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SIMPLE, the means, the
methods, and the decisions that become a different way of life.

most critical of which is: I DESIRE, a different “me”.

assemble this goal, is to choose a destiny that matches your own true desire.
Therefore we must identify what is desire/ what is “I”/ and what are the
boundaries and limits of a decision, by its methods, means, and purposes for
life first. Rather than, “me first”.

to the essence of life is, a value that makes life worth living. The most
critical decision that establishes your own truth, is then:  do you, or do you not cherish love?  Because there are only three true choices in
life as a human being: love/ hate/ or simply survival, which is a decision, but
exists only by force.  Hate has no
meaning to life/ it only seeks death: demanding the method, I will conquer my
fear, by distributing it, to you!

at the complete opposite description of what a human life can be: accepts the
meaning of this life, is the time to accomplish whatever love can be “for
me”.  Love and hate are opposites, none
can carry both methods of living life/ therefore you are, or you will be “owned
by one/ or lost to eternity itself”.  You
make that choice, personally. Consequently desire, is the manner by which you
execute your personal decision for love or hate.  The method is a purpose, that identifies by
the evidence of your “steps/ your life”; what it is, that you honestly choose.

now search for “I”/ and ask the question: if life and living are subject to
your own decision/ then it is the decision by its makeup, that is your
contribution as an identity, living in life. 
“I” then becomes the envelopment of thought, as it participates in
love.  OR, “I” then becomes the
crucifixion of what has value, given the fact chaos in now taking over your
life, to become hate.

then conceive of boundaries, limits, and decisions.

begin with boundaries, the elevation or descent that comes with a decision
either to expand self into the life and lives of creation itself.  OR, to hide from life and living, by
demanding: NONE are judged worthy of me/ NONE can be trusted, nor can
truth!  Therefore truth is murdered to
keep it away.

boundaries of love are extremely different than hate!  Rising above time, the essence of life is
life, by its Creation/ a reality of miracles. 
A decision that lifts all of life, into disciplines and definitions that
cannot be measured/ only respected, for the value they create.  Even if not completely apparent why.  Life is too precious to waste, consequently
it must not be judged, and that makes every life equal.  Therefore mercy is upheld, wherever possible/
even if life requires “discipline must be accepted”; is necessary. When the
reality of your decision affects others/ then they affect even more:
consequently what is fair, is required for society to function. Seeking justice
is mandatory for all!  Until hate removes
that, to worship death/ or simple greed, a lack of caring, or the refusal to
share honestly, forces intervention. 

limits of love are boundless, we can in fact establish ourselves within soul,
by accepting a relationship with our Creator. 
NOTHING in the universe, is greater than that! 

decisions which are applied as love, are the evidence of time and life
RESPECTED, in you!  To be respected, or
to achieve respect for life itself: it is absolutely essential, to acknowledge
truth decides/ not belief.  Truth leads
us to law, and law leads us to peace, harmony, and happiness.  Thereby each decision that respects the law
of life (NOT necessarily the law of men) represents a foundation that is your
contribution to society itself.  To the
creation, which is separate from your body and mind.  Therefrom an identity created by you, as your
life in time expressed and or experienced.

identify religion as a decision that participates in discipline, so as to bring
order to an otherwise undetermined life. 
Thereby religion has its place/ but it is not what the zealot believes:
as in “orders, from god”.  Rather they
are orders, definitions and decisions from men, compiled around truths which
can be explained in no other way: “but by,  
GOD exists”.

the critical question of both life and religion is: WHAT ARE, the truths which
can be explained in no other way, than by  
GOD   was or is here?   We answer that, with the following

1.  This world exists in complete order and
discipline, where nature creates and all life is balanced against each other
for the maximum diversity possible. 
Having found the environment, friendly; peace abounds/ even where
predator and prey exist.  Because the
foundation of that reality is: population control must be achieved.   Every life, IS a true work of art!

2.  Our bodies have been examined, and the
reality of “perfect design”/ and true functionality which gives us all “extreme
flexibility” to achieve whatever our heart desires:   is absolute! 
No possibility of an accident, exists.

3.  The human mind is elemental to all
measurements which grant survival; it controls the body, and keeps all memories
in place/ while allowing for independence, whether earned or not.  It is a foundation for freedom, even when
freedom becomes an enemy by your own choices.

4.  The value of our planet itself, CANNOT be
underestimated as the home/ the physical environment which gives us time to be,
whatever it is we choose to be.  We know
have information regarding other planets, and there are none like it, that we
know: granting a miracle in and of itself, without any doubt.  Created, in and of itself!

5.  The elevation of humanity from animal (I only
know me, to human: thought grants wisdom) expands from the historical account
of a world wide flood.  Proven true, and
without doubt by the evidence of fossil fuels: a reality that could not have
been gathered together and buried as is fact/ without that flood.  Even more evidence exists.

6.  The development of thought, is beyond the
measurement of a mind, and translates this world: within the possibilities of
truth, by the laws which govern our universe. 
Therefrom spirit comes to life, and the mind comes to light. The
elevation of self, begins its journey into the reflection of what our own
creation could be.

7.   The biblical account of JESUS, recognizes a
story not only designed, but produced in such a way: that humanity itself,
recognizes value in a different way, than simply living in time.  Thereby the question of “what has more value
than me”/   is constructed around, what
were HIS teachings of love, life, and eternity. 
Establishing for those who find HIS truth: we are not abandoned in time,
but may indeed find eternity itself.  

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