Simple Love

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kind of love, that lets us be free within ourselves, and “with you”.  Discipline searches for truth. Love searches
for life, through caring, sharing, courage, trust, and hope. You must achieve
each of these within yourself, to find and accept “true love (as best we can)”.

question, why?

answer is: unless you can, and will share equally, there is a gap between
you.  Unless you care, “without a price”/
there will always be a lingering doubt, this is a failure to trust, what you
claim as your truth.  Courage alone gives
the determination to stay, when life is tested. Trust binds us together, when
we love; as nothing less can.  Hope
assembles destiny, because it is our way, to conceive of eternity.  So then there is cause to accept: your identity,
is just as important as mine, in what we can or cannot do as one.

is the elevation of law, as a distinction in identity, that allows us to build
trust in this specific reality: “such as you”. Truth layers the possibilities,
into an active demonstration of where these facts are going:  which then becomes in and of itself a
journey/ to achieve that destiny.  Or a
road upon which the herd does travel, because they don’t want to face
reality.  Which then becomes their fate
(this is what you chose).

ask of faith, “are you love”?

answer is, the value of our growth as a human being, is not for us to
judge!  Rather the value of our
contribution to life on earth, rests upon why we care/ and what will we
share.  Consequently we assign to faith,
the value of Creation itself: in you/ and understand this is the path to a far
greater value called soul, which is love revealed.

ask of friendship, “can you be love”?

answer is: ONLY where respect grows into a participation that lives, where love
exists.  Only when the invitation to try,
is honest and true.  Only when the value
of our time, can be shared.

ask of parenting, “will you be love”?

foundation sought, begins as security, for both me and you/ thereby a
relationship formed through peace and harmony, as life shares its time.  The idea of parenting is not love/ the
reality of parenting is love through care. 
The foundation of a child, in love is simply: “I am not judged/ they

ask of religion, “ARE you love”?

reality simply “no”.  Rather religion is
built upon two premises: we can help you to help us, by presenting discipline
as our answer/ yours too.  OR, we can use
or abuse you, by presenting authority, which then becomes the demand: “we are
superior/ we should be; like gods, among you”. 
Controlling everything.  The more
superior these believe they are/ and are allowed to be: establishes a cult,
which then lives in fantasy, because they want to be “gods”.  As is university knows.

ask of JESUS, “was your life & death, love”?

examining the biblical story, nothing else can explain the values and the
purpose which HE gave to life and living: thereby love.  When examining HIS death, the critical
question is: was this a choice/ or was it the reality of men choosing their
fate?  We ask first, if it was a choice,
because without choice, there is no critical decision. The story indicates
clearly, JESUS knew what the price of HIS life in time, was going to be.  So says the evidence related as words.  Therefrom we ask the second critical
question: was this love for GOD, for humanity, or somehow for self?  In asking that, with no doubts whatsoever, it
was not for self!  Therefrom when a
decision is deliberately made to endure torture and death, as the price for
what you do: there are very few things that would make this acceptable “or, I
will”.  If you love the people you are
with/ then dying is not a solution in how to love them honestly: they need you,
because love is precious.  If you love   GOD / then you do what can be done: FOR LIFE
on earth, including the future of that life, by changing its direction from a
fate determined by men.  To a reality of
choice in all of humanity: which shows, that love/ kindness/ forgiveness/ and
faith;   are all far superior to power,
greed, selfishness, lust, or pride.

contribution of JESUS to all time fundamentally is: love exists in all who will
search for it honestly, eternity will prove this so!  The value of life, is love forever!

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