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THE CONSEQUENCES, the reality of an education which failed you.  A conception of things which only wisdom and understanding can conceive of.  I look into the future, and discover what the evidence will prove: demanding “we CANNOT let these things go wrong”. You, establish the claim:  “today is fine/ tomorrow will be fine/ nothing can go wrong:  because the university is god (given enough time, they will fix it)”. BUT, ignition of an atomic fire cannot be fixed: not even once. Genetics are nature: they build the bodies of life we use, and everything alive:  in chaos cannot be fixed. the list is long.


  1. First among all consequences for this entire world is: that igniting sun fire here on earth is forever/ no going back. No mercy/ no prayers/ no doing it over: that will end life and planet. It is the price of your universities, being proven wrong. Ignition is forever, just once and no more choices will exist. How is that not your concern: look at the sun, “you know it exists; you know it burns your skin in summer from 91 million miles away”. How is that not enough for you to question:  those who gamble “we can control this”, or more simply:  we don’t have to give up NOTHING/ we can play god!  Only a religious cult (the university is god) can believe such fantasy and delusion; to your extreme shame. Even this solar system will eventually be destroyed upon ignition.
  2. The pure tragedy of the religion “evolution” is:  that the universities gave themselves permission to mutilate all of nature/ by saying chaos built life. Therefore if they inject chaos into nature “evolution will come back”. Being wrong about deliberately trying to destroy the disciplines/ balance/ order/ sanctity/ bodies of life/ love, hope, and everything of value that nature provides/ the “software” that makes a body run, walk, etc/ the foundations of manufacture which build a body in its entirety on its own/ the participation of extreme chemistry which controls the entire process/ touch/ taste/ talk/ smell/ sight/ hearing/ thought/ purpose/ desire:  AND ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING ELSE that your university genetics are deliberately trying to destroy. To prove their religion called evolution; has only one consequence:  everything on earth will die a horrendous death as predicted. It’s called Armageddon or “nature in chaos”. Imagine that!  No arms that work/ legs coming out your nose/ an ass instead of a face;  all of it coming true, because YOU did not care enough to tell fools (this will be great) no.  shame on you/ none can be that stupid; only religion “just believe” can make it so.
  3. It should also be recognized, that every life we eat: is a reality of the chemicals bond together by that life/ which our bodies then use to sustain itself. As it is true for every life which eats/ or uses something for food. Destroy the foundation of that by mutilating seeds, etc/ and poisons will erupt throughout all of what is left of nature; just before your lives are exterminated as well. Horror is not extreme enough, even though it is true;  so we just call it SATAN, for short.
  4. Are these not enough? Yet you continue to do absolutely nothing/ because you want what you want, and you don’t want nothing but what you want:  and life first REQUIRES CHANGES you don’t want to make.  The cost of refusing to put life comes first, first:  is death.  Simple as that. Even so, the list already in place on several websites has been prepared years ago. Just look.


The examination of facts will prove:  as is consistent with the reality of these consequences, and so many more;  that the universities CANNOT fix, what they tore down. Nature cannot fix, humanity deliberately playing god with genetics. NOBODY can stop a fire fueled by atoms;  which is absolutely, what the energy released by the sun, is made from. We know that to be true, because nothing less is capable of the energy release, or longevity of the flame itself. Nothing less could be the fuel, because knowledge says “its true”. The list is very long regarding threats you don’t recognize.  Every fire here on earth consumes oxygen/ and if the oxygen content of our atmosphere falls just a bit:  we can’t breathe.  Even so, you destroy everything that contributes oxygen for us. Even after, the experiment “bio-sphere 2” proved how little oxygen is produced. We won’t survive the human population explosion. Death of life in the seas. Weapons of mass destruction that will soon be used:  etcetera,,,,,,,,,,etcetera! Our only chance to survive is change humanity. Demand life comes first. Work for justice/ and surrender to the truth:  “no, you cannot do that anymore”.


Discipline suggests, it would be best to continue along other lines of order, or your lack of it. It is again stated: that the trees in particular are responsible not only for habitat, cooling, oxygen generation, and more. IN ADDITION to that, the atmosphere of this planet stays in connection to the speed of rotation by “lifting leaves, and wind passing through trees”. Without a connection between atmosphere and planet: the wind increases to speeds that nearly match the one thousand miles per hour our planet turns at. Like on other planets in this solar system. Consider the consequences, which means STOP!

The oceans have been horrifically impacted by humanity in all manner of ways/ they cannot recover as they are today: without human intervention, rebuilding, cleaning, different ways; and so on. In addition to respect, the only possibility of feeding the human increase in population for a short time at least: is to feed the ocean life. You have only one source of food for them:  dead human beings, “treated in ways” that are best for being a food source for the ocean. Either feed them/ or you starve:  take your pick.

You cannot continue as you are, which means change or die.  Different cannot be accomplished by men/ this is the best they did do, after thousands of years to try:  we stand at the gate to HELL. Believe it or not is irrelevant/ so says the evidence. Women must try to identify a better way. Not as men do, with a leader choosing. But as women do, gathered together as groups which then conceive of what they might do to change this world in reality:  NOT by want or other/ but by honesty, justice, truth, and the disciplines necessary to rebuild a future for all life.  You can’t do it without men, but today as their only constant answer is war:  they CAN’T save this world without you.

Immigration is now a battleground/ because so many can come so quickly, that they change a nation practically overnight. THAT IS completely unfair, and you will not survive it:  world war is built on that scenario. The reality of immigration is very simple:  SINCE THERE IS no place left for people to migrate too, and start building a life of their own from the beginning. Immigration must be changed. Every immigrant wants to bring their family and friends and recreate much of what they left behind:  “everybody does”/ it is no secret. The reality of that is best understood by America:  a great influx of Europeans became a genocide for the Indians here/ as in “WE, are taking this now”. Overpopulation causes genocide, it is that simple. So the question is:  HOW, do we stop the worst of this from accelerating into all-out planet engulfing WAR? It is coming, even a fool can see it if you try. The answer is:  “everybody has to go home, to their nation”/ OR, if you have become a part of a different nation by accepting citizenship therein; then you can stay. The reason is:  when crisis comes, the very first thing a mob will do, is look for an identifiable enemy (someone who looks different than us). That gives the mob;  the opportunity to kill, without expecting severe repercussions;  based simply upon looks. You can call it bigotry or prejudice or something else: but what it is, is primarily simply overcrowding (I need what you took)!  There will also be:  pandemics coming, because of antibiotic catastrophe, and deliberate mutilating of genetic life. Nature was beautiful, and perfect in and of itself.  University hated that (they want to be god); their religious zealots in evolution have fought to destroy nature itself:  “you chose/ you let them”. One of the consequences of that will be the mob wants an enemy to blame; and they will probably choose, as history proves is certain, “any immigrant group” that they want to eradicate. Certain ethnic groups will be more susceptible; that does not make them the cause.  Mobs are not interested in right or wrong/ they want revenge: “you took what I wanted”.  Once population control has truly been achieved in a nation HONESTLY/ only then can some relief from their situation (too many, are us) can be allowed.

You   want “everything”/ for free; give me a bribe, and I will accept your fantasies. The universities rule everything by counterfeiting and debt:  they know nothing else/ as is proven by the evidence.  America is bankrupted, as is most of the world: that is, just one part of your reward, for letting a university diploma lead. Those without a diploma are generally no better, because the talkers will defeat them. Which means as did the revolutionary soldiers of America know:  that our only way forward is with a constitution that rules us all/ INSTEAD OF PEOPLE who simply want what they want. True democracy exists only within the confines of:  THIS CONSTITUTION IS OUR GOVERNMENT, and there is no other.  Our employees shall swear to uphold our decision as a majority; that the constitution decides what shall or shall not be. The revolution enacted with deceit by “university rules (lies/ theft/ cheating/ treason/ betrayal; and so on) instead”:  has become “just under the surface”/ a list of threats so dangerous, that our chances of survival as a world are in fact “slim”. Even if we try.  TRUTH  SURVIVES, if enough of what has value is left! Therefore truth must lead, by the evidence of what remains and can be saved.  Order exists, through balancing the demands of what can or cannot be:  to achieve the relationships in respect that sustain us all/ it’s called justice.  Without justice, you have a man’s world:  LET WAR DECIDE/ I have a gun!

These are just a tiny few realities you can no longer avoid.  Without a brain, the universities brought us into their fantasies.  Without a right, the vast majority of people chose GREED; and didn’t care about ANYTHING else.  Pure greed has ruled for the last fifty plus years/ I know, I was here. The end result is:  you stripped this earth of its life;  of respect.  Choosing instead trophies, trinkets, and toys. Establishing the children shall die/ because the future is gone.

To fight back from that is no easy task, tremendous change must occur:  to which all people say “well that, is never going to happen”/ so they gave up, and ran away to hide, in fear (don’t tell me nothing else).

I did not run away from reality.  I searched for anything that could influence you, and found nothing in the first decade of trying:  greed controlled all but a very tiny few, who were then overrun by the greedy.  Truth states:  you can continue as you are, for just a little bit longer/ but if you do, the very last chance for survival will end.  Humanity will engage in genocide throughout the earth/ killing everything;  leaving all that is left with nothing but cannibalism, and absolutely no chance to rebuild. Nature will dissolve into chaos/ but since evolution can only destroy:  you will be in awe, at the completely terrifying results.  Or, ignition of atoms can be allowed:  in which case the biblical book of Revelation becomes true; as depicted.

I am not here to lead you/  not here to judge you/ not here to scare you/ not here to take your money or anything else/ not your enemy.  I simply bring you this message:  without true change from “today”/ there is no future for life on earth.  Or more simply  “CHANGE OR DIE”/ it’s your choice. But there is no going back/ the point of no return according to the bible is  April 2018.  Similarly, the end of this planet will be in 2020.  Believe that or not is completely irrelevant to its outcome;  TRUTH will decide. The evidence is against you: like it or not.

Do remember this:  change won’t be free/ so commit to your decision before you try to enforce it.  USE THE LAW, or you will die instead of fight for life/ even though a little force will be necessary.

My job is done. You are totally responsible for whatever comes next.

If you do not choose literally:  “LIFE MUST COME FIRST”/ IN EVERYTHING, not money.  Then you did choose death for this planet, because it is the only other option.

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