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The foundation event of our human existence is:  that we are allowed to believe, whatever we want to believe;  truth or lie is irrelevant. Your decision, is the authority which then controls your life/ unless someone has stolen that from you. In which case, they are guilty/ but in most situations, you are not innocent.


Given that fact, the fundamental of our day is determined by the level of influence what is known creates, and the examination of facts that do exist conceive of as the cost of being wrong. Wrong means:  without the means to repair, replace, or refuse; as is “no going back”.

The critical function of a decision, is to achieve an environmental distinction, that allows for the translation of data, into a future scenario, with confidence: from which we then know, what truth would choose. That does not mean humanity will choose truth, as is a destiny created. Because the majority merely want what they want, and therefrom simply fall into fate (this occurred, because you refused to accept truth, and change your ways).

The “writing on the wall” so to speak is:  our planet cannot survive the experiments of physicists. Our nature cannot survive the experiments of geneticists. Our governments cannot survive the experiments of “university”. Our society cannot survive the propaganda (don’t look here) of media. Our courts cannot survive the corruption of tyranny, as is the intent of power to control. Our democracy cannot survive the counterfeiting (hidden inflation), and intentional theft that is creating debt, which cannot possibly be paid. Your children cannot survive the endless attack on resources/ JUST to throw them away. Our water supplies will not survive the endless poisons. Our food supplies cannot survive overpopulation of humanity. Our oceans simply cannot survive the attack at every level, on everything. The oxygen supply is being attacked and consumed faster than it can reproduce itself. And that, is just the beginning.

Even so, people say:  “this world cannot die/ this America cannot be defeated/ the currency cannot be stolen/ atoms cannot be what is on fire on the sun, “cause the university says no”/ politicians cannot be wrong, because they say “no”/ the courts cannot be corrupt, because the cost of a lawyer keeps everyone away from the door.  Etcetera/ etcetera/ etcetera.

Nonetheless, people want what they want, and they DON’T want anything they don’t want; because that is what they want:  and NOTHING ELSE matters but self. Tell me lies if you have too/ but tell me nothing, but what I want to hear; regardless of the consequences.  As is proven so true, by the fact you will not even investigate the reality of people who do deliberately say:  WE ARE, going to bring the same fire as is on the sun, HERE TO THIS EARTH.  Not even that, is enough to give you rise, “off your couch”.  Take another look at the sun, which burns your skin from 91 million miles away in summer;  and ask yourself what it means for them to be WRONG!

OH WELL, you are allowed to believe absolutely anything you want;  truth is irrelevant, unless you wish to survive.  Alas, you do   wish to survive/ but want and pride and power refuse the right to question anything that literally proves OUR EXTINCTION, will be soon. That is a cult/ because only a religion can take that much power, to control humans on earth.  Not even the grave, not even death by fire, is enough:  “to sway the believer”.  It takes a true zealot, to believe everything:   truth itself denies.

“the witchdoctor (how crazy can you be)” wins!


I have tried to quit you, numerous times;  because you are simply insane. You throw away our world, everything; including your own child! A reality I cannot be part of.  Believers without a single fact, with any substance to stand on, establishes the truth:  a relentless lie leads.


What is critical however is:  that our entire world is dying, every life on it/ every future life that would have come. All of it gone, because this generation:  this “one hundred years”/ has proven to be so delusional, and so cowardly, that they cannot remain alive inside. Not even for an entire world.  Nonetheless, our entire world is dying: and as promised, I will remain a tiny bit of hope. Because without hope, there is only depression/ fantasies/ fears/ or failure.  Lies do that, when you fail to accept truth.

I have paid for, in advance:  these sites, which are the bulk of my work;  through April of 2018.  The last days granted by biblical prophecy for humanity to receive the mercy that would be an opportunity for fair and deliberate change.  Without the decision to embrace that change by a world:  there is NO POSSIBILITY all the threats which can exterminate us all, won’t do exactly that.  You have been warned. You have had forty years + to participate in any part or any degree of value to this work of identifying:  TRAGEDY COMES/ THEREFORE CHANGE. You refused, not a single pennies worth  of help in any conceivable manner that I am witness too.  “you love” your gods at the university; they are your saviors. Even though they are responsible for nearly every true threat but one.

“gods” can’t be questioned!  Now ain’t that so?

When every tragedy occurs, you will blame   GOD   / even though you have followed the university religion called evolution and claim HE _______.  But make no mistake:  EVERYTHING that is about to befall you, is ENTIRELY YOUR CHOICE;  as had been made by your gods at the university.  You share their decision:  TO EXTERMINATE, AND MUTILATE LIFE ON EARTH.  Because you followed, without even a question; regardless of all their lies. Shame on you.

Not to worry though:  “what is the worst”  that  GOD   could do;  for destroying HIS ENTIRE CREATION?       Well hell, the university professor will just whip our his or her computer, and pesto;  fantasies & delusions will take care of everything.  Now ain’t that so!

It is hereby noted:  that some, who were strongly influenced by the evidence presented to them throughout the years, ARE expected to have helped. Even though I am not witness to it.  Some who were paid for work along the way, contributed more or to the best of their ability; for the work they were paid for.  Which does present a special problem:  “being aligned with me directly” can have consequences. They were not asked to join my efforts. Which means:  it is your own personal decision, that confronts. Not mine.  Regardless, it was my expectation that evidence would be enough to sway you/ it was not. The consequences of being wrong, with such things as bringing the same fire here as is on the sun: was certain, “I thought” to sway you, it was not.  The realities of resource depletion, mutilation of life, endless poisoning, and all the rest:  were not enough to sway you. “I believed” once you saw the machines, capable of igniting atoms on fire:  which means turning this earth into  a sun:  HAD TO BE ENOUGH, to sway you/ it was not.  Using the courtroom, to demand an investigation of the facts/ was not. In fact, not a single solitary cost of being wrong/ combined with the evidence to prove it:  was enough, to do anything more, than cause the ninety-nine percent majority to run away and hide.  While all the rest, demanded “hate has a right to do anything it wants/ you can’t prove it, UNTIL the world is dead”.  Then, we will listen. Congratulations, you lose our world.


IT IS, extremely late to do anything; because that, is what you chose/ that is the summation of what media chose to hide from you; because they worship the university as gods/ and the plain truth is:  “YOU, did not want to know”. Simple as that. In fact, you utterly refused to know; and made every attempt to prove:  “you don’t have to know”. Excusing yourselves with they don’t listen to me anyway.

HOWEVER, like me:   the reality of evidence proves, this is a life or death moment for our planet/ our nature/ our lives/ and every life and future life that could exist, here on earth.  CONSEQUENTLY NOBODY is excused from doing anything, that they can in fact legally do.  A minimum reality understands, rules can be broken, when they are wrong.  Listen to your heart, if you have one;  and do the best you can do, for life!  No one does better than that;  not me/ not you/ not them. We cannot do, more than we honesty can do; life and living are that simple.  It is beyond your turn to work/ this is your last chance to work for life. I say that not in witness against you;  but as a reality of threats, such as igniting the same fire here as is on the sun:  is being experimented with every single day. You cannot put it out/ and you cannot go back/ and this entire planet is fuel, because the sun burns the bond in atoms.  Just like a molecular fire here on earth burns the bond that holds molecules together;  same basic thing.  Except like tnt compared to a nuclear bomb:  the fire is more than you can handle. None have cause to doubt/ therefore you know the cost of being one second too late. It is that simple; and there are many more threats. Today, you will make the rest listen: because you have no choice, if you desire this earth to survive. NOT LISTEN TO ME/  RATHER, we must investigate the evidence: AS WE THE PEOPLE OURSELVES!  to prove what is true, as best we can understand:  BECAUSE WE CANNOT LET A TINY FEW BE WRONG, AND DESTROY OUR ENTIRE WORLD!  if we could depend upon the university, etcetera;  to tell us what was true:  WE WOULD NOT BE THREATENED WITH EXTINCTION. it is that simple.

For those who believe they can still play/ I remind you again, according to your own scientists:  the flames on the sun are said to be one million miles long, with flares of fire reaching 12 million miles long.

At ten million degrees F.    on  EVERY SINGLE SQUARE FOOT OF IT!  Ignition closes the door; because the fuel is an atom:  : NOTHING ELSE KNOWN, CAN ACHIEVE THE ENERGY RELEASE OR LONGEVITY ON THE SUN.  fantasies are for the dead!  Read the home page on this site

YOU got something better to do?

NO GOING BACK/ NO DOING IT OVER:  WE CANNOT EXTINGUISH THAT FIRE/ WHICH MEANS ONE TIME ONLY!   A SUN FIRE, A REALITY OF FLAME THAT BURNS YOUR SKIN IN SUMMER,    FROM 91 MILLION MILES AWAY/ HERE ON EARTH.        THINK ABOUT IT!  oh wait, I know you’re going to escape into “the rapture”;   WELL think about this;  a ten million degree flame miles high, HAS A TREMENDOUS SUCTION;  and it will pick up anything close enough: AND SEND IT RIGHT INTO THE FLAME.

THEN there is this:  “the liar, failure, fool, diseased, terrorist, and devil” will all tell you/  HE IS NOTHING, WHY ARE YOU LISTENING; EVERYTHING IS GREAT.  THIS WORLD cannot die. The UNIVERSITY cannot be wrong/ they all agree. Nothing matters but what we want/ who gives a damn, about the others!    WE WANT WHAT WE WANT/ and this fool, is trying to take it all away from us!  SHOULD HE NOT DIE INSTEAD?

Whereas I will tell you, that nothing in this world or work is simply about me or you. Rather this entire work, in all of its facets, purposes, and desires is strictly about the evidence which can easily prove:   EXTINCTION IS COMING SOON.  Because what is true, cannot be avoided/ unless the foundations upon which humanity guides itself;  are CHANGED.  Men in particular “love their game, making life itself a sport”: SO THEY CAN WIN.  Life says:  8 billion people on earth CANNOT do, what 4 billion people could do. THAT has changed their game:   because nature itself, along with planet, ocean, and everything else is dying; due to the majority of men.  EXTREME experimentation/ mutilation/ resource depletion/ etcetera; are all the consequences of “we won’t care”/ no respect allowed.  The consequence: Too many men playing games with everything survival means:  makes extermination of this planet real.         I, the writer am irrelevant to the reality of what it means for you, to let these people BE WRONG!  How is that not true. Not your savior/ not your friend or enemy/ not your terrorist or traitor or thief:  I AM, simply a messenger telling you plain:  CHANGE OR THIS WHOLE WORLD DIES;   because that is what your leaders chose, and you allowed yourselves to follow.   THINK FOR YOURSELF, or life is over:  so says the evidence, and the evidence is true.  PROVE that is not true, or change; because you die as a world/ if you are wrong.   SO SAYS REALITY.

THE FUNDAMENTAL is very simple:  I search for truth/ you believe as you are told. The problem with believing is, “anything can be considered true; even if it is a lie”. Among the lies your cult tells you:  is sun fire is just two atoms of hydrogen being forced into a helium atom/ VERY controllable.  Yet that means the sun must be producing enormous amounts of helium; and yet it is literally one of the rarest elements in this universe. Fusion is a lie:  the national ignition facility/ lawrence livermore laboratories; already proved it is so. Your cult tells you:  all of biology is the result of chaos and chance/ life built itself, without a tool or a brain;  until last.  Even the slightest element of thought, knows that is wrong.  Chaos only destroys, it builds nothing! What did you ever build for yourself, that required no thought, no tools, no resources at all? Another blatant lie. Worshiping a cult means you cannot question the leaders!  IT IS TIME, TO QUESTION THE LEADERS, separating lies from stories/ fact from fiction!  Because our world dies, if you don’t.

I AM, telling you plainly:  don’t believe anybody/ investigate the evidence, prove the truth can be known, “or don’t gamble with our world”.  That fact, WOULD ENTITLE we the people, to a courtroom. Prepared for the deliberate purpose of determining:  CAN WE TRUST, those who lead; and in particular those whose extreme experimentation, can or will destroy all life on earth/ even the planet/ even the solar system itself (by igniting another sun).  In America, the legal entitlement is:  Constitutional first amendment redress of grievances. Which gives we the people of this democracy,  the legal right:  to demand our employees SHALL identify what is known to be true, create a clear demonstration of what it means to be WRONG/ and examine the reality, of what is merely a guess.  A moratorium on all university and other experimentation is then warranted, and absolutely necessary:  EVEN ACROSS INTERNATIONAL BOUNDARIES.  Because being wrong, ends every life on earth! That is cause enough, to demand NOBODY CONTINUES ANY FORM OF THREAT:  UNTIL WE THE PEOPLE HAVE HAD OUR SAY!         We the people ARE,  “the owners here”/ as is fundamentally true, in all nations of this world.

Even the slightest possibility, that our world, our nature, our future, your children can die GIVES US ALL, AN EQUAL LEGAL RIGHT TO DETERMINE, for ourselves/ if we will let these gambles with our everything continue on!  OUR LIVES ARE AT STAKE, our everything:  WE HAVE A LEGAL RIGHT, to investigate and decide by law.  Exactly what we the people of this world, are willing to risk:  BY OUR VOTE. Not a vote for someone to vote for me/ MY VOTE, on the single most critical reality ever presented; in the history of earth.   How, is that not true!  WE, will be the judge.

The last thing necessary, with regard to this message:  given the truth, it is end of the world realities, FOR THIS WHOLE CREATION/  presents NOT LESS THAN,    “a message inspired by   GOD”.   I am clearly not even close to any potential described by that; just a plain human being. But that is not the point!  Even if humanity itself will not accept the disciplines, or balance its need with its want, or fails the order that will bring its future back to life:  YOUR DECISION, must be to trust that   GOD  will remember you in eternity. Based upon your own relationship with Creation and Creator HIMSELF.  That relationship is called soul.  Soul is, an acceptance:  that we are individual miracles, given life as the opportunity, to inherit eternity. Based upon the decisions we make, and the work our lives will identify as true.  Love is the greatest treasure in this universe. Therefore love, gives you an invitation/ and love determines if you can enter through that door. People are, what people are. You are, what is true in you: love trusts truth.   GOD is not judging this world/ people are judging themselves, and therefrom either continuing to play god:  or will reconstruct RESPECT  for    GOD  !  As is consistent with life!


I will add my own personal individual witness, which is:   the biblical JESUS, presented by the purposes of love and respect, the possibilities and potential of an eternity.  HIS presence proved, “we are not created, to be abandoned”. My life, and my desire is then built upon the single premise:   “it is my intent, to give something back”.


In terms of trying to make you understand, threats exist that can completely exterminate us all/ make every biblical prophecy come true/ or functionally cause all of humanity to descend into war and cannibalism:  this message, is simply done. Every part of my testimony:  that evidence exists, which will prove the statements of extreme threat/ is open for review. That fact exists primarily through the work journalists have done correctly:  because nobody can gather information from all over the world, industry, etc;  as is needed, without an organization. I am one person, and the one thing that was made absolutely clear to me, throughout time is:  I CANNOT save anyone/ NOR can you. You must “save yourselves”/ from yourselves.  You must accept the price of your survival, is now an honest respect for all life and planet; including resources: want has become irrelevant; as has pride. You must accept, that change means different/ and different means women:  because reality is the best men did do, OVER NOT LESS THAN THOUSANDS OF YEARS. We stand at the gate of extinction; so says the evidence by its own truth.  This, is not a game. That means women get to try!  NOT like men, who follow a leader. But as women do, gathered together to create an understanding among themselves, and then add in:  the possibilities they believe will help us all to survive. It is no small thing. The reality is:  women CANNOT DO WORSE, than deliver us all to the door of extermination. Literally, they cannot do worse/ because that, is where we are. No second chances/ once the point of no return passes us by; life will be over forever, on earth.  I have done my job, even if I choose to help/ my job; is literally over.  YOURS IS NOT. Discipline is a path, that leads to the destiny you choose. love is a hope, that lives within trust; because truth made that possible. I do wish you well/ however I cannot save you or the planet:  we are all equally responsible for that.  like it or not.  Passion is a purpose that binds desire, to its one true love, even if there are “other desires; only one can be above all the rest”:  choose well. I spent my entire life, with very little time given to anything other than:  this world must survive.  Because you gave me no real choice!       Our world cannot survive these choices men have made, particularly those the universities created. it is that simple. it is true:  our planet, can only die once. The probability life survives is very small/ but not yet impossible.  Do what you can do.

It should be noted, to every child: that a parent is just like you, only older. Just like you, they wanted what they wanted/ and they wanted to be successful in the eyes of society and family, just like you. They are not really different than any other generation:  they wanted what they wanted/ and did not give a damn about what happened to nature or environment, because just like you, “it’s a choice”. Just like every generation before them:  even if you tried to save something/ someone else was behind you, or coming in the dark to steal whatever you tried to protect.  Demanding THIS will make my life better/ how dare you stop me from a better life. The only real difference produced by this day is:  the university elite took control over the currency of this USA, and they hid the counterfeiting and thereby theft of a nation/ giving themselves enormous raises in pay, bonuses, benefits, and every toy or trinket they could think of. As in “we want slaves/ we are the nobles”!  And all the nation said: THIS IS WHERE THE MONEY IS/ go here, to every child. Yet it was not true, because counterfeiting (hidden inflation) builds on a lie/ and debt creation with no possibility to repay, is simply outright theft of the future.  And all kept quiet, because after it was clear this had gone too far/ and everyone would inherit poverty:  they hid from their reality. Fantasies erupted, and the intent to finally do something to make themselves “less of a thief”/ as reality now shows the truth.  The universities are gambling they can play god, with every life on earth.  A far greater betrayal, a clear terrorist act;  beyond anything justified or true. We die at their hands/ if we don’t remove power from their hands.  As is always true:  those who have the power, NEVER surrender it easily.  Which brings us to this day. The generation which gave reality away, is now old, and cannot face their truth. The generation of your future, must now make their own decisions/ and face their own consequences:  or what was chosen will come true.  Humanity will never be god, “the university lies, they can’t do it”.  Leaving you with face your truth/ or die. It is that simple, whether you believe it or not. I did do, what I could do/ even if the choices could have been better;  it was the best I did do. Other choices were possible; but each had a price, “one second too late, and the world is dead”.  Your turn now, and everyone says, “I WANT WHAT I WANT”/ you can’t make me stop!  Alas, I refuse to try anymore; but you can’t survive want, as all the evidence portrays without exception. Accept fate or change; it is the only real choice remaining.

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