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What is beautiful, begins with value. What has value, begins with foundations in both design and function. What is life, questions the existence of time, because time is not enough, to attain true value:  instead, we need relationships.


The critical question is why, the fundamental answer is:  life needs life, in order to form love. That love is the true value in living:  therefore it is love, that attains “most beautiful of all”.

So the question becomes:  what are the foundations of love/ the design and function of love/ and the value created by love, which gives us individually, our sense of happiness and joy?


Every relationship begins or ends with respect! Without respect, there is no relationship; because there is no truth between you. Lies exist, when people participate without respect:  they sit like predators waiting for a moment to strike. The development of respect, is then pivotal to all other relationships.

Respect means:  reality has measured you, either friend or foe/ thereby constructing the potential called distance that must be created between us for safety.  Respect means:  reality has proven the value that you bring to my own life, or I to yours;  thereby developing the essence of a gate or door between us. That we may find the truth that is a life we might share. Respect means:  truth has not been denied, therefore the substance and foundations which prepare the future;  will be investigated/ examined for truth/ and a decision will be made, regarding the true value of your heart with mine.

We find value to be:  the shared essence of every purpose that can care about the desires of my own heart;  in you! The shared essence of every purpose that can care about the desires of your own heart; in me!  Thereby conceiving of the future, everything we can be as one.

Our designed relationship, as is a destiny; then begins to take shape around the functional ability of each one, to participate in this relationship, by allowing and accepting what we each bring to our future. Even if not perfect, the purity of our desire shapes that future as one. Love then contributes:  together, we are more than each one can be apart.  Bringing happiness, because this simple fact:  is a treasury of potential additions to our own existence; we have both gained from each other. So the value of love, is the expression and experience called the joy of being ALIVE.

Life is, the elevation of thought, into its own true destiny.  Being ALIVE is:  “I know, that the miracles within me/ the miracles within which I breathe and share moments” are intended to be filled with JOY.  Joy means:  that I have no worries, no fears, and no conception of valued or not valued:  because everything I am, is loved.  I need not earn/ rather I have been found, and accepted as family loved. That is a spiritual distinction, rather than simply one built in time.

Spirit means truth, without compromise or excuse. Thereby spirit participates in universal law, as the elemental description of what makes things happen or exist/ and functions within that law, to originate and create the foundations which become life. Spirit means:  to assemble the value, that leads to destiny; and a future built to survive. Spirit means:  to identify the essence of any creation, and assemble its level of respect; by constructing its future.  What can be eternal, is then entirely pure spirit. The question of spirit itself then arises:  as is spirit life/ or is spirit truth? The answer is:  every life that is pure truth, becomes spiritual.

The question is: what is the value of spirit, that changes life by becoming its truth? The answer is:  while life is a destiny built by thought/ the beauty of living is an elegant relationship conceived within truth.  Truth survives, therefore truth must be consistent, to earn eternity. Thought can live or die;  dependent upon the relationship you earn with respect. Without true respect for life, each will fall into an abyss of want, creating lies to fill the gaps. Because without respect, the value of living fails;  causing humanity to grasp at want, in an effort to survive. Without respect, it is necessary to keep all life at a distance; lest they kill you (none can be trusted)/ so hiding, and running away arises in defense. Without respect, there is no value assigned to others, consequently no one shall be close (no door exists); to give you true relief from the loneliness time can create. Without respect, we share nothing of value, including sex/ because there is no true friendship. That becomes lust, and lust becomes an ever increasing need:  to get more than I can get. Which leads to perversion/ abuse/ murder/ and consequences which fail the humanity of time. Without respect, the heart (our ability to conceive of value in others, and search for friendship) dies;  destroying the relationship we could share/ because you chose not to care.

Therefrom the value in spirit, is the value of truth in life/ and the relationships shared by truth, which become love. Constructing the development of all hope, identifying the potential of happiness in you, and by accepting grace, is our journey into eternity;  life becomes peace.

The critical question of peace, is identified by the construction of disciplines. Which means, even though I live in humanity, which has very little to do with purity or truth in most. The value of life can never be undone/ because we are true equals in our existence. Giving none the right to judge or be judged by people. Discipline is the destruction of want/ so that truth can arrive and lead to a different future designed by miracles. Order arises from hope, & hope arises from order/ making the balance of both, an honorable task that achieves both discipline and peace.  As in, “I know” that truth exists in these forms:  because order and balance prove it is so. Miracle means:  not of this world/ nor from it, by source. Miracle then proves with elegance:  as a path created in thought, which leads to life by its creation/ therefore its Creator as well.

Eternity conceives of life, without time. Life with time requires a body of mass, in control of limited but very valuable energy; as assigned by thought. In contrast life eternal, cannot be mass/ because no matter how you conceive of it, MASS is NOT eternal; it simply exists/ and must be recycled to again participate in the order of this universe. Eternity in contrast, cannot be undone:  which means what is true, shall in fact remain true/ as the value of this existence has no end.  That makes truth, in fact;  the most valuable reality in our universe:  because it survives beyond time. By the laws truth controls, life arises. By the bond called trust, eternity exists.


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