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Knowledge, is an environment/ translated by time, through thought. What is true becomes apparent by the boundaries and barriers which exist to separate what is real in this development:  what is functional, and what is fundamental;  from all the rest. So the question begins:  “what is, all the rest”?

Assertions apply, that everything associated with knowledge, forms its substance/ thereby the definitions created by thought to enhance an ability formed through separation.  What we then separate knowledge from is:  everything not applied to the form assigned, or conceived by “thinking”. That means: everything not critical to the assemble of a specific frame within which an identified form of knowledge exists/ becomes abandoned, for the sake of purity within that knowledge or by its construction. Nothing has changed other than its separation from the facts being digested. So the critical question begins:  WHAT would the university elite/ whose only proven purpose has been identified as:  MAKE THEM ALL SLAVES;  with even more information?

Answer:  they will finish extinction on us all/ just like, they consumed this nation called America!  By controlling the information, the courts, the elections, and everything else they could infiltrate.  Sucking life into an abyss of deadly delusions.


So, the alternative is:  to consider knowledge by its more placid “cousin”. To simply assert, that instead of mayhem and disunity applied constantly by those who wish to completely dis-stabilize a nation, world, or community.  Believing themselves to be brave, when in fact they show only cowardice.  Requires a different venue of behavior/ before you get exactly what you want:  which is “you got a gun”. And want to use it/ UNTIL YOU DO!  TAKE ANOTHER LOOK AT    SYRIA!  And put your gun down, unless you want hell and weapons of mass destruction to end your world.


In contrast to embittered yelling, cheating, failure, and fantasies constant to the human race. A reality produced by all the thieves/ liars/ failures/ fools/ cheats/ terrorists/ traitors; and all the rest of the garbage that infiltrates and attempts to control every government, and everything that can exert power over someone else. THERE MUST BE CHANGE.          Big change.

So, let’s demand civility, and assert that instead of letting anyone simply be “bastard or whore”.  To begin change we must define what it is that upsets you/ recognize what reality functionally accepts as a solution/ and then fundamentally apply “the science we must build” of democracy to its realistic conclusion called “we the people shall decide”. NOT a vote for someone to vote for me/ but a vote for myself, on the laws and rules and freedoms:  which then control our lives, our society, and our world.

We begin with the first fundamental:

  1. IDENTIFY REALITY/ not want.

To establish that, I happened to glimpse a political person (give me what I want);  demanding “free healthcare”/ with no expense “for me”.

So, let’s review:  someone does work for you, and you state, “I should owe nothing”!  In contrast, the cheaters, liars, thieves, and organized crime syndicate of medicine requires:  “everything you got/ plus slavery for the next one hundred years”. Clearly a cause on both sides:  we did do work/ whereas, the billing clearly produces extortion, and the courtroom produces, an organization of thieves to enforce that extortion. So, what is a person to do?

The functional question is:  HOW DID RAMPANT THIEVERY on both sides begin? What is the cause, that escalated failure, and therefrom criminal contempt;  for all?

The beginning foundation is recognized as:  the poor can’t pay/ and poverty does have an impact on patience, trust, and hope; leading to gangs, etc.  As this expands throughout society:  because those who can, DO INSIST, “THEY WILL TAKE ALL THEY CAN GET”/ with absolutely no mercy. And only the tiniest (I’d have to pay in taxes anyway) contribution to life. So the critical delusion that leads this part of life in society into the gutter of despair;  starts with inequality, and expands itself as those who want slaves increase.  Life in America recognizes:  the extreme disassociation of wealth and work/ began when the university diploma took over American currency through Reagan; and the counterfeiting began.  Every diploma got an immediate “billion dollar raise”/ even though they provided extremely little to the benefit of society. It was unimportant, because a counterfeiter (hidden inflation, NOT reported, so it did not get accounted for/ except in the federal reserve statement called “assets”) has no conception of FAIR PLAY…..that, is exactly what they desire to remove for themselves. The lazy, the blatant liar, the extreme fool, the bastard failure, the horrendous whore, the complete traitor, and the satanic terrorist;  are all found in the sewer of human descent that is “we can play god/ we are superior:  (“nobles, we have a right” overtaking society: who trade on the religion;  we know everything, you know nothing).”


Functional change requires a reassignment of power and right, to establish the value called:  FAIR PLAY!       That of course is not what the common citizen wants/ having been dragged away from reality by an army of  “university fools, claiming to be god”.  But that is reality, and it will be returned to life, or we will all be exterminated from this planet. Because that, is literally what your university diplomas chose for life;  by discarding it in the trash/ for their own personal extreme fantasies instead.


  1. THAT NOTHING IS FREE, therefore the question of who pays, and how much will they be required to pay is obvious and true.

Let’s begin with only one simple equation:  someone who is requiring extreme medical intervention for a life no one wants to live:  CREATES EXTREME BILLING as well.  Somebody has to pay/ because somebody is doing some work on their behalf. So the question is:  HOW MUCH is an individual life in need of excessive or extreme medical intervention worth? SOMEBODY HAS TO PAY.  That translates into:  we the medical profession WILL get that money from somewhere/ or we go broke.

And all the nation says, “let the government pay”. But you are the government in a democracy:  WHICH MEANS YOU PAY/ a reality avoided by counterfeiting, until today.  But now, the money and the toys and the trophies and the resources easily gotten:  ARE ALL GONE, and somebody has to pay FOR EVERYTHING. Including the claim of medicine:  we should all be “millionaires” at least!

Playtime is over.

Therefore reality states:  instead of screaming “I want what I want/ and I don’t want nothing else; as liberals embrace”.  Because the government can’t pay, the nation is bankrupt; and nothing has been done for life to survive for decades under the religion:  “university knows everything”.   EVERYBODY NOW must decide, WHO is going to die/ and when does that need become real for each and every single one:  no exceptions?  You can’t pay/ and you can’t make them slaves:  so what are you going to do. Because your cult worship of “university diplomas rule”;  has ended with you in an abyss of delusions/ mayhem/ and soon the complete destruction of our world.  Ain’t no more, “let the diploma decide”/ unless you want to die as a world!

If you believe “conservatives” have an answer/ then you believe, “we can have everything we want, and give the rest nothing;  because we worship the money.”

Reality states:  it is the resources that make every nation rich or poor/ consequently those who worship money, are most guilty in making this entire world poor.

Reality also states:  it is the overthrow of Christianity (by its own leaders) in America by the religion called evolution/ that began its true descent into chaos.  A reality clearly in view, at its beginning for war. Because fantasy rules, instead of reality;  another “university contribution”. A reality that could have been discarded, “with just two seconds of thought”. Evolution is a fools’ grave/ but there are many fools, liars, terrorists, traitors, and thieves.  And America says, “that can’t be here;  we are great”!  But reality says, “not so”/ you allowed your cult “university knows”, to throw everything of value away; with very little left, to rebuild.  Today, the end result of a university is:  this nation is more disease/ than leader.


Oh, did I forget to mention: it is the counterfeiting/ and consequent stealing by those in government, that made all the fraud and failure of the banking system and the takeover of industry and the dissolution of business and jobs in every sector of American life possible.  After all, if reality does not count; and a tiny few get control over the “printing of all American currency” as well as the banks and courts and government:  THEN ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE, for a thief. Organized crime was never bigger/ nor the pyramid schemes ever more successful: than overthrowing America itself.  Such is the reward, for letting the universities lead!  Even so, that is next to worthless, compared to threatening an entire world with the mutilation of life/ the ignition of atomic fire/ resource devastation; and everything else your cult worship has done.  SHAME on you and them; even forever.

Prior to 2008, I had proof of fraud in federal reserve bookkeeping;  the L.5 total liabilities and assets of this UNITED STATES.  Wherein in one week, 3 trillion dollars was moved from debt/ into assets:  making it a 6 trillion dollar move; without basis.  After 2008, and for the next 8 years inflation was $91,000.00 dollars per one hundred million workers (only workers pay a tax). That equals $728,000.00 increase in currency per each worker/ 100,000,000 people each.  That was hidden in the claim of asset increase: a table that has been remodeled again;  to hide the information today.  Yet there was no increase in assets, immediately following the decline of your stock market. Another ending lie, because it too is based entirely, upon counterfeiting and fantasies not held to reality: by the university diplomas in control over government. Then we come to debts which cannot be paid: another form of counterfeiting. Or more distinctly it is outright theft:  ain’t never going to pay this back! CAN’T. but not to worry, according to your leaders “debts don’t matter”/ unless they are yours. Which does make each worker a slave/ because those who claim to be kings or queens “never have to pay”; now ain’t that right.

If you ask “where did the money go”? reality states a very large portion was NOT spent here in america/ was never spent “for life” and a future. IS NEVER enough for a university diploma; because they just steal more.  So where did it go?  Go search

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