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The interpretation of biblical chapter called  revelation;  is given its substance, by a simple review of the language and descriptions used in that book of the bible.  It begins simply by starting with the greatest abomination that men have ever conceived of:  which is to bring the same fire as is on the sun here to this earth.  Claiming it can be controlled as fusion:  even though the national ignition facility at Lawrence Livermore Laboratories in San Francisco has already proven fusion is wrong. Even though everything on the and previous works prove they are wrong.  The reality is:  a great deal of money, power, and pride have gone into these machines/ and the people who stand to lose their money, power, and pride refuse to surrender those things:  EVEN THOUGH THE WORLD IS IN DANGER. Ignition of atoms, which is the fire on the sun proven by energy release and longevity/ IS A ONE TIME EVENT.  The planet turns into a sun.  the biblical prophecy of Daniel 12;  comes due (second death) in April of 2018.

So it is only fitting that we examine Revelations to see, what we can see.

That said, the fundamental of this work and this video:  is to be as bland as possible, in terms of leading you to believe anything.  My demeanor in the video is used to dissolve with bland presentation;  any attempt to “make this religious”. Instead, the foundation of the work is a very simple/ not technical, or in that action serious;  method of displaying a reasonable understanding of the information depicted in that chapter of the bible. So that YOU can make your own decision, and have your own discussions;  without the influence of someone trying to lead you.

The video  is linked here

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