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It is time to ask of my own self, are the sacrifices worth the price? A lifetime lost, a lifetime spent fighting against the inevitable “can’t change the world/ they won’t care”?


The answer is obvious and without doubt:  even if humanity cannot be changed/ there is never any doubt, fighting for this world was worth the price. Not because I chose it, because life is worth the price; it is that simple. I, like us all, am merely a tiny moment that will fade away. Even so, the reality of no further life/ no future life for our planet is very simple:  truth decides, by the evidence.

Elements of our existence state: No, we are not the same/ no, not the same body/ not the same mind/ not the same genders/ not the same experiences/ not the same moments/ etc:  but we are absolutely equal, in life itself;  every single one.

That foundation delivers peace; because it is our destiny to be equal/ we were born that way. But; Not the same. The consequence is: Not every color should be mixed with the others; thereby ending diversity. But living as equals, as in your life (the very essence of existence itself) is exactly like my life, conceives of absolutely fair.  Not equals in time, not equals in anything else, because there are differences which make us individuals; every single one. Not same; But equal in life:  because the possibility of existence is the same for everyone. You have an opportunity, to achieve self, to conceive of independent thought;  or beyond. That makes life itself, the clear value in existence (our beginning). Without life, we were never born/ or we have died. It is one or the other.

The question of peace is very simple:  can you live with the moments that you have created, or endured? Everyone who lives any amount of time, collects moments to remember: want them or not. Those moments/ those decisions, or those decisions we endured because someone else made them happen to us;  are the voices inside your head, “something changed me”.  To remove them, there must be a time “to be yourself/ not what the others suggest”/ instead what your moments and decisions would make of you. That then becomes, as it must be:  “your own truth”. Peace is living with that truth, because it does not convict you of tragedy. Every step, every decision, is a participation in what you, or those you influence, will become. Including those you did not help or influence when life gave you that opportunity. Nobody gets to be free of these things;  you made a choice/ you must accept the consequences of that choice. To get beyond failures, there must be forgiveness. Forgiveness is the essential truth, the discovery of knowledge cannot be free. What you then learn, is the path that refines your soul.

Happiness is extended to those who bring with them hope; without hope, there is only survival or loss. People die when they lose hope; therefore we must discipline ourselves when time has no meaning “to you”.  Discipline means, during the times you have retracted from life into self/ you must grasp again, the possibilities that are beyond self, and regain your search for eternity and creation. The path that leads to hope, is love. Hope is at the core of love, the very essence of love unleashed to be pure in its purpose;  when life allows this to be so. Hope is then destiny, the expression of what we do desire to experience.  Love is a treasury of heart and soul released within ourselves:  to become the essence, and the reality  of what life can be “for me, and you”. Love is two, bound together as one:  when all the excuses are removed. Only truth can do this.  Therefrom existence (self) is removed, and life is shared, because this gives each one the recognition of becoming close, and unafraid. We choose to hide in existence/ because caught without time, is an opportunity to die. Shared life is an expression without time. It can be achieved only when two become as one. The search is over, only when trust can be true.

The critical task of loving each other, particularly as man and woman shared in the experience of caring.  Forms the fabric of everything life can be with honor. Honor reveals destiny, by shaping the disciplines of our heart, into a balanced creation called soul. A treasury given when we know that creation, particularly between the miracles that we are; is more than we could ever be as human.  Honor is truth conceived, because we care. Order then dictates;  caring decides the fate of our individual truth. Caring is, “my heart bleeds for you, my time breathes for you, my existence shares with you:  life”.  While sharing chooses the destiny we form within love; as a participation in me or you. What we hope for is elemental to our own truth. Nothing is more true of you, than your decisions: they are the witness to your soul.

Dating is the task, to shape our future, by finding someone who can accept the development of who we are about to become. That does mean, to find that someone:  takes a search. Not an immediate chain (mine)/ as is a constant without honor, in dating or life. Not a relationship formed in sex:   in far too many instances between man and woman. Honor demands “moments to be shared with our hearts open”/ so that lies can be filtered out. Truth embarks on our journey together, IF we can share the journey itself. Reality states:  we cannot walk two different paths together/ we must share the same path, or we will depart from each other. Love is not a want/ want is the basis of every lie. Love is a definition of purpose, that lifts desire beyond self, to attain an expression of joy.  Through the experience that is pure enough to know, “this is truth”. Destiny speaks, when we hear love say:   happiness holds my heart in your arms; yours given, to be shared by mine. That becomes, “a time for lovers” to be ALIVE in each other. It is a shared risk, with a clear reward or loss/ because if this cannot be true, you have given of yourself, what will not be returned. Every gift of self, is a freewill offering; and can never be considered a debt. This is, what you chose to do.

Time is a dimensional creation, when life is more than survival.  Survival means, “I have little more than time in me”. Therefrom thought speaks to existence, and the ascension beyond time begins: through love. Dimension means:  there has become an essence here within me, that is beyond the simple truth of existence. This is conceived as a presence, “a creation” shaped through the individual means of a decision: to believe in miracles/ without the question of an ending (eternity).  Creation is:  life given breathe and a purpose beyond itself/ with all that self then needs, to find its way into soul.  Soul is: A shared relationship with   GOD  .  Soul is, the definitions of our desire, balanced within our purpose, as relayed by the definitions of our decision: which then gather around the truth that becomes our identity. What is true, is a treasury (I have value)/ or a debt (I took your value);  depending upon the life you chose. Thought is, an interpretation of everything life and eternity can be, in this a universe beyond what can be measured. Every measurement is a boundary and a limit; thereby we know that thought can exceed these. Reality is, whatever truth can make of it. Thought is, whatever creation can conceive of it. To participate in either requires trust, in the evidence that can be perceived.

To achieve eternity, there must be a dimension to you;  beyond simply time. There must be thought, an immersion into truth. There must be trust, an acceptance regardless of the risk:  that truth is that path into life itself/ not just time. Because faith (GOD is real) understands, what the word and the evidence of miracles does mean. There must be love, because it is value; without value there is no hope. There must be hope, a dimension of life enlarged beyond self. Each presents an identity based upon your own decision:  to be what you can be/ or hide from it, and run away. The choice is yours.


Truth says:  by all the evidence on this planet, WE ARE MIRACLES.  Not one single bit of evidence exists to prove otherwise. Be wise enough, to accept that as true. Can you build a single blade of grass/ or lift a finger, without a brain or a muscle or an arm or all the rest. We need every single part and piece at the very same time to be a living body of life. We need an environment that allows us to survive, once here.  Regardless of the delusions and fantasies others make, and want to be true/ they are lies:  refuse them. Let truth be your guide. Let honesty be your way. Fight for life, and earth; as best you can, “we owe life itself, not less than that”.  RESPECT    GOD   , you owe more than you can comprehend;  proven true, with miracles!

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