the rules for change are

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The rules for change are:


  1. Only the truth has a say, people have no voice other than to help decide what is true.
    1. That is done by identifying a problem, creating a listing of the potential solutions, testing the theories to determine what is correct, and soliciting a vote so as to comprehend if we are all willing to take this action for our world, our lives, and children.
  2. The law CANNOT be, whatever people want/ they want everything: we are so many, that game is over.
    1. The solution then is to identify and create the foundation laws which are true to the needs of every individual life.
    2. Identifying respect for every other life and environment by protecting all chains of existence.
    3. NO playing games with life:  if WE MUST NOT LET THIS BE WRONG/ then you cannot do so.
    4. Laws MUST NOT exceed the number and type of content, that every individual can memorize and use for themselves in defense of their lives and world.
    5. Leaders must be made to obey “our laws” as a world/ no exceptions.
  3. Rules make rulers/ thereby rules also make tyrants (I can take from you). Rules intend to control individuals by taking the freedom to decide for ourselves away. Consequently all rules should be challenged, when they are clearly overstepping the boundaries of freedom or rights in fundamental life.
  4. The value of life and living is determined by nature and environment and self-described freedoms. Happiness arises, when we see in ourselves, that I have value/ that I am respected for the life I live/ and someone honors me with their friendship. These things combined into a relationship with time, are evidence of the potential:   I can and I will, “go beyond simply myself”/ to establish happiness (I am alive inside) for someone else, and they too in me, if it is their honest desire to do so.
  5. Love is the extension of happiness, a participation with life itself: that elevates us into a different dimension than time. Or more simply time ceases to exist, when I am with you:  because you are more important to me, than simple existence.
  6. Thought is the elegant expression, of a development called “faith”/ or more simply: I accept what truth will teach; as true. A reality that I can depend upon throughout my existence. Belief is not truth, it is want identified by what we accept together as a hoped for ending. Hope is not an ending, but a beginning; that conceives of destiny, because it understands “miracles have meaning”.
  7. GOD    CREATOR OF THIS WORLD AND ALL ITS LIFE SHALL BE    RESPECTED without arrogance or pride or lies interfering to alter that fact.  JESUS shall be recognized as:  the one who taught humanity, a different way.  RESPECT IS  earned!


Within these simple rules, there is hope; if you accept them.  And literally don’t run out of time to change. That is a real possibility;  particularly considering the ignition of atoms on fire as is on the sun/ can occur at any time, or on any day.  Because machines exist, to do that very thing! It is a fact of our lives, that must change soon. Or all will be lost.

The sun is said to contain by your scientists:  a flame ONE MILLION MILES LONG/ AT TEN MILLION DEGREES FAHRENHEIT;  over every square foot of its existence.  A flame I tell you true, which burns the bond in atoms for fuel. The hydrogen released is merely an ash cloud.  A fire here on earth burns the bond which holds molecules together:  the difference is very similar to an atomic bomb or tnt.


I will remind you one last time:  that I am not “a decision for you to make; I am irrelevant to your reality of threats”. I am not threatening you in any of the dangers that face this world; you threaten yourselves. People want an enemy, or they want someone they can ridicule:  to remove their presence from “this truth, as in this is our time: WE GET, what we want”.  Consequently you/ “they”, can and probably will make me an enemy or a fool as best you can:  so as to avoid reality, and thereby discard change “because he is nobody/ therefore he is not allowed to present this as truth”. Not even if it’s true. Leaders will say: he is worthless, ignore reality and the cost of being wrong;  focus on him.  Or more simply:  “obviously you, or we;  can’t listen to him/ he is nothing”.  I tell you plain and simple instead:  “I am not perfect/ not religious, nor against religion”. I simply look to the evidence that is available from all sources I have searched: to discover the future will be harsh or dead. It was a search with many “investigations of the facts”.  No change to our reality means death to all, including me: how is that not “useful information; for you to investigate”? Wrong, or too late to change is worthless: to life. Thereby the question to be answered is NOT:  PROVE, this will be wrong. BUT PROVE YOUR PARTICIPATION IN THIS ACT OR DECISION CANNOT BE WRONG, for all the rest of life or substantially impacting the future. You, no matter who you are:  have no such right to endanger or threaten a world or its future for life, or its life by means without a true necessity that is consistent with the best we as humanity can do. Simple as that.

    Nonetheless, I am not trying to ignite atoms on fire, which will turn this earth into a sun.  I am not mutilating the very basis of nature which are genetics. I am not destroying resources, or even causing over-population. I am “just a messenger”.  You can call it “from GOD”  if you wish;  because the reality presented is clearly by the evidence:  “last days on earth if you don’t change to demand for existence itself:   THAT LIFE, not want or money/ BUT LIFE ITSELF MUST COME FIRST, in every decision you make from this point forward. Or the fact you played god with the university, has consequences you can’t survive.  None of that is fundamental to me;  I tried to stop you/ you refused. The message beyond that is simply   “change or die”!  again, you created the threats/ therefore you must create the solutions:  that is not about me. I am irrelevant to that decision for life/ or for death/ it will be entirely your own!  Only you can make that choice for yourself, every single one. I can only assist you, in the understanding of your choice:  if you choose life. If you do not/ then it is worthless for me to continue trying to make you understand: this is not a game.

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