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Truth is an element, that builds a foundation. Law is a discipline, that binds development together. Order is the essence of balance, because it translates the distance energy or mass may go, before tragedy or transformation occurs. This is the baseline of existence.

Time examines participation, as the expression of force. Death investigates desire, as the decisions which participated in your experience. Body forms the boundary “that is mine”/ while the brain identifies the potential, of everything possible in me. These are the fundamentals governing humanity.

Spirit investigates the dimensions of your thought, and conceives of friend or foe. Life grants you the participation in love, living, hate, or survival. Heart conceives of friends or family, giving expression to the words “love/ (honest) laughter/ hope/ and dignity”.  In the essence of truth, spirit allows participation beyond the limits set by time; to examine destiny itself.

Thought is a participation in the development of Creation.  Whereas the mental processes of a brain, are merely dimensional to the barriers called time. Thought translates energy into the definitions of a universe.  Consequently both thought and energy are equal partners in the creation of miracles (not of man).

GOD    is beyond thought and energy, as a completed dimension entirely HIS OWN.  Only the pure will ever see it.

So the question presented, reminds every single human life:  although time has its moments/ eternity is forever.  The critical element is:  DO YOU ACCEPT, the possibilities beyond time?


We then turn back, to consider the possession of time;  as an opportunity in either love or hate.

The question is very simple:  do you desire love, or hate? Because every road in human existence leads to one or the other:  trapped in the middle of that decision, is simply survival.

The dimension of time, slows energy to a crawl. Therefrom the foundations of existence itself, can be measured/ along with the experiences that change the environment of what we can or cannot have within our own decisions. The expression of those decisions, becomes our identity; because it reflects the truth of our own purpose.

Discipline states:  truth elevates life, by building order into a destiny shaped by you. Value states, in order for life to be a destiny; there must be desire and a passion for more than survival. The critical lesson of time, is then what do you desire?

Desire forms the basis of a chosen existence/ rather than a created existence. The difference is:  what you do accept as your individual truth, becomes the path you chose to measure time upon. A created existence has no choice explained or defined/ it is simply the road, a human herd will travel to its fate. No future exists, “for an animal (created existence)” beyond time:  therefore death destroys the memory.

Individual boundaries, shape a human soul. Where there is no true desire for love/ there is no soul. Love is a door, that opens only in trust!  In contrast: the Consequence is, even if you do not truly desire hate, eternity has no future for you.

Soul means:  the desire to participate in, and accept Creation and Creator as the entire dimension of your heart. Within that heart, are the foundations conceived by miracles, which then lead us each one:  into the spiritual quest, that is love.

Love results when respect identifies an individual truth worth sharing.  Desire initiates care, because the foundation of sharing is love.  Love constructs the disciplines, and life creates the order, to combine passion with purpose, and therein assemble desire. Passion is the decision:  “to care”.  Purpose is the essence of sharing. Desire conceives of love, and contributes your special development along a path that aligns with Creation;  as it was intended to be:  for all of life and living.

Creation is, the elemental rise from conception to the development of miracles. Aligned with grace, the elegant distribution of diversity conceives of participation beyond imagination;  as we see fit to embrace.  The question of soul, then begets the very critical assembly:  what does love mean to you?

Thereby we come, “to I (each individually)”.  Asking through expression and its own connection to your thoughts:  WHO are you? That answer searches through your contributions in truth;  to assemble the destiny you created for you.

The question is not:  why must I endure, etc!  The reality is, critical to human existence; is the demand, and the expressions:  for love or hate.  That answer identifies you.


Discipline suggests, it is only fair, some elemental description of me must exist; so that this is not simply contested to be: “theoretical”. Aspects of that are strewn through the various sites I provide. What is not simple or plain is, the functional element that is a spiritual woman inside of me; for the last twelve+ years. Biblical reference in Revelation 12, establish a spiritual woman pictured on “a foreign land”/ that would be male.  Nonetheless, this aspect of my own spiritual existence, in connection with my own physical presence:  has made significant changes in me. “its complicated”/ but clearly true, this entire work for the last twelve years HAS BEEN a result of that combination in reality.  So, if you find this work significant or valuable, it is because of her influence. Nothing in me is “perverted/ homosexual/ or any other diversion” from the truth:  my own purpose is, to participate in saving life on this planet. A reality of need created by the delusions of “university knows”/ and the consequences of humanity multiplying into oblivion.

Instead, this is like being married, in VERY close constant companionship; with her influence multiplying in me;  over time, one tiny bit after another. I never win an argument of importance;  which basically means “I get to be the wife”. IT IS a very different outlook, and quite educational; like it or not.  I tried my way and failed. Therefore she does not only have a right to try, but an obligation. It is fair.

With regard to your reality, and its potential spiritual development:  spirit means truth/ which is the basis for all law. Consequently you shall not enter unless you are true to yourself and the laws of this universe as they establish love or hate.  Love grants every potential that has value. Hate establishes the violence inside your own life and existence, as you descend into chaos.  The choice is obvious!

Spirit means, “without control by man or woman”. Which also means, even though you can enter if you find the door:  you CANNOT escape, unless you are able through love and its values, to understand and participate in the truth you chose to enter. Hate has no escape. So BEWARE, of what you choose to open. The spiritual world:  the path between “here and there”;  is littered with the dead and dying; who failed themselves/ but were less than complete hate. They will try to “hang on”/ ignore them or join them is your only decision. The critical question is:  can you be true to love/ but never proud?  Pride is an open wound, and it will kill you eternally; if you don’t heal of it.

I have “survived”, although changed, from strictly male:  “its complicated”. Desperation at no answer from male can heal this planet:  they will only return “to the vomit of their ways”. This is the best men did do/ because this is, the answer men chose for themselves in society.  The consequence of SO MANY MORE PEOPLE means:  Society and humanity MUST change/ NATURE IS DYING, and so is ENVIRONMENT;  and that can only be done from a different perspective. Therefore I chose to open the door “to the spiritual truth of women”;  believing, I could just stand there, and ask a question that affects us both.  The reality however, was NOT as I expected.

The critical dimension is:  unless “woman needed man”/ there is no cause for this union.

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