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Thought is “a delicate drama” played out in the treasuries of what we desire within ourselves, as the destiny hoped for/ the life lived for/ and the dedication to truth that makes all things of value possible. Life is a recipient, of the future we create. Therefore if what you create is nothing more than a game of winners and losers/ then what you get, is a battleground, where war will come. If you cannot identify what is an actual value, by its truth:  then all your knowledge is corrupt/ your understanding is “to conspire”/ and your only wisdom is an arrogance used never to question the reality of what you want. “Just believe”.

While I will remain “hopeful” for you; until it is clear, no possibility remains for life to continue. Your lack of thought, or the ability to think about what the future will bring; or the needs of others including all life and planet. I have surrendered you to the reality of your ways. This is a broken people, broken nation, and a broken world reality; but that is what want and extreme pride does. It takes, and returns nothing. That is what arrogance does:  with a rule, the righteous dig in, and strip society of itself/ leaving a trail of ruin that only a war will fix in the mind of men.

Your future is horrendous; so says all the evidence/ yet you refuse to see it, because you absolutely don’t want to pay for what you did do as a humanity “gathering greed, spitting contempt, and throwing existence away for nothing more than trophies, trinkets, and toys”. NOT EVEN, machines and men trying to ignite this planet on fire: same as the sun, is enough to bring you back to more than “just self (nothing matters but ME)”.  NOT EVEN knowing this is a reality of fire, that burns your skin from 91 million miles away in summer: yourself, as in you KNOW this is true.  Yet you allow men and women to go ahead and gamble with all life, even the planet itself, even the solar system itself;  by attempting what can only be identified by the purpose of “making this earth a sun”! Only a true religious cult can do that: life, even your life, is not that stupid/ you must have, or be “believers”.  If I had known, the best you could be: is a religious “university knows” fanatic. I would have chosen a different life; as is      trying to teach you is pointless/ you are religious zealots.

You should recognize, religious or not: that no greater abomination can exist: than to deliberately gamble and intentionally set fire, to this entire Creation/ by bringing the same fire as is on the sun here.  That fact initiates the prophecy held in the biblical book of Daniel: and begins the countdown to the end of days on earth as it predicts. At the first test, of a machine that can ignite the same fire as is on the sun here. That was the national ignition facility/ Lawrence Livermore laboratories in San Francisco. They started building that, in the late 70’s or 80’s; you have had plenty of time; just no interest/ too damn greedy, for counterfeit (hidden inflation) money.  The first death has past:  it was, this can be remedied by the law/ you refused. The second death which is mercy can save you, BY GOD alone!  Which will end in April of 2018/ the entire world lost before 2020 is through. Believe it or not: the fact is, that a man born thousands of years ago, without the slightest conception of what the ignition of atoms on  fire could be.  Predicted that men would choose to be so arrogant, they would indeed choose to gamble with this entire world.  Biblically, it’s called “Satan on earth”. But hey, you are way to smart not to believe, or question your “university”;  after all, aren’t they god?  Since you are deaf/ dumb/ and blind; this is written without a point. I simply spent my entire lifetime fighting against all the threats humanity imposed on life; and it is too late to change that now. So why not.

All Religion is:  we believe, or even I believe, in this book (or these books)/ because we want what they suggest we can have. To attain that belief, “we promise” never to question the book/ “we promise” never to think for ourselves/ “we promise” never to question our leaders/ “we promise” to believe the book “is god”. Thereby as the righteous know:  by making the book into a pile of rules; they get to play god as “his emissary” and the fanatic is born.  A zealot is someone who cannot see the truth, no matter what the evidence before him is:  clearly you.

GOD IS, in this world, by all the evidence of “thought, action, and love created this”:  the giver of life and environment. That is not a book/ that is the evidence, of a truth that cannot be denied without lies:  clearly displayed in miracles. Miracles as is all life; are not accidents. They truly are, a level of understanding, knowledge, wisdom, precision, and realities we cannot even imagine:  without comprehension in man or woman.  So we use the word   “GOD” to describe that Creator, of ourselves and beyond. The evidence HE EXISTS, is absolutely clear. The fact humanity cannot keep itself out of the sewer, or is continually destroying the planet:  is just the consequence of “your free will”. It is your choice to do that; not a design flaw. JESUS is an evidence created by the things HE did do, in the biblical record; that were testified too as true. That are evidence of a different way; which then taught humanity a different way. The end result of that testimony is:  we are NOT forgotten, by our CREATOR. That is basically the evidence available: to encourage your own search into Creation itself. That is the impetus to ask:  is there truly an eternity we could share? In the Christian religion, the book is simply suppose to aid you in that search. In all religions, the book is merely suppose to aid you in your search to find whatever it is you desire most. Or as in the university knows religion: whatever you want most/ even though it is largely just a trap, to drown in.

I spent my lifetime, in a fight for this world and its future: that has proven to be useless. . Instead of my own life, in time/ I have lived in the disgrace (we won’t care) of yours.  So the quest is at this time:  WHAT, is in the best interest of all lives which do have value? Which brings the question:  is it really better as in more merciful, “to let the planet burn/ ending all life quickly”? or is it better to let the horrors humanity have designed for its future control and fuel an endless terror, until all are gone?  It is a question I won’t answer/ because it is not about me:  my eternity is “settled”.That functionally and fundamentally means:  my CREATOR, knows me inside and outside and every atom in-between/ such is the reality of “my education”. WHATEVER “  HE “ chooses, is or will be, my desire held sacred.

Yours is not.

I will offer those who can hear it:  the treasure of your life is the value you seek by your living. “the cleaner your truth”; the greater your future for life among the living.  I do wish you well. But you do have to save yourselves, from yourselves: a reality only you can choose.

As a parting gift:  “yes you can continue to ridicule me/ assume, that by pointing to me and saying he is nothing:  that reality won’t come.” But truth is truth, and nothing you say of me can change that. Truth is truth:  wanting/ wishing/ praying/ or other is not  going to change that. Truth is truth:  human truth is you chose, or allowed a future that is filled with death by horror. That is your truth, and fighting with me or ridiculing me or blaming me or whatever it is:  absolutely won’t change that.  But go ahead if you wish, I literally don’t care: that is the gift, ” you have been brainwashed so effectively: “I won’t care, there is no longer a purpose in it”. that means simply: I won’t judge/ your decision to annihilate life, “not up to me”/ but there is still an influence, because I am here. Your children will care about your choices;  but then you have assassinated them already, they just don’t know.

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