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Let us examine:  “this world can’t die”! So do, all the people say.


In contrast to that delirium: is the known fact that all life dies. The only difference between the earth and the individual creation or creature is:  “the amount of mass” available to consider. Life is a mass, constructed within the physical laws of this environment, identified by thought, conceived by the energy available for an individual life to use, or even abuse.

Given that development of discipline and order, identified by species boundaries, individual traits, environmental balance: the sum total of an individual life is determined by when it dies. The question being:  WHAT, is or was this life?

Let us expand that identity, to create a picture of this world of life and living within the physical laws which grant space and time/ or realities which  destroy that environment to remove the living, because they cannot survive without “certain things” being true or available to each one. A constant for all life, regardless of type.

To begin the questioning, requires some type of empathy for life. Therefore let’s begin with humanity, and ask: if something was taken away from you/ WOULD YOU die? Few would argue, “take away my breathe, and I die”. Take away the water, and I die. Take away the food, and I die. Take away any of the endless processes, disciplines, balance, order, brain etcetera, that keeps our body alive: and we die. Disease attacks those things, so increase disease or change disease and we die more readily. If the food becomes a poison or we are allergic: we die. Some people react to wool on their skin, can’t wear it: which means they can’t survive the cold if only wool were available to wear. Some people cannot tolerate the heat, so if the earth becomes too hot, they die. The list is endless/ and it applies to all other life as well. Because we live between a very narrow band of:  without this as it is/ we cannot survive.

So let’s talk earth, and the fact humanity has been changing environment/ mutilating nature/ destroying food chains/ altering food supplies/ poisoning the area on top of, underneath, around and in all ways affecting the reality of drinking water for decades in MAJOR ways. Taking more from the oceans than they can give. Doing more to the oceans, than its life can survive.  Etcetera, and so on.

The first question:  WHAT IS, the narrow band of environmental securities, that let us survive?

We first examine the planets which surround us, as alternate definitions of the same thing: a mass traveling in orbit around a sun. in each of those planets, no habitation can survive. The atmosphere does not allow it/ too cold/ too hot/ “the wind” is too strong/ the chemistry is too toxic; and so on.

What we learn from that examination of facts is:  before life could exist here, an atmosphere must be created/ an environment more or less between minus 40 [much below this and the molecular bond between materials or gases begins to dissolve] and one hundred thirty degrees F;  of heat [much above and the increased activity in atomic structure itself, produces what is best described as a type of radiation life cannot survive long] must exist in continuum: with the vast majority of time for life, must be spent, in the vast majority of places with moderation of habitation, much closer to the middle than the extremes. We learn from other planets wind velocity there is roughly 700 mph. Consequently a mechanism (something real) must exist, in support of life:  to slow those winds down to an arena of influence, that is less than twenty mph, and never exceeds more than one hundred unless its “short lived”.  We then ask:  what shaped or formed the chemistry here, which allowed for water to be established, and various elements to be separated into resource based/ rather than toxic or benign based environments?

Humanity is causing global warming; not just by producing green house gases. But more deliberately by the heat that is being released, to heat homes/ cook food/ industry/ electrical generation/ air-conditioning/ transportation/ and so on; including you (8 billion people, each produce heat). NO ICE distributed on the globe means simple:  NO ICE, TO COOL THE SUMMER. Which will cause the temperatures to rise, particularly around the equator. It is a simply law of physics, in energy descriptions:  “for every action there will be a reaction”.  As the poles heat up/ the equator will heat up, forcing the life therein to move. Those plants which cannot move or tolerate the new conditions will die, become diseased, and so on. That is the first price, of global warming. The second is:  the continued loss of trees in particular will cause the global winds to rise. Nothing left to slow the wind (leaves are heavy, when you have a lot), which means the atmospheric attachment of this gaseous environment, will lose its grip on the mass underneath. Any plant or creature which cannot tolerate higher winds; which will only increase through time: will die. The water will rise as ice melts. The ozone layer will disappear entirely, producing radiation that will cause mutations to appear. Ending nature as we know it. The fact then is:  humanity is choosing to change the environment/ refusing knowledge, to escalate the temperature of the planet, and demand the wind must increase.

The question of water/ air/ dirt/ and resource;  arises in terms of life on earth!  We begin with water; a critical resource for life and living. The human response of today is:  poison everything you can find; make certain the future is dead too. As the evidence does prove! The critical response of humanity today, instead of protecting the water is: prepare for war, when it runs out, annihilation comes/ didn’t like those damn people anyway.

In terms of the planet itself, absolutely NO evidence exists to conceive of or consider that asteroids brought this (the moon is full of craters, from asteroid hits; very little water); or life either:  pure fantasy. What living thing could survive space on an asteroid or entry into this atmosphere? Answer nothing.

In terms of water on earth, the clear most likely scenario is:  a large mass, crashed into the earth mass/ a long time ago, creating the moon. When it crashed into what is now called the Pacific ocean; and “blew out the mass” forming what is now called the Atlantic ocean. The impact of that mass nearly destroyed this earth itself. As indicated by the volume of material, and its distance;  which then formed the moon.

We stop for a moment to establish all individual elements on the periodic table, are individual atoms. Existing in an atomic state, not a molecular one. Or more simply the mass of an atom indicates an individual element, because of that mass. A water molecule or any complex arrangement of atoms in different weight classes:  which then becomes a molecule {complex atomic elements, by arrangement}. Is arranged primarily by heat, and pressure.  We know by the evidence of water on earth: a large percentage of hydrogen atoms existed in whatever state of mass presented by this earth/ as did oxygen atoms. Therefore we know that with heat and pressure applied in a containment vessel of some sort:  the arrangement for water could be formed. An impacting asteroid or large mass that hit the exact center of this earth mass: after ejecting debris, WOULD be forcing its way into the center of this earth mass. Reality of forces combining would indicate a rotation in that force. Therefrom an impacting mass would produce a furnace like arena, with rotation in both masses that each acted like a furnace. With clearly the energy needed to produce water;  IF, given the proximity of the ingredients, were where they needed to be. That fact being aided, by an earth mass functionally loosened in mass (by the impact), to present the right pressures/ rotation to produce a shearing effect/ and ejection of the product made;  on the back side of that rotation.  As the mass tightened back up, & the force lessened:  what had generated water/ became a center heat source without rotation or an exit: which then began the melting of rock. By shifting energies into an atomic relationship, instead of simply kinetic energies being released through the exit area.  THIS IS, the primary with little opposing evidence method, by which water (as a molecular association) could, and would arrive on this planet. People still have no respect for it/ unless they are dying of thirst.

As to the air you breathe:  it is the percentage of oxygen in the atmosphere, that makes our lives possible.  A little less concentration, and you live on the mountain top/ or die.  Consequently taking more oxygen from the atmosphere than the planet can release is KILLING LIFE; from every fire you burn, in whatever form. We know that it is the planet that releases oxygen, because oxygen is an element of atoms/ not a molecule of elements. Thereby it is not manufactured (assembled), but released by plants or other, from the planet itself. That fact isolates and translates the potential of oxygen atoms, in the mass of this earth is high. As to the atmosphere itself. Impacting the earth mass to near complete destruction:  releases a wide variety of gases, which cannot be re-dissolved, by the planet. Thereby an atmosphere is born, in a very short time.

In addition to that is:  when an impacting mass, nearly destroys a planetary mass, the result is the earth mass largely stops rotating, because reassembly and the force applied by the impacting mass can be in the opposite direction of the planetary mass. That means when the “tiny debris” largely returned to the planet surface, it was capable of supporting “root structure”. An initial step for life.  Thereby we have a moment in space time, that is prepared for something more than just mass. The production of plants produces a change in atmospheric gases, and keeps the planet from increasing in rotation/ even slowing it down more.

A critical portion of the early stage forming earth is:  in order for human life on earth to find resources. Those resources must be gathered together in ways that can then be found, without extreme measures. That did arrive by “Noah’s flood”. We know it existed:  because NO OTHER WAY is known in our reality, that will gather the materials of life together/ and bury them all in bunches:  as in “one place”, without a flood. We know that happens in a flood, because we can witness that in our own time.  Your fossil fuels ARE the evidence a worldwide true flood, did exist. Water separates other resources over time, and creates layering as is proven in the earth’s crust.  Yet humanity has NO respect for resources/ because they clearly throw them all away, ending life for every child. No resources/ no work or life.

The end result of each phase in the destruction of our planet: is then caused entirely by men, and their ways.  Consequently as we destroy the foundation elements of what keeps us all alive:  we learn we are going to die, from what men chose to do. But that is only the beginning.

We now look at the endless catastrophe, that is a university mind.  This begins with the extreme arrogance which is trying to ignite sun fire here on earth. A fire which burns your skin in summer, from 91 million miles away/ a fire clearly burning the atomic bond in atoms for its fuel source.

But lets step back; and consider the molecular fire here on earth. Complex arrangements of dissimilar atomic elements (different weights)/ requires a bond. That bond, which holds different atoms of different weights together:  is then called a molecule/ or a chemical instead of an element. Something on fire, releases heat, and reduces a chemical (molecular bonded substance) into its more basic compound elements. “the ash, in one form or another”. Thereby we know, that fire is basically chaos (destruction) in the bonding energy, which causes the elements to release from each other. To return to a less complex state. So you now know what fire is, and by its energy expression:  you can conceive of, and do experience the energy content of a molecular bonding material. The atomic bomb establishes what happens when the bonding between independent atoms is forced to expand so rapidly (explode), a fire does not ensue. In contrast, the sun produces an energy equivalent, to what does happen when you release the bond slowly, that holds an atom together:  as is sun fire! Does the sun explode, NO/ that would be a supernova event.


We now turn to: the functional development of atoms as they become “recycled into existence”/ from the mass and energy released by “the big bang”. Understanding requires this information/ as the primary intent of knowledge given is to remove the fantasies “storytellers” have used to create a delusion that we the people of earth/ can play with the same fire as is on the sun. It ain’t so/ our planet will become a sun, instantly upon ignition: because the fire cannot be extinguished.

Idiots and fools say: 1) that the sun contains a mass at its core 15 times greater than any known element or composition (no proof/ in contrast everything we know proves it cannot be so). They say, “that is the gravity” (no proof/ in contrast everything we know proves it cannot be so)   2) that the sun is on fire at the core, which means everything is on fire/ NO FUEL left to consume. (no proof/ in contrast everything we know proves it cannot be so).   3. Not enough gravity here on earth to sustain the fire; therefore it will extinguish itself. (no proof/ in contrast everything we know proves it cannot be so).    4. The fire on the sun is made entirely of hydrogen combining with hydrogen to create helium (no proof/ in contrast everything we know proves it cannot be so). Even though NO helium of any quantity exits the sun.   5. Hydrogen has no possibility of fuel retention (storage) within the sun for a fire that burns WE KNOW “for thousands of years”.  6. Scientists say:  we have created that kind of heat and pressure as is expected on the sun/ without igniting the fire from hydrogen: NO FUSION exists. They have proof.    7.  A supernova cannot exist, “it grows in size and heat output before it explodes”/ THEREFORE it must access MORE FUEL to do that. We know, that is true.


With the debris of university delusion excused; we now begin the discussion of what can exist, by using the laws that we do know.

We must build an atom, with the realities that we know exist. Therefrom we begin with what we do have in terms of energy, balance, and discipline.  An atom holds an extreme amount of kinetic energy (movement contained). We know that is true, by an atomic bomb. When the energy is released, it is a massive effect. Therefore SOMETHING must retain the energy of that atom, which has parts moving at tremendous speeds. Like a mass spinning at the end of a string, here on earth/ WE KNOW, that something “effectively acts like a string” to keep atomic energy from simply moving beyond the containment zone. For every action there will be an equal or greater opposite reaction:  in atoms, because nothing less than that can keep the energy contained for release in an atomic explosion or atomic fire. Therefore we KNOW that containment exists: because the atom exists. Therefore WE KNOW that a force greater/ and opposite too, the energy of the nucleus exists.  Because that is what is necessary to contain the energy of outward motion/ therefore opposite means inward motion.  The atom, as a nucleus of energy, exists:  because energy is contained.  That energy within an atom, MUST arise from somewhere/ because it is a physical reality.

The supernova is the recycling engine of this universe/ so we begin there.  That description starts with a burning sun:  clearly slowly releasing the atomic bond between the nucleus (proton) of the atom and its containment energy (neutron) of the atom. Thereby releasing the energy in a regulated order.  So the question is:  WHY, does the sun mass inside the fire/ NOT simply explode, instead of burn? The answer is thermal dynamics:  or more distinctly, the reality is exactly like a candle and its flame.  The heat caused by a fire lifts the fire from the source of the fuel, because heat needs room for expansion.

Thereby the first rule of the sun appears. An atomic fire burns at roughly 10 million degrees Fahrenheit:  it takes a lot of room, to expand that heat. The second rule of the sun is:  to sustain a long term fire, there must be a regulator for the process. The consequence of that is: the fuel source must be spherical. Because once the fire has engulfed the fuel source or mass/ the entire heat release of the atomic fuel is lifted to an extreme distance from that fuel source:  thermal dynamics requires it. Because the heat now pushes against itself. Which means there is no room for expansion outward/ thereby it must go upward. The third rule of the sun is:  for the fire to be sustained, there must be a means to vacuum the surface of the fuel source, to gain or wick up fuel into the fire.

We now look to the mass inside, completely engulfed by flame. the fourth rule of the sun is:  for the fuel source to sustain itself, it MUST be at a temperature which allows the mass to remain stable. As a supernova event declares in truth:  when that fuel source becomes UNSTABLE, and begins to release MUCH GREATER volumes of fuel into the fire/ the fire grows: then the fuel source after becoming completely unstable, explodes. Consequently we KNOW, that the core of a sun is not on fire/ but relatively cool instead. Any solar flare that exists: is clear evidence of more fuel into the flame/ which means the mass of fuel beneath “had a soft spot” which allowed more fuel to be vacuumed up from the surface. Any solar tornado is clear evidence of a “hard spot”/ wherein the mass failed to release, and as vacuum increased (no fire here): that physical variation in the heat release surface, causes energy flow to swirl around.  Because of temperature variation; the combined forces created a hole  for the heat flame to sink in/ releasing the stubborn fuel in that area.

We now begin the journey into solar gravity and the formation of an atom.

What we know from an atom that MUST be balanced to contain an energy source; is an equal or greater opposite force must exist to form the containment of that energy. Not a guess, we know that is true. You can’t hold a pressurized gas without a containment vessel! You can’t hold energy inside a confined area unless an energy equal or greater than exists to keep it in that containment area. Such is the physical reality of an atom. WE KNOW this is true. We know the proton so-called is the “outward energy, or HOT/ active, energy”. Therefore we know the neutron is an opposite energy COLD/ seemingly passive energy. We can call the inward energy (dark energy “can’t see it”, if you prefer).  Without the opposite energy, an atom does not exist: accept it therefore as true.

When the bond, or interaction between the outward energy and the inward energy is burned:   (a tiny hole, now exists in the vessel to release the pressures contained), so the energy escapes slowly/ rather than instantly in an explosion.

When the energies are released, the outward energy or heat goes one way/ and the inward energy which controlled the heat energy goes the other way: for every action there is an opposite reaction. Therefore the anti-mass or anti-energy which held the atom together; goes into the sun mass as a cold construction.  That release of two opposite energies, constructs the variation:  heat produces outward pressures and radiation output from the sun that travel far. The opposite of that energy as is the neutron or, inward dark energy; draws in the potential  to hold a mass/ but it does not draw in the potential to hold a released energy as is the flame. the difference being a neutron can only work on, or attach too, a mass. Whereas the heat energy released is an energy composition, rather than a mass. The net effect is then that the heat source is released/ but the inward energy is “looking for” a mass to attach itself too. This fact becomes solar gravity, a “string attachment” to planets. The neutron being “cold energy/ as is the opposite of heat energy”; cools the fuel source and keeps it stable.

We now return to the supernova event, and build atoms.

When a sun becomes unstable, and releases more fuel to burn: the flame grows, and so does the instability of the fuel/ until the mass cannot discipline itself atomically anymore. It then explodes.  A large mass, with highly unstable elements at the outer edge of its fuel source/ and relatively cold elements at its inner core:  DOES NOT explode as a “homogenized (all the same) unit bomb”.  It begins by exploding the outer layers, which then causes the next layer of thermally prepared material to explode. Which then traps the inner core materials as they explode. Or more carefully developed:  the outer layers of the explosive event go first, becoming “dust (what will be a proton)”/ and attacking the rest of the fuel source to compress it. Then the middle layers of material explode creating the greatest possible detonation. We now look to the result of that which is for every action there must be an opposite reaction. Because every sun is a sphere/ when they explode the reaction or push outward IS ALSO A PUSH, INTO THE CORE. Dependent upon a small variety of circumstances: that push into the core DOES cause another explosion of the core itself. But because it pushes against the middle and first explosions to release the pressures caused by removing the containment of atomic energies. IF the core explosion CANNOT ESCAPE through the other two explosions/ then it MUST turn itself in the opposite direction to become a black hole. For every action there will be a reaction. if the core explosion cannot escape its atomic release/ THEN IT MUST turn back upon itself and return into itself; thereby removing all space. The energy has no choice.

Critical to a black hole that now attracts mass/ as that is the direction of this anti-energy. Is the fact that, when mass arrives it must enter into the black hole: as that is the description of the energy impacting from an explosion that tears apart the mass fuel source of a sun.  Since there is no space in a black hole: it is denser than any other element “perhaps 15 times more dense”. But since there is no possibility for even light to escape/ that is not the source of gravity in a sun.  instead reality states the only possible method by which the necessary processes are established: is a “tunneling hole” through the center. As anti-mass collects into itself as a black hole: the most vulnerable area is the center. Because the energy of collapse from all around it as this originates from a sphere, is at its center:  where the force of anti-energies smashing into each other, collide. As the black hole enlarges a tunnel is created in the center, and the “dark energy (turned inside out) is removed from the mass/ sent through the center of the black hole. And is accelerated outward into space as a string. That string of anti-energy then at some point attaches to the proton dust of the originating explosion and forms an atom when they combine. The electrons form as the string is broken.

We return to the black hole for a moment:  requiring the shape of a black hole must be functionally spherical  or the energies required to crush mass into anti-mass would cause it to explode itself. In addition there must be a “funnel end” to work the mass into anti-mass/ which means that end will break slightly at its entrance, giving stress cracks to the anti-mass; which then allows it to grow.

Physical mass combines in outer space; as can be seen in “frying tator tots” in hot oil.  The frozen potatoes adhere to each other quickly, and must be forced back apart to fry properly.  Or more simply when cold mass enters a hot zone/ the cold mass will clump together, beginning the process of combining mass into rock, or even gas.


NOW, THE PURPOSE of this discussion is again:  YOU MUST STOP THE TERRORISTS, from completing their delusions about bringing the same fire here to this earth as is on the sun.  OR THIS PLANET/ THIS EARTH WILL BECOME A SUN; and obviously burn you alive. Along with every life and every future life;  forever gone.  STAND UP, AND SAY NO!  Do it with law, and don’t take no for an answer.

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