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The endless delusion is, “America is great/ nothing can go wrong here”.  Therefore every act that is traitorous against America or life or world or nation must be disregarded as a lie. It is not.


Within the foundation of those words are, the treason created by hidden inflation; is counterfeiting the currency. The traitorous acts identified by making debts, with no possibility of repayment. The betrayal that is purposely invoking another “cold war”/ by placing “exawatt lasers” for the distinct decision to knock down satellites or even missiles;  if under attack. While that sounds effective; it simply adds more fuel to the fire, and creates war. There is nothing more terrorist, no greater betrayal of the planet; that supporting or defining the intent to ignite atoms on fire as is “same fire as on the sun”. Everybody does it, is no excuse.  There is no greater terrorist act against the sanctity of life on earth, than to mutilate genetics;  which are the foundation of every living body nature provides. It is absolute treason, to know and understand:  over-population of humanity will end all life soon/ and do absolutely nothing, not even sound an alarm. WHEN REALITY PROVES, we grow at one million more mouths over deaths to feed; EVERY THREE OR FOUR DAYS/ with a billion more added, in less than a decade; EVERY DECADE. It is beyond arrogant, and thereby clear betrayal for nothing but pride:  to place our environment in jeopardy/ that is not a game, that is not a toy to play with. To discard global warming, when all the evidence is absolutely clear; is criminal.  To organize that crime in or through government or media: is a true felony. Those hired to proclaim it are traitors. To understand, that the removal of ice from the planet is also the removal of a base food group for life in the ocean/ destroying the entire food chain. Using other methods of ocean destruction,  in a wide variety of ways, including garbage dumping; as is being done:  is terrorism. To know and understand, that weapons of mass destruction CAN AND WILL be removed with world law, enacted against leaders/ by making them obey our laws, as WE THE PEOPLE of this earth:  and yet refuse this salvation; is heinous. To know that the water supplies are at critical levels throughout most of the world, and in jeopardy from many attacks in this America; and yet pretend this is nothing:  demands,  open betrayal, and it is traitorous, by whosoever made this so. To know that factory livestock operations are entirely dependent upon antibiotics/ which are failing, and will cause the collapse of that entire food system:  failing to properly address it, is treason, even against the world. To choose ethanol, which benefits nothing;  and drains the water supplies/ soon, making the ogahalla water shed again “the dust bowl reborn”;  is betrayal. It will be millions displaced. To know an easy target exists to cause the death of millions and fail to rectify that situation: is terrorism. To know that the pollinators which create more than fifty percent of diversity on earth; are dying due to chemicals; is terrorism. To know the chemicals are dumped or injected by the trillions of  tons on earth, and do nothing;  is traitorous. To discard the antibiotics “for a few pennies more in agriculture; which are the base of all major healthcare realities in humanity:  is criminal/ including the creation of pandemic capable disease, is terrorism. To destroy the resources ending our future: no resources/ no life; is a reality that reeks of assassinating every child. WHERE IS “MY FUTURE” asks a child: their response, “IN OUR GARBAGE”! To destroy the forests of earth, is to destroy the habitat of nearly everything that is not human: an act of betrayal to our planet. To propagate without true restraint “everything is fine, through media or other”: is traitorous/ when it is not.  To pretend that agriculture will not run out of fertilizers, or the seed itself is at risk;  is corruption at its peak. To discard constitutional law by the courts [as has been proven in the trials presented by James Frank Osterbur; most can be found on my sites]:  is an insurgency, an open rebellion that seeks to destroy democracy itself. To remove the free press, by giving it to a tiny few hands to control: is absolute communism, and traitorous. To hide the true rulers of America, which are the “university elite”; from being questioned in court, for their terrorist activities:  is participation in hell/ more than traitorous, it is anarchy. To give the blatant liars & their house of cards that is a “stock market”, their own means to create US currency from nothing:  is extreme corruption. To create a nobility, by allowing “One group; the university diploma”/ everything they seek with ease;  is a deliberate decision to enslave all the rest. Their counterfeiting, a BRIBE used to create armies (NO reality doesn’t matter), particularly in education against us all. To allow criminal extortion, which is the medical industry in America the legal means to operate their criminal activities without restraint: is absolute cowardice, and it is conspiracy to steal. To allow “legal” racketeering by the legal profession;  with extreme billing and no opportunity to contest:  is betrayal, collusion, and the expression, “tyrant” fits.  To allow the creation of a wide variety of biological weapons of mass destruction, EVEN TO THE EXTREME “lets all mutilate life”;  by the university and industry geneticists:  is Armageddon (nature in chaos).  To destroy the stability and securities of a nation; is civil war coming. To destroy the foundations of life in society, by permitting and creating extreme debts:  so as to enslave (they are trapped now)/  is slavery itself. To know, that humanity is using more oxygen than this planet creates, forces asphyxiation: which is genocide. To use unnecessary force/ including a military force, when not absolutely critical; fails the law. To create IRS forms, laws, employees, or purposes;  strictly for tyrannical demands:  IS FELONY CRIME. To construct “only a few, own everything/ only a few decide everything/ only a few hold all the jobs, etc”: is a reality that demands tyranny; as in this is extreme communism unleashed against this nation:  REBELS/ enemies in our midst. To create a social reality that believes, “the gun is our only answer”:  is an apocalypse (rivers of blood) waiting for its moment.  Immigration adds to this misery, as the reality of competition makes it clear: our lives have changed, without our consent. That fact, regardless of realities that must be accepted; CANNOT be done unless there is true population control across this planet. The open bigotry of the educational industry, “not like us/ discard them”; or as the entertainment demands: “fuck every single one, leave none to say I am different”. Because that is the result of mixing every color and every kind together. It is a deliberate corruption against humanity;  without love/ there will be only agony and hardship coming. There will be war, because men are like that! The reality, means NONE are united together/ all separate. To create a situation as is America, wherein the people are trapped by the situation created from their leaders (every one holds a diploma, it is the single unifying reality): their LIES/ CHEATING/ STEALING/ BETRAYAL/ TERRORISTS/ FAILUTE/ FANTASY/ WHORES (only money matters) AND BASTARDS (used and abused by selfishness).  Becomes, for an entire nation;  “accept this/ or we all go bankrupt and lose everything”. THAT, is NOT democracy, and the nation itself, is under attack from within.  That means:  this is NO LONGER, the America from our past. That means: the insurgency has taken control, and is seeking our demise!  By, destroying everything they can.  Using storytelling/ media propaganda/ corruption of the courts/ bigotry/ lies/ theft/ terrorism/ war (let the blood flow, and they will be quiet). To bind a nation and force them all into a corner, so they cannot move:  And they will then be “slave”.

The form of action that is necessary to correct all these things:  BEGINS WITH REDRESS OF GRIEVANCES; A FIRST AMENDMENT CONSTITUTIONAL LAW.  Giving we the people, our legal right/ to bring our employees to court: examine the evidence, and decide judgment for ourselves; by our own vote.  IT IS THE LAW! It is true constitutional democracy.

       Pride says:  “you are nobodies/ until you are somebody”.  Democracy says, we are each somebody/ until you remove that right, by proving hate against us all. The difference is clear:  pride is an enemy. Want is hiding the truth/ or running away from it, to become fantasy:  as is “the university in charge”. People become rulers, by creating rules. Rulers become tyrants, by invoking the penalty, “step across this line in the sand/ and I will own your soul; by playing god”. Regardless of the offense, their purpose is fear us/ or me: FEAR what we will steal. None own that right.

The universities will all say, “we did this”/ and so they did:  leading life and nation to curse itself;  on a crusade to destroy this world, with absolute arrogance; horrifying pride; endless want; and a thirst for power that is fanatical. Saying to the nation and world:  debts don’t matter for us “the rulers”; we are gods. Let ALL the children die, we don’t care, in a race to prove fantasies can kill!

And all the people say:  “hide/ hide/ hide;  we are buried in the garbage of what they have done/ run away from the truth, it is all we have left.  But as the saying goes “can’t see the forest, because of the trees”.  This people cannot see itself, because the propaganda leads them to be blind, dull, and deaf to reality. The most critical deceit, and therefrom defecation, of a university onto society:   was destroying common sense (we know what life has taught us). Commandeering the schools, to teach lies. Destroying religion to teach chaos. Destroying democracy, to surround life with chaos;  because nothing matters but money.

Failure and lies DON’T survive.


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