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We begin with my desire, as a man:  to search for the essence of life, and approach the foundations of eternity with the dignity and grace of life identified within me.  Love embellishes all things with happiness. But contrary to that elemental desire for happiness:  WE ABSOLUTELY must protect our world, and the ability for life to survive UN-mutilated by man.  The spiritual addition to the man I was, by “woman”/ a reality that has assisted me greatly.  Because man, when frustrated to the point of no return:  finds war as his solution. Whereas woman, whose desire is to protect life at all cost:  knows, that war is similar to vomit (you may have too)/ but no one is going to benefit greatly. It is fruitless, even if necessary!  Therein both man and woman at its core existence, live in me.

You, the vast majority, with very few who do not:  believe you are animals, just like the university has taught you to believe.  Herd animals stay very close together, pushing all those who are not physically the same out:  whenever, they feel threatened. Herd animals are intimidated by predators to the point of “we cannot be different”/ because if we are, we won’t be the same: when a predator attacks, and that means we will trample each other, and be eaten.  So the endless disgrace of the human animal is:  that they ridicule and fight with each other, “discarding all that makes life happy”, to insure each one allowed to remain shall react and act the same.  That herd needs a leader, because if they don’t all follow the same direction, again they will be trampled by each other, and the predators shall eat.   The majority wants to be a herd, because they fear not being in a herd:  making decisions on their own, is frightening. Staying in the middle of the herd means:  you get to see the ones who fall, by moving outside/ where the better food is.  Those doing so, get murdered/  and the rest stay away from the outside (where predators lurk) by hiding in the decisions of others. Being invisible keeps you “from being a target”. So you have conceived of happiness as the reality of being surrounded by your own little circle, and never looking beyond the edge:  “can’t get me here”. That is not true happiness, and will never be.

Even so, today the human herd has killed itself, university found for you “the miracle of antibiotics:  all hail god, the university”!   But alas, without sickness, the herd has swelled to overrun life on earth:  which leaves nothing for the herd itself to eat.  It is already true, those caught now in the middle of the herd of humanity, have very little to eat or drink/ and it is all contaminated with feces and urine. Because this earth is finite, and to insure survival, only the fittest were intended to survive:  THEREBY PROTECTING THE GENETIC BASE that is,  NATURE ITSELF.  You hated that reality, but you are alive today because of it! Those who let their hate “run wild”/ became the predators of man and woman;  letting deceit, lies, cheating, violence, and all the rest determine their ways.

So this whole earth and all its life, are now standing on the threshold of hell:  TRAPPED, with no way out but HORROR AND HELL, for every living thing.  Because we are SO MANY PEOPLE, you will soon eat every seed/ nothing will be able to repopulate itself, but you! And there will be no water, only war, and blood to drink. Biological weapons will be released/ atomic bombs will fall:  horror will surround you. Unless the university intent and machines to make this earth a sun is allowed to come true:  burning you alive/ even destroying this entire solar system.

My communication with you has always been treating you, “as equals”.  But you are not, unless you now, DISCARD THE DAMN HERD/ and become the human beings you were given life to be. That means YOU MUST “THINK”  for yourselves.  That means you must accept, that the price of our existence here today:  is to recognize ONLY TRUTH CAN DECIDE THE DIRECTION/ ONLY RESPECT CAN KEEP US ALIVE/ LIFE COMES FIRST IN EVERY DECISION, IS MANDATORY/  and the essence of love must govern your heart, and let that reality be seen:   or the herd will soon tear itself apart, and never gain life again.

You want what you want;  which is a little room between you inside the herd/ to prove you are greater than the rest (I get more).  Reality states NOT SO, because the herd itself is now dead;  even if you refuse to admit it/ you are too many to survive.  That means decisions MUST BE MADE;  ESTABLISHING LIFE, FOR LIFE;  COMES FIRST/ NOT, individuals.  Many among you will hate that, but all will do it/ or this whole world shall die.  You cannot survive anything the university has done;  not the poisons/ not the factories to reduce resources to ruin/ not turning the ocean into your sewer/ none of it, but communication.  You must work together for life, and that does require communication and decisions to make NEW LAWS as we the people for ourselves!  There is no other way. Do it or die.

Reality states, “I do not understand you”; your choice is foolish and blind.  Reality proves:  you, do not understand the consequences of what you choose to do/ nor will you accept guidance regarding WHY.  That leaves us both, governed by the fundamental truth:  either you will grow up, and accept, this reality of threats to exterminate life on earth;  is no game.  Or we all die to this world, including every life unborn. The evidence is clear, and would be proven true;  “if you had a brain”. But alas the university stole it/ and media insures you can’t find it back….because they “worship” the power to be “center herd”..

I literally do, suggest you pray:    “to your CREATOR  “!  HE GAVE YOU LIFE.

Not the god you chose as university:   with their weapons and decisions to exterminate life on earth.  PROVE it isn’t so!  I dare you to investigate reality,  as the threats so deliberate and so distinct that even if we try, the possibilities of our survival as an entire world, are very limited.  After all, “what have you got to lose”?  answer the question.

Unfortunately that is your fate or destiny, to answer the question:  is life enough, to keep it alive”/ or will you refuse, and simply let it die.

My fate or destiny is, not even the male consideration of war is allowed, “you can’t be forced, or led; no aggression”.  As a consequence what is spiritually female remains and controls “everything important” to this work/ its complicated. Believe it or not, “male in me” has been “captured (our decision now)”: ITS COMPLICATED! I, just wanted to ask a question: “what would you do”!  Her apparent answer was:  change men, and make them understand war is not an answer! Change humanity, and be equal as male and female sharing love, respect, dignity, value, and virtues that give life happiness! Even if change is hard.

This spiritual woman and I, DO share the same life purpose and desire which is:  LIFE MUST SURVIVE on this planet. We are the same, in that decision/ change is not so bad, there is value.  Accepting life must come first (with extremely few exceptions)/ acknowledging respect is equal, and grants love between man and woman/ peace comes with happiness/ and love is a decision with grace, equal to justice. Greater understanding, gives greater acceptance, value:  OR the law decides instead. Yes I know, THIS IS “a strange reality”/ but nothing is more contrasting, than life or death for our entire world. NOT a game, reality states:  humanity will change or die! Truth is not a liar/ unlike “universities, governments, media, religion, and all the rest”. Make your decision, this is a life OR death moment on our planet.  Once past the point of no return, it is FOREVER. No second chances, you must choose to survive by accepting change:  which does mean, LIFE ALL LIFE MUST COME FIRST/ not money, or power or pride, etc;  anymore. Prove reality is wrong/ or change. It is your only hope!

Even so;   We (spiritual woman and I),   Can’t make you choose life/ but we can warn, and do give this message:  life or death is literally in your hands.  Not a guess/ not a game:  simply examine the evidence. Prove
reality by its own truth, is wrong
(can’t be done).  The consequence: then it’s just a question:  do you honestly desire life, even yours;  on earth to survive?  Change or die, it’s mandatory. No excuses allowed, not for a single one/ including you.  DO, the best you can for life, and planet.  

Search with your heart, and you may even find SOUL! Think with your own mind, instead of believing what you are told:  letting truth guide you to its destiny/ and eternity may be waiting with your own invitation to join. Peace, belongs to those who choose it, by protecting all life. War is the fate of those who cannot share life/ they want it all for themselves; and kill or die, trying to take yours. That however is completely irrelevant:  COMPARED TOO, THE UNIVERSITY DIPLOMAS, and their armies who are literally betraying life, CHOOSING to gamble and destroy, this entire planet. With mutilating life/ destroying every resource needed to survive/ and even intending to bring the same exact fire here as is on
the sun:  “so say the scientists”. Machines for that very
purpose try every single day! Take another look “from 91 million miles away”/ burns your skin in summer.  THEIR MACHINES, threaten every single day:  TO BRING THAT FIRE HERE.  By burning atoms!  Is not everything fuel?

       THERE ARE NO SECOND CHANCES.  A FIRE THAT CANNOT BE EXTINGUISHED, destroys this entire solar system; “even you”.  IT IS A fact, that CANNOT be denied!  

       It is a reality, that brings us to “SATAN, TERRORIST, TRAITOR, LIAR, THIEF, OR WHATEVER YOU WISH TO CALL THEM”.  Such as MURDERERS!

And the court says:  “the university CAN’T be questioned”/ they are gods!  Rise up and defend yourselves, or die:  ONE OR THE OTHER, will happen.

Can’t be so/ it just can’t?  the sun exists!

Can’t be so/ it just can’t?  8 billion people, creating fire and using oxygen in cars, housing, air-conditioning, cooking, etc:  EVERY SINGLE DAY.  8 billion people, each standing in a square 3 feet wide by 3 feet long, equaling 9 square feet each=72 billion square feet of land “of nothing, but solid” humanity. 8 billion people separated by 3 feet per individual standing= 24,000,000,000 feet.  And we will add another billion people, IN LESS THAN TEN YEARS! With a billion
already hungry, and out of work!
  This ain’t no game!  Reality is coming.

       And your media, your leaders, your
courts, your policing, your religion, your governments,even many on the street,
or wherever I found them. Instead of a warning and the certainty we must face
nothing, that actually does matter”!  for an entire planet!

They know, I TOLD THEM, repeatedly:  FOR DECADES!        Alas, they did not have a brain;  “the universities stole it”!

It is, now “your turn”:  are you alive or dead inside?  THIS IS, “the internet” days/ and we have all heard “a funny picture, or story” can go from one view, to be seen a million times in less than twenty four hours!  YOU DO, have your chance to survive.  TAKE IT.  “don’t just believe” INVESTIGATE, AND PROVE WHAT IT MEANS TO BE   WRONG!    Think for yourself, and act on it.

          James frank Osterbur.                                        10/14/16

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