fun with Noah

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In a deliberate effort to increase conversation among you:   the video  “fun with Noah” was made.  Several film festivals were paid.

For the purposes of video advertisement, the following two trailers are provided (drama; 5 minutes) and (elements; 15 minutes). All videos I provide are free; and without restraint other than you cannot stop anyone else from using them. However “for commercial use”: some contain background materials used without permission. The reality simply:  life or death for a world, is more important than rules.

To increase the conversation, miscellaneous elements were left out of the video:  because I wish for you to think on your own.

Nonetheless, for those who visit this site, I will add a few details in assistance of the work. These do require a little background.

The first being because we do know by the evidence that a world wide flood existed, at a time when the explosion of life on this planet was massive.  The evidence is clear:  because the gathering of materials which were then all buried together in individual places as is fossil fuels/ absolutely could not have occurred in any other way.  The abundance of fossil fuel, makes it clear: there was an abundance of life.

Therefore we know, that 40 days of rainfall:  requires an extremely humid atmosphere/ or there simply could not have been “forty days of rain:  our only significant account of the event”.  To establish that amount of humidity, requires heat and water to exist:  making oceans and water across the planet without question. Both are realities that insist, “humanity shall remain naked”.  But it also establishes the sun was hotter in that time;  an OBVIOUS conclusion, because there would have been MORE FUEL, as the fuel source beneath what we call a sun:  had less time to burn.

There is a slight question regarding what triggered the sudden change in planetary balance:  the suggestion of a large planetary mass passing by is considered probable.  But it is equally probable that a very large solar flare extended directly at the planet:  causing an immediate increase in heat, causing rainfall. The retracting flare, carries with it the elements of solar gravity that could have retained an elemental grasp of this earth as its effects receded into the sun. The fundamental that is “constant & consistent” sun fire: is caused only when the rocky sphere underneath that sun fire is functionally round. Because every spire or other protrusion off the surface is heated faster; to become a solar flare. A “steady flame” requires a steady source of fuel/ which requires in an atomic fire: a round surface with few inconsistencies. That means:  when the sun surface is “newly on fire”/ there will be, a wide ranging dispersal of both “hot (peak) and cold (valley)” areas to that “inconsistent heat”. Making everything within its solar radiation a consequence to that flame.  Just another possibility. The reality of it is quite simple however:  what caused the change is irrelevant/ our planet did change.

TO SAVE the creatures and some plants;  certain conditions had to be met.  Such as the floating island suggested in the video.  That island of trees, bound together; would have appeared upright on a world filled with water.  Every creature afloat on any type of raft;  as would have been everywhere:  clearly true by the amount of coal established on the planet.  Every creature alive, would have been searching for, and fighting for:   LAND!  An island of upright trees, which could easily have retained its leaves:  would have appeared exactly as that.  Consequently every creature, would have  gravitated and swam toward that single reality.  As it drifts, the mass would have increased; simply because other mass rafts would have bumped into it. Also bringing life and the potential for plants to deposit on “its shore”.

A planet whose atmosphere is massively,  made up of water vapor:  has no wind. Water is heavy, and not moved easily:  which did bring the atmosphere into a speed relative with the planet itself. In addition to that, without wind, rising water would have had very little turbulence as in a storm. That means, gravity is its only influence for movement.  Creating a swell in the waters covering this earth:  one greater, and one smaller on the opposite side of the planet.  So the question of whether the island of trees bound together; could survive a storm and raging waves:  should no longer exist. It was a different world/ although the element of mountains remains as a question in terms of drift and motion.  Biblical text states, the water rose for “half a year”. That is an extremely fast rise, which means the motion of water,  initially was simply “up”. Once it tops the mountains, there is far less concern, of getting torn apart.

The question remains: what happens when an extreme volume of water is removed from land? The answer is, is sinks/ shifts/ and becomes fluid until the basic elements of saturation are satisfied. When water becomes saturated with “mobile land”; it begins to shift that land by gravitational pull, and various other means that actively participate in turbidity. The evidence of this is in separated elements, and separated layers. The critical question is:  WHEN, will turbid waters release its “land solutions”? the answer is, when a rise is encountered;  so that the push up on water is faster than the heavier push up on land;  causing it to sink in that area.  The bottom of the oceans, then remains relatively clean.

One additional tidbit is:  the greater swell of water completely inundating the rock beneath it, that was the planet. Now creates an enormous weight on the rock, where it was not before/ in a slow movement from side to side “like a teeter-totter”. This movement of weight causes tectonic plates to emerge. It even shifts molten lava in the core; which then gives rise to volcanic activities.

That in turn, causes an ash cloud which will aid in cooling the earth; from the consequences of extreme volcanic activities. Once the catastrophe of water had subsided.


Fun with Noah, then extends itself into the variety of real world catastrophe’s that are the human belief:  “university knows” everything/ because “we want answers, even if they are wrong”. This is the primary basis for every religion.  The extreme disgrace/ the absolute insanity that is trying to ignite atoms on fire is primary to the word:  this is SATAN among us. Proving the universities around this world MUST BE STRIPPED OF ALL POWER, to make any decision for itself. Becoming absolutely dependent for their every decision/ their every story/ their EVERYTHING;  on a decision by the people themselves. OR THEY SHALL DO NOTHING. Failure to obey, is death.

Beyond that, are the endless tragedies of “men in charge”;  which is simply put:  a fight to be the winners/ which then becomes an enslavement of the rest/ which then becomes war: to remove the winners from among us. Which then becomes a fight to be the winners;  etcetera, throughout all of time, the very same thing.  Because that, is the apparent desire of too many men/ or more correctly, that is the society money and power create through men.

Therefore we must have law and democracy as it was intended to be;  NOT as men and particularly the universities betray.  Law must be, as we the people decide for ourselves:  limited to roughly one hundred pages of text, or far less. So that every law is known, and every law is taught, and thereby we the people can enforce those laws for ourselves.  Nevermore, a vote for someone to vote for me/ rather I will vote on the laws which govern all our lives;  for myself.  This removes power from leadership, and gives it to the people themselves.

By accepting world law, and participating as we the people of this world have united to proclaim this law:  OUR LEADERS SHALL NOT GO BEYOND THESE BOUNDARIES WE HAVE CREATED FOR THEM AS A WORLD.  Or they shall be brought to court, and we will punish them as a world; with our own policing force. Thereby: Removing power from war.  Or, more simply:  by focusing on one or a tiny few strictly leaders, WE THE PEOPLE of this world shall decide if you live or die/ go to prison, or are allowed to continue. NO EXCEPTIONS, WE CONTROL THIS MUCH! This is the very same reality that leaders use to control their people, by focusing on leaders of the people:  but, IN REVERSE.

By using limited capitalism:  which is, we the people by vote/ SHALL DECIDE the maximum and the minimum income that any person or other shall be allowed to earn in a year/ or inherit/  or property they may control or possess.  Therein the power of money is largely removed.  Giving the right to all people, as an opportunity to do for themselves; because the door is open/ and the thieves are removed. WITH THE CLEAR WARNING:   take too much resource today, and the future is dead.

By understanding:  WITHOUT HUMAN POPULATION CONTROL, our world is dead.

By accepting:  we have no control over our lives with weapons of mass destruction in existence by anyone. Therefore with world law/ there CAN BE NO EXCUSE, for ANY nation to retain, build, have facilities to build, or in any conceivable way assert: they shall keep them.  Rather we the world of humanity, shall prove one leader at a time if necessary:  fail us, and we will destroy you! The risk is obvious. The failure to accept that risk and remove these weapons NOW; is the end of our world:  reality is that plain.

The ability to design a new world order is entirely dependent upon developing a different method of thinking about society.  Different means different, and that removes men from the process;  because they have had thousands of years to improve upon what they would and did do. They did not/ they returned to the same old ways, every single time. As a consequence:  women must try!

The list of critical changes required for life to survive on this planet is VERY long/ and you have VERY LITTLE TIME, to do it in. No second chances!  We have come to the battle lines:  between life or death for our world! You will fight for your world, with law/ OR you will lose all your world, its nature, and every existence in life forever.  Because that, is literally what    your universities chose for you!

       Just having an answer, as is the constant delusions, fantasies, and failures of university knows;  is not enough.  THEY FAILED LIFE/ miscellaneous toys and trophies are not enough….they chose:  “this earth has no possibility to survive/ human population rise will destroy us all”.  So they gave up, and surrendered the planet to death!                 If you won’t do better NOW, with evidence of extinction SURROUNDING YOU/ then you do deserve their decision.  No going back/ no mercy/ no second chances, not for one single life on earth. Because that, is what the university “your gods” chose for you; and you aided and abetted them in their decision/ making it yours as well.


IT SHOULD be noted:  that in the early sixties a tiny few university people TRIED to make a difference. Did fight for life for a short time/ failed, because society itself “just wants what it wants”/ and they gave up. Letting the rest, who said:  WE ARE GODS, WORSHIPING GREED/ GREED/ GREED/ POWER/ PRIDE/ TYRANNY/ LUST/ TRAITOR (the betrayal of every child) AND PREDATION that then came to control EVERYTHING. Because they counterfeited the money, and corrupted everything called government, industry, or a future. By using media to propagate lies, and counterfeit money to control elections/ and a corrupt courtroom to control people, by changing it to criminal purposes!  Such is America today, the land of the diseased:  the infected, “with university knows”.   A religion so zealous, and with such dedicated followers; there is no cause to question the leaders. NOT EVEN, WITH A CLEAR THREAT, THEY CAN BURN THIS ENTIRE PLANET! Accident so called or not; the result is the same! Only a cult, can be that arrogant and delusional. That religion against America has colluded to attain with simple expression;   That disease has stolen all their money/ corrupted their courts/ made their healthcare little more than “back alley thieves”/ blatantly dispersed lies through media/ destroyed democracy itself/ made education a fantasy for fools/  and worst of all, threatened an entire world, who is participating with them because of their university education:  by creating absolute catastrophe against every possible means for survival on earth.  The summary total of a university diploma is: “with a little wizardry for show, SATAN on earth”.

But make no mistake, as is true for the forty + years I have fought with you myself, in defense of this world. The only thing this people responded too:  IS MONEY, PRIDE, OR POWER.   Fighting for the delusion “I, am going to be rich”. Because if you aren’t rich/ then the university diploma will make you a slave.

.  When added all together, the sum total averaging benefits against costs; of a university diploma on earth is:  a terrorist with every thought/ a traitor with every purpose/ a liar with every word/ and a cheat that can only be constructed as a fool with every decision they make.  Because you can’t make life on earth impossible to survive; and be less than a satan (fools, with weapons to destroy a world).

WE ARE standing on the edge of extinction; not because I say so:  because the evidence will prove it is so.  GO INVESTIGATE/ EXAMINE THE EVIDENCE ITSELF, rather than listening to be told what you think/ AND THEN MAKE A DECISION THAT IS FOR LIFE ON EARTH TO SURVIVE.   BECAUSE IF WE CANNOT “BE WRONG” in any such decision these leaders make/ THEN WE WON’T SURVIVE.  Not even as a world.  How could igniting atoms on fire, not be one of those decisions? START RIGHT HERE!

Storytelling, lies, conjecture, theories, etc;  are not evidence/ reality is.


I will moderate that statement, with the simple truth:  I do not “hate” the university. I despise the reality our world stands at  the edge of extinction.  There is a difference!  The search for knowledge DOES create the potential to not only be wrong/ BUT VERY WRONG. The reality of that, is determined by the struggle to be free of pride, and reduce want to irrelevant;  BOTH are very hard to do.  Even so, gambling with an entire world, mutilating all its nature; and so forth:  have NO EXCUSES.

If we ask, WHY did humanity allow these people such extreme behaviors? The answer is, as is constant throughout all of human history:  when men have enough, their only answer is “I am god/ I don’t need nothing”/ and they attack all resources with fervor; so they can be winners (I have more than I need). That always results in resource depletion, and the tragic consequences:  THERE IS NOTHING LEFT/ HELP ME SURVIVE, I have family. But not enough becomes I MUST STEAL. Because stealing is not allowed/ that becomes murder, and therefrom mayhem;  and then war. Because the end result is NOT ENOUGH, “for us all”! The reality of over-population by humanity “visits this whole earth”. The reality of sex, a demand by both men and women;  then becomes “a stranglehold on life”.  Nothing gets fixed/ unless everything gets fixed.  The change that is needed, requires an entire world of human beings to accept:  THIS IS NO GAME, and nobody is excluded from the truth or its consequences. With extremely few exceptions. Playtime is over. The universities did provide solutions to get more/ but the reality of that is:  humanity multiplied exceedingly; and now “more is not enough”.  ONLY CHANGE CAN SAVE LIFE ON EARTH!

THAT, is the truth!

It is fair to say, “I only want what I want, just like you”.  So says the humanity of me, which means:   I do, want this earth to survive/ all life saved from mutilation caused by people/ the children, and all of creation, to be given a fair and legitimate chance to live/ and a foundation that will respect   GOD   as our CREATOR.  BECAUSE THAT, is true as well.  Obviously then, I am not like you;  because this is nothing like what you have chose.  The difference is, I fought with pride, until it died.

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