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MAKE ME HAPPY, are words countless numbers of people demand of their experience in life, everyday. They fail, because want and pride get in the way.


The first question is:  WHAT IS HAPPINESS? Because unless you understand the destiny, you cannot assert this is a destination to my true desire. Without that definition, want arises/ winners and losers appear/ and hate interferes as an alternative to work.

Elemental happiness is literally, the opportunity to understand yourself as the reality of “a miracle”. Which functionally means:  an existence, not even the most wealthy of individuals could buy. Not ever/ which does make you “special” in that sense.. The human body is a miracle of design and thought, which testifies to its  Creator.  “An Identity” we cannot nor will not understand;  therefore I simply leave that as   “GOD”.  Nonetheless, if you have graduated yourself to the knowledge, this body is a true gift to you/ which could never be bought:  then you have ascended to the first step in happiness itself.  To accept, there is more to life that is beautiful (something we were each born with), than just you!

The second step is to realize our individual choices DO make an enormous difference in our happiness (the element of peace, and harmony conceived by participation among the others of life).  Every major decision is recorded in your mind; and most will never leave you/ they remain “forever”. The consequence of that is:  you cannot escape what you did, or did not do;  when the reality of your decision made a difference to another living creature, environment, etcetera! Or, more simply, happiness originates when we participate for the benefit of all life. So the fundamental of that statement is:  “happiness is contagious, if we participate to make it so”. To do that, everyone must be treated as equals/ until those who hate identify themselves, and are then removed.  There is no “thin line between love and hate”! there is only a thin line between want and hate.  Love and hate is “separated by the sea”; even though you know something else is far beyond you/ none can travel be in both places. It is one or the other. While want can hide itself in the lies that appear to be love/ want always leads to a lie. Lies are always the beginning of hate. So, not only must we conceive and treat each other as equals/ we must also know what love is, to participate in joy.

The critical question of happiness is:  that I am ALIVE!  THAT, is not so simple as living: hate does that too/ and they are never “happy”.  Happy attests too, the environmental truth:  inside I know, that I am of value to life and living with my truth.  Truth being the elevation of a life so simple, there is no hate. Therefrom, we begin to know what life itself honestly is. That honesty says:  we are born to inherit “even more”/ in the essence of soul, an eternity is born in us who accept it.

We then examine joy, as the critical step in understanding:  even though there is no perfection in anyone. There is the potential through love, to create a relationship with  “GOD”/  as is called soul. That relationship achieves joy.


So let’s examine love, without boundaries or purposes beyond the desire to bring value “within our hearts”. This question begins with love itself:  which is to understand the differences between loneliness, and the value of another life to share existence with.  In that construction, there are three things to learn:  loneliness exhibits a reality without sharing or caring or the possibilities “of a heart (we yearn to belong to each other)”. It is blank, and without distinction, therefore it contains no purpose or desire. The second definition is:  within the possibilities of time, are all the elements life commits to survival. Which means, the education here creates an opportunity to live with life, but choose, a relationship within your own decisions/ or the consequences of someone else’s decisions:  and be happy or lonely and depressed accordingly. Or more distinctly the education is:  “just adding life to surround yourself with”/ does not guarantee happiness. Because free will, is free will; and all the troubles humanity can design for itself will interfere. Which brings us to the third lesson:  where there is love, “life has value to me/ living has value to me/ you have value to me:  GOD HAS VALUE to me”.  The opportunity to arise beyond yourself, and participate without demanding from self; to be more than what you are.

Here, the alignment with truth, comes into view. Because without truth, we are nothing more than a lie/ every lie begins with a want; and every want is “just a thin covering” from hate. So the critical question is:  do you honestly value love;  can you achieve soul (which is to understand, “existence nor its value” revolves around you);  and do you desire a living within peace and harmony, as these balance all other truths so as to give the greatest joy possible;  “to us all”.

Peace begins with law, the disciplines used to achieve “the best truth can build among us”.  Harmony exists, because we have removed want: by insisting the world is greater than “just self”. Justice then comes into view, as a purpose greater than pride: which is to reduce life and living “to a game”.

To understand justice, there must be desire for love. To understand desire, there must be passion: which is the difference between what you can be/ and what you did deliberately choose to become. if your life is worth living to you; then you will find a desire. Desire then means:  I will grow this value within my heart.  Heart then means:  the treasury created, by what I do to myself. “we cannot be, what we are not/ what we are is determined by the choices we make. Therefore time can change us, for good or bad”. If we sustain value, then life inside and outside of ourselves, will understand “I am ALIVE”.  IF we achieve heart, the blessing defined by what we achieve in or for others. Then what we create is “a future worth living”; for us all.

Living with happiness means:  I have abandoned self, in terms of thinking about my life. The treasury of my heart lives in the distinction of every decision I do make. Therefore I am at peace. The values of my life achieve elevation in participating for the purposes of harmony, among us all;  thereby my search for life itself, becomes as soul.  A relationship conceived by Creation itself; the values and the foundation which is loneliness should not exist:  honor our Creator! Thereby equality arises to teach, each one has value/ unless they choose hate.

When confronted by “time without friendship”; as I have known at various levels throughout existence. It is necessary to understand, if loneliness does appear:  simply remove “self/ its want/ or its pride”; and value will be sustained. Value knows it is appreciated for the life inside. Thereby soul will come to your aid, and you will understand: this is not forever, simply be true.

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