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CONTRARY, to the media blitz:   to make all Americans fear, with such words as “America in crisis (over 5 people shot)”.  Their decision to purposely announce “we the media are your saviors/ WE, are the ones who shout: predators among us”: trying to make themselves like “god: DON’T look or think of anything else”.  The reality of intentional incite, and functionally create: that loss of life, due to media propaganda, deliberately inciting hate/ or anger (I have a cause): makes them criminally negligent/ and functionally an accessory to the crimes of murder.  There is no crisis, in 5 deaths/ not even with 7 more injured/ plus the criminal(s).  Just another day, in the cities of this world; even if the police are involved as targets. Hate is a terrible thing/ anger can erupt in violence, unless an outlet (alternate path) is found.

      In contrast with that however;   ARE THE REALITIES OF OUR LIVES,     WHICH DO STAND OUT CLEARLY AS A CRISIS FOR OUR WORLD!        Those threats have been listed properly, and with all intent to demand there must be an investigation, to accurately assess, and purposely create the examination of facts: so that the world itself, can survive.  Yet the news media, in every form;  absolutely refuses to acknowledge “ANYTHING, that actually matters, to the nation or world itself”.  They love to ridicule instead, fundamentally worshiping the university diploma as their god (CAN’T question them): not even when gambling with the entire planet, all its nature, every resource, or ANYTHING related to life and living itself.  Absolutely not/ there is only room for chaos coming soon: let every person fear “these tiny things”.  While truth acknowledges and proves:   WORLD CHAOS is all but here, and the cult of university worshipers, can’t see it/ because “their god” tells them no.
      Without an endless loop, to insist igniting an atomic fire (this burns atoms, for fuel)/   IS GAMBLING WITH THE ENTIRE SOLAR SYSTEM, by igniting a sun out of this earth: due to burning atoms. The reality of this work, is regulated by intentional mutilation of nature itself:  another “university is god” drowning in the sewer of human excrement/ because we CAN’T put nature back together.  And on and on and on!
      Regardless:   we move to not only is our world physically threatened with extermination/ it is also threatened with civil war; similar to Syria and Iraq, but worse.  Because everything here is built out of wood, and a match is much faster than a bomb.  The media serves to ignite that civil war, by insisting (upon any little thing) that every American should rise up in anger/ and bind together in two distinct armies.  The current demand is: “every black or brown skin person, should be afraid of the white supremacists (all of them, “who are white”) & who control this nation/ even though it is the universities which have controlled this nation for decades now.”  And every white person should fear brown or black skin people as the insurgency that is going to commit genocide against them, and steal all their stuff.  That little by little is what the “news media” is forcing upon this society; pay attention to the propaganda, and then turn on media entertainment to learn: “the gun/ that will save you”.  Necessary says the media: because there is no end to the cruelty and violence humans can do.  Or more distinctly, whether for children or adults: it is not enough for the villain to hate, they must be absolutely cruel, insane, and vicious.
      So the greatest LIAR of all, in America today: even with so many to choose from do to the university diploma/ it is media, that serves to incite/ demoralize/ mobilize a mob/ hide the truth, about everything that matters to LIFE on this planet/ and functionally serves as the parasite on most every human brain in this nation.  Media is a whore, and its purpose is nothing but the money, by creating the power (listen only to “the university”: they are god.  Just like the priests of any other religion).  While leading you into HELL.
      We have endless threats facing our world, our lives, the end of every child by a future dissolved into waste and mutilation/ and that does not even include igniting the planet itself on fire, as a sun!  Not a word from media/ only the propaganda: to turn every citizen based upon color, into an enemy of each other.  Where little of that existed before/ by using the police as an instigator.  By refusing the law. HELL NO, you should  be vigilantes; so they lead/ and so people who refuse to think for themselves;  do. When a tiny few “think (mentally define)/ and then propagate without the slightest concern for reality.  Their purpose in pursuing hate, is to create a mob.  When mobs form, war soon follows.
      There is no preparation consistent with surviving what can easily turn into civil war in America too!  Once “we went too far” exists/ there will be no turning back.  The Apocalypse will come true: because the number of guns, ammunition, fire, bombs, hate, and all the rest is more than enough: TO MAKE CIVIL WAR, “very fast”.  A NATION:  Burned to the ground and flooded with blood:   in a month! Those who incite for this effect: are functionally “devils (we don’t care)”.
      REALITY MUST ACCEPT TRUTH DECIDES; by a proper investigation of the facts/ a clear examination of the variables involved/ and a functioning relationships with what is or is not true; must decide the path we take as a society.  Or we live and descend into chaos.  Just like the evolutionists are trying to destroy all of nature and send it into chaos as well.  Or the university diplomas, who wish to ignite an atomic fire; and send the entire planet into chaos as fire engulfs it, and even sends the solar system into chaos: how is that not SATAN?  University control over government, has already sent the currency into chaos.  University control over education has already sent a high percentage of children into the streets, completely uneducated.  University control has risen the debt of America to over $153 trillion dollars: making this economy nothing more than a fantasy, in terms of money/ another form of chaos.  University education and media propaganda has sent Iraq into chaos, by American fear from their leaders. University diploma has given the world weapons of mass destruction: to end life on this planet with chaos. University chemistry is without doubt largely responsible for major developments in disease; and completely responsible for the pandemic’s to come: forcing life into chaos.  University choices are never “for life”/ not even for infrastructure to keep the nation running.  University tampering with religion, has chained many people into chaos within themselves; as discipline and order turn into drugs, depression, and violence. The great contribution of “university rules”: IS LIAR/ THIEF/ FRAUD/ TRAITOR/ AND CHEAT! So says the evidence.
        Or more simply: no greater LIAR exists, than those who pretend they can be, or are, “god”.  Nothing remains of life, but chaos/ if they are not removed from leadership.   TRUTH MUST DECIDE/ not fantasies, nor plain and stupid worship from   “We want, whatever we want/ and nothing else matters”.  As is America, under university rule!  To their shame.
      TRUTH LEADS ONLY WHEN THOUGHT IS PRESENT!  To achieve thought, REQUIRES you, to abandon want.  To accept the foundations of law, govern our lives, our nature, our planet, and our whole world demands: what you want, is irrelevant.  With want removed, the values of any path or reality of decision, become much more clear.  CHOOSE LIFE.  Not want, and think for yourself: assembling and assessing the evidence, with a disciplined/ ordered/ and balanced mind!
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