cheap. The end result is:  a great many farmers are in financial trouble, because the competition is controlled by government leaders/ and they have established cheap pricing, to pacify the public. After all, “its just counterfeit money”; printed by American leaders in the trillions. Because the media remains quiet, and thereby the real inflation of what US officials have done:  is forgotten, hidden, and frantic.

Soon a large percentage of farmers will financially fail. As is done with the rest of the public;  even more inflation and debt, will be “printed” to solve the problem:  “here, just keep working”/ or everything falls apart. The end result a wide variety of people who are working hard, work for decades for nothing but a job. Leaving all the property, resources, and jobs in the hands of a tiny few. Most of whom will have a university degree:  because the other thing Reagan did with US CURRENCY is to give it all away to a university degree. They took control;  gave everyone with a degree “a million dollar raise”/ and bankrupted the nation, by hiding it all. Alas when bankruptcy, in nearly all small business came;  soon after Reagan took over (even though they thought it would be better “because inflation dropped”).  The reality was most real businessmen:  were made bankrupt, or completely removed from participation by debt:  so the university diploma, suddenly flush with cash, by robbing the US people:  without earning a single penny/ took over! Fantasy, delusion, stupidity, terrorism, corruption, betrayal, insurrection against democracy, GREED BEYOND MEASURE erupted,  and the universities suddenly were the place to go (here is the money)/  America changed forever.

       Not for value, NEVER for life by a university decision, corrupted at every level, destructive at every turn.  Just like the change from “EVERY IMMIGRANT must learn our language”/ because it makes us “united”.  Instead to increase their student loads and produce control over society:  every immigrant had to be taught in their own language, etcetera/ etcetera/ etcetera.  Using the obsession “to become rich/ by getting a college degree: the reality of an army against the people”;  by taking over human resource hiring. Destroying participation in work, by earning it. Giving large bribes to the educational community, including pensions to prove “hell no, let the others be our slaves”. Giving extortion to the medical industry. Giving criminal conspiracy to the legal industry. Giving elections to a select few:  by counterfeiting. Giving wall street “its own bank, to inflate the currency anytime it wants”. Giving industry, the option to go elsewhere. Giving the poor, a little more to keep them from competing for jobs. Giving other nations all the counterfeiting they want;  because debts don’t matter/ UNLESS you are an American taxpayer!  Making this nation a land now overrun by the counterfeiting, the debts without end/ extreme immigrant incursion/ overrunning world population/ computer-aided job destruction/ fantasy tools, just to keep the delusional busy/ weapons of mass destruction at every level/ resource devastation;  “let the children die”/ an economy built entirely on lies/ EXTREME THREATS OF EXTINCTION LOOMING/ an environment, its nature, its water supplies, its oceans/ its food sources, its EVERYTHING.  Literally stands on the edge of absolute distinction for our world, and every life on it!  Such are the decisions, of a combined university mind:  in power over life and nation.  Their mantra:  KILL THE DAMN WORLD/ so they can’t attack us back!

Oh, and we must not forget, the great value of a university diploma: is to tear friendship and family apart/ because few, are allowed to remain, “where they began”. Making the sacrifice of every parent: the means to destroy the family in its entirety. I GAVE UP my future for you/ and I never even see you anymore. YOU DON’T CARE, because hey, “I got my own troubles now”! Stacking on tremendous debts which alone, are the only inescapable debts in america:  because the university controls government, and it forms, and intends to form chaos. Just like their religion called evolution says. After all, “can’t be god”/ unless you tear down everything that works.  THEN, THE SLAVES NEED YOU! Now ain’t that so?

And all the people say, “with only a little information”;  PLEASE DON’T TELL MY NOTHING ELSE/ DON’T make me understand;  because I can’t bear all this catastrophe. INSTEAD pray to  GOD, none of this will come to fruition;  “I can’t pay/  I can’t survive/  I can’t accept my life’s work, was for nothing but lies”!  I WON’T do it; just let me believe what I want to believe;  AND SHUT THE FUCK UP.  Alas, that won’t keep reality away; because truth is truth; and every threat called extinction is real.  Like hiding in a burning house, either accept reality and save yourself; BY FIGHTING FOR TRUTH/ so we have a chance.  Or you die!  Not a hard concept, investigate/ examine the facts/ understand WRONG IS DEAD for our entire world/ and then make your own decision.  How is that not fair?

Nonetheless, before I resign this work to your own reality:  there should be mention of the critical role America, by its political and military leaders did play with our world. The greatest terrorist ever conceived until these days today;  was America, with an atomic bomb/ couldn’t stop by hurrying to bomb Japan a second time. They chose to blow up islands;  just to say “FEAR US”. The people were just too tired of war! Alas, then came the USSR, so Korea was engaged. Then came Kennedy, in preparation for world war three:  to Vietnam. With the greatest deceit ever conceived against a people or world; until today; he suggested “we should build rockets to go to the moon”! Hiding the fact, these rockets once built, had only one true purpose:   to deliver huge nuclear bombs to Russia”.  But electronics intervened, and war was a literal game. Then came television for a world, and the world decided America took too much; and became angry. Unfortunately, their US democracy does not work well;  times have changed. The revolution, to destroy this democracy, and become “kings and nobles (I got a diploma)” as controlled and conceived by a university mind;  HAS destroyed much. The people still have no say, or more correctly VERY very little; because money took control.  NOT earned money, but counterfeit money; and none but a few, are allowed to partake and decide how the cheating will proceed. So the criminals gain property, the officials gain power, the university plays god, and life on earth:  is being squeezed out of existence.  Because the intellectual “builds traps”/ and with mass media under personal control of a tiny few; the intellectual game of making journalists a mouse in sheep’s clothing; and the collection of data to spy and control all of society within the hands of a tiny few.  The only thing left to do is finish the autonomous robot war machines:  so a computer can finally guide all dissenters of society into the slaughter house. Gee, “I wander what for?”


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